The GH Fan Luncheon
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The next day was a “hurry up and wait” thing.  We had to be there to check in for the luncheon at 8:30am, so I showed up at 8:00am.  We all got together and went down to register, which took all of about 15 minutes.  We walked around, looking at the multitude of tables of things up for auction (like the dress Gia gave Emily to wear for the prom, and the one Emily gave Gia, scripts that were signed by the staff, giant pics of the stars, etc).  There were also items for sale from the fan clubs, nice glossy pics, etc.  Abbie bought a NICE b/w pic of Tony Geary.  I had a really fun talk with Brad Maule’s people, who are very cool folks.  I ended up not buying anything.  I knew if I got pics, they’d just get destroyed in my house.  

We got to go into the luncheon at about 11:30.  Eating came first and fortunately, Tracey had warned us about the food.  The salad was OK and the bread was really good.  The vinaigrette that they served with the salad smelled like feet, so only about half of us went for it.   The main course was something like a BK Broiler without the bun and about a half teaspoon of gravy drizzled on it.  There were also some steamed veggies.  Dessert was a kind of weird frozen orange, hollowed out with sherbet in it, then refrozen.  It wasn’t moving me, so I passed.  Once the food was gone, they started the door prizes, which took about an hour (zzzzzz).  No one at our table won.  L  

After the door prizes, (Being the old hippie I am, I kept expecting that over the din of voices, I’d hear Constance Towers warning people not to eat the brown acid because it was bad) John Ingle was introduced and he came up to the podium to introduce everyone else.  There was an aisle sectioned off, sort of a great white way, where the stars entered after he called their name.  They then went up onto a dais behind him and sat in long rows of seats.  It would be easier to tell you who was NOT there, being Leticia, Maxie, Skye, Audrey, Felicia, Luke and Laura.  As far as I can tell, everyone else made it, but for a complete list if you are interested, CLICK HERE.  

Once everyone was on stage, Constance Towers and Landon Wine (Landon Wine, Landon Wine, he’s so fine, he blows my mind, Hey LANDON!) presented awards.  The list of awards and their winners are available HERE if you are interested. 

Next, John J York and Brad Maule acted as emcees and asked each person one question.  These questions were garnered write ins from the audience and I truly hope that the people who put on the luncheon write their own questions next time or maybe just ask me.  First of all, the questions should not be ones that can be answered with one-word answers.  Secondly, they should not be stupid questions like “Is there more to Angel than meets the eye?” or “Would Elizabeth ever betray Lucky?” or “What is it about Melissa that attracts Roy.” 

A list of some of the more interesting comments made at the luncheon and other events is on our comments page, which you can find by clicking HERE

After the Q&A, the stars were escorted to their seats around the room and the lines formed for their autographs and photos to be taken.  Since I’m not much into autographs or necessarily having MY pic taken with someone (much less standing in nasty lines), I just slunk around and took candid pics and pics of my girls with the stars.  

One time that I found to be of particular interest was when I was just finished talking with Ron Hale (SUCH a cool guy) and Maurice Benard got up from his table and started giving Ron THE BUSINESS about something. 

momike1.jpg (64722 bytes)  momike2.jpg (60105 bytes)

I don’t know what got up his butt or if he was yelling to or about Ron, but I took pictures of it, you can belieb dat chit!  Sorry about the weird light behind them.  It really threw off my pics.  Another REALLY nice time was chatting with John Ingle.  I told him I had watched GH for more than 30 years, but when I heard his voice, after 6 kids, I still though of Little Foot.  He laughed and said that Cera’s dad was really just Edward Quartermaine with scales.  I found Shell Kepler to be REALLY uptight, bordering on bitter.  Maybe I just caught her at a bad time.  Little Logan O’Brien and Breck Bruin were there, signing their photos, which was really cute.  Denise Alexander seemed SO glad to be there and was very nice, genuine and super gorgeous.  Anyway, I’m just going to throw up some stars candid pics and talk to you about a few.

abbieamy.jpg (64848 bytes)  shell.jpg (63082 bytes)
Shell looked unhappy every time I saw her

brad.jpg (55163 bytes)  bradleslie.JPG (57524 bytes)
Brad Maule is waaay skinnier than he looks on TV

denise.jpg (45649 bytes)  denise2.jpg (54036 bytes)  denise3.jpg (50978 bytes)  leslie2.jpg (58443 bytes)  leslie3.jpg (57287 bytes)
I've said it before, I say it again:  Denise Alexander is a BABE.

ed.jpg (59071 bytes)
THIS P.O.S. we dubbed Nefarious Ed, the LINE CUTTER,
who cut in every line he went through.  If you go to a fan
event, hunt down Ed and kill him.

 logan.jpg (42014 bytes) logan2.jpg (60388 bytes) georgie.jpg (18439 bytes)  georgie2.jpg (39841 bytes)  georgie3.jpg (59608 bytes)  georgie4.jpg (43776 bytes)
Little guys, hard at work

realabbie.JPG (55744 bytes) realheather.JPG (54937 bytes)
Real with Abbie and Heather

vanita.jpg (57209 bytes)  vanita2.jpg (59499 bytes)
More of Vanita Harbor than I've seen
in the past three years

chloe.jpg (17020 bytes)  chloe2.jpg (43112 bytes)  chloe3.jpg (41575 bytes)
The most beautiful, nicest woman in the world
And I'm not even that big of a fan.

