August 22, 23 & 24


Robyn Richards is so beautiful and
joyful that I thought I would cry on her.
What a living doll she is.

A bad picture of Denise Alexander.
She is still so, so, so hot.
I desperately want to be her best friend

Look Ma!  No lip gloss!
VERY pretty!

Kathy chatting with John Ingle

Doh!  In an amazing and very inconvenient faux pas, Andrea Pearson (Gia) was seated side by side
with Marissa Ramirez.  If you said, "I miss you, Marissa!" Ow!  If you said, "Great job as Gia, Andrea," Ow!

The only mother and child on the show who are well bonded
and currently together.  (Leticia!!  Rrrrowll, baby!
I think only Reginald saw his side of her before!)

Wow!!  Who knew Penny was H-O-T!

The lucky lady who was kissed by BOTH
Scorpio brothers.  No washing that face again!

Two very beautiful ladies!  Andrea Pearson & Kathy

Much cuter when he's not trying to be
like Jacob Young

Whore blouses everywhere!!
(not a slam on anyone's character, but a reference
to a Sage funny found here)


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