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Of course, the creme de la creme is to stay at the Sportsman's Lodge itself where the events are held.  It's expensive ($170 or so a night) and the rooms go really fast.  The Lodge is located at 12825 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA.  Call 1-800-821-8511 for reservations, and be sure to ask for the special General Hospital Fan Club Rate.  A three night minimum is required for you to receive the preferred rate.  People often share a room for this event.  If you stay at the Lodge, you will be right in the heart of the events.

Another choice is the Days Inn, also on Ventura Blvd, only a block or so from the Lodge.  Rooms are approximately $90 per night including tax. 

Be sure and check places like,,, and for the best deals on hotels.

What Do I Wear?

It is important to remember that you are coming to California in July and it will be HOT; not just hot, but hot, hot, HOT.  As Midwesterners might want to know, "it's a dry heat," but it's also about a 100+ degrees of dry heat.  LA, for all its greenery, was built on top of a vicious desert.  Plus, when you get 500+ hot, sweaty GH fans together in one room, there's no AC anywhere that'll cut it.  Clothing should be lightweight, comfortable and loose.  Leave the leather at home.  You won't look hot; you'll look HOT as in sweaty and nasty.

Do not... repeat DO NOT wear socks with sandals.  This is strictly forbidden in California and you will be promptly escorted to the California and whatever-barn-you-were-born-in border for this offense.  NO SOCKS WITH SANDALS!!

Do not wear shorts or skirts that show your ass cheeks.  We'll talk very, very badly about you.  Likewise, the "whale tale" (your silly thong showing above your low-rider whore pants) is unwelcome and will result in much pointing and snickering. 

Do not wear earrings larger than your head.

We truly do not want to see your bare hipbones in any ensemble.  Really, it's true.  They may well be adorable; we don't want to see them.

If you can't pass the pencil test, humor us and wear a bra.

Forget the panty hose.  Trust me.  You won't wear them.

Bring a swimsuit.  Most hotels in the area have pools and Venice Beach is only a 20-30 minute drive in good traffic.

Bring a hat for when you are in the sun