edward.jpg (39044 bytes)  edabheath.JPG (47337 bytes)
Super nice guy!

kimmc.jpg (43940 bytes)  kim.jpg (51112 bytes)  kim2.jpg (46230 bytes)  kim4.jpg (38533 bytes)

helena.jpg (53924 bytes)  heatherlandon.JPG (180163 bytes)  landon.jpg (39009 bytes)
Ah, Landon.  Yeah.  He wants me.

leslie.jpg (192203 bytes)  leslie2.jpg (43095 bytes)  leslie4.jpg (40185 bytes)  leslie.jpg (57085 bytes)  leslie2.jpg (57904 bytes)
After the Q&A, I didn't see Stuart Damon or
Stephen T. Kaye any more.
Don't know where they got off to.
I'm sure Anna Lee was not up to the rest of the day's events.

mebilly.JPG (40891 bytes)
Check out how teeny Billy Warlock's head is next to mine!
And doesn't he look thrilled to be cuddling me?

mac.jpg (58005 bytes)  macabheather.JPG (58793 bytes)  nlg.jpg (29899 bytes)
My lucky girls!

rkk.jpg (53915 bytes)  rkk2.jpg (60886 bytes)  rkk3.jpg (56036 bytes)  rkk4.jpg (59044 bytes)  rkk5.jpg (58047 bytes)
More hot than cold!  My favorite frozen guy.

a.jpg (183641 bytes)  a2.jpg (182007 bytes)  a3.jpg (180217 bytes)  a4.jpg (202607 bytes)
Gimme an "A," Baby

amber.jpg (45991 bytes)  coltin.jpg (218184 bytes)
Amber, a little testy that weekend
Coltin, dressed like a street urchin. 

angel.jpg (46247 bytes)  angel.jpg (141877 bytes)  angel2.jpg (191067 bytes)
A VERY pretty lady!  TV doesn't do her justice.

carly2.jpg (105441 bytes)  carly3.jpg (142118 bytes)  soncar.jpg (117584 bytes)
In a really weird error, John Ingle introduced Tamara Braun 
as Sarah Brown when he announce her entry.  Yikes!

katrinaron.JPG (73254 bytes)  ron.jpg (160054 bytes)  ronheather.JPG (57461 bytes)  ronabbie.jpg (59596 bytes)
Ron Hale with me, Heather and Abbie.  We wuv him.
This was before Maurice got a hold of him.

jensen.jpg (53169 bytes)  jensen2.jpg (48033 bytes)
Jensen Buchanan is SO beautiful and was dressed very elegantly.
She's about the size of one of those little ballerinas inside a jewelry box.

loren.jpg (67922 bytes)
I had the honor of interviewing Loren Freeman before the event (will
post soon) and he was a pleasure to meet.

maurice.jpg (141882 bytes)  maurice2.jpg (102537 bytes)  maurice3.jpg (143520 bytes)  maurice4.jpg (122315 bytes)
Maurice had the longest line of anyone and left 2 hours before
the luncheon was over.  I think his M-D got to him.

heatherscottab.JPG (58234 bytes)
Scott Egan...a real sweetie, with Heather and Abbie.

heathscottab.JPG (59393 bytes)

I ended up leaving out about an hour before the luncheon was over.  I was getting tired of fighting the crowd and all the stars were starting to look alike to me and I wanted to be sure and keep the magic of the day alive. I sat at the Patio Cafe and had some iced tea and relaxed for a while.  At 4:15, my girl Stephanie, from Sounds of Stephanie on EOS, popped in to say hi for a while.  Kate joined us and we had a great AMC talk.  They are both so fabulous.  Kate managed to sneak away without letting me get a picture, but I did grab Stephanie:

mesteph.jpg (66142 bytes)

As much fun as it was to see all the stars, I have to say that the biggest joy was meeting the wonderful people on my staff and to laugh and talk with all of them as if we were old friends who had known one another for years.   I don't imagine I'll get to go to another fan event for a while because it was tough on my family, but I'm thrilled to have done this and I'm glad to share it with you.  The other girls will no doubt be sharing their stories and pictures.  If I think of any other things to share, you'll be sure to hear them.  Right now, my head is still spinning!

I have to say that the prevailing atmosphere of the event was one of what I would called enforced optimism.  People pasted on plastic smiles and encouraged us to continue watching and hope for the best.  The things they said and didn't say showed signs of extreme dismay, overt and subtle, on the parts of many of the actors, but they for the most part, all worked hard to keep the fans optimistic.  Jill Farren Phelps, executive producer, was there, but never showed herself.  A 3x5" card was enclosed in our welcome packet and we were encouraged to write our ideas for the show on the cards to be passed on to her.  I didn't bother because I figured she had enough kindling for her fire already.  I'll write my letters higher up.  Many of the stars, Real, Wally, NLG, Stephen, JJY and Brad in particular, beseeched fans to write to the powers that be and directly to them.  Word is that the fan mail is counted and tallied to help determine a character's continued future on the show.  Specific requests should go to Felicia Behr, c/o ABC-TV 4151 Prospect Avenue Hollywood, CA 90027.  Viewers really do count, but only if they make the effort to write!