Nancy Lee Grahn:   If you don’t fit into the 18-35 demographic, as an actress, you don’t exist.

NLG:  (about the story lines)  It seems like they are making it up as they go along
Constance Towers:  And forgetting it as they go along. 

CT:  (when NLG’s little girl put her dress over her head)  Look, she’s just like her mother. 

NLG:  I enjoy stories with some foundation of reality.  I leave Passions for the 12-year-olds, then there’s Days, but then, GH froze the world. 

NLG:  (referring to times when Alexis has been written to do something very NOT Alexis)  I know when you guys know and I’m hating it as much as you are. 

NLG:  We [the Cassadines] all have nicknames:  Perplexis, Stuffy, Tickolas, Queen of Darkness and the Popcicle.  

CT and NLG:  (when asked what male character on the show they’d like to be)  Luke! 

Wally Kurth:  (when asked what female character on the show he’d like to be)  Alexis, because she gets to kiss Wally all the time. 

NLG:  I’d really like for motherhood to happen to Alexis.  I picture it like Diane Keaton in “Baby Boom.” 

NLG:  (told a story about when her daughter kissed her for a long time and said, “Just like Wally does”)
WK:  Wait until she starts opening her mouth. 

WK:  (referred to GH as “The Sonny & Carly Show”) 

WK:  Tony Geary has it in his contract that he can rewrite anything…and he DOES.  If everyone had carte blanche to rewrite, we’d have a pretty interesting show! 


Stephen Nichols:  (when asked “Boxers or briefs”)  It depends on what I’m wearing…or not wearing.  Usually boxers, but not the baggy kind. 

Stephen Nichols:  (when asked what he would name his volleyball if he was shipwrecked on a desert island)  Baby. 

Stephen Nichols:  You’ll notice that the new regime is hiring a lot of new faces.  Disney has a budget.  When new people come on, old ones have to go. 



Billy Warlock:  (when asked if he wished Robin Christopher had not been cast as his sister)  You know it’s bad when the question you get is, “Isn’t it a shame you can’t sleep with your sister?” 

Maurice Benard:  (when asked why Sonny didn’t leave the cabin sooner)  I think he wanted to find out what was going on with all the white dresses. 

Stuart Damon:  (when asked if Monica and Alan would ever renew their vows) Who cares? 

Vanita Harbor:  (when asked if she is able to stay in character when she is in the background scenes of formal events)  Actually, at one point, John Lindstrom and I were talking about strip clubs. 

Robert Kelker Kelly:  (when asked if Stavros is really the devil incarnate and if he has any redeeming qualities)  Yes and No. 

Brad Maule:  (when asked if he is more afraid of Luke, Helena or Stavros:  Wendy Riche   

But of all the fun stuff said by people during a
fantastic weekend, the award for best line goes to:

Billy Warlock:  I used to apologize for being on Baywatch, but compared to the crap on General Hospital lately, Baywatch is Shakespeare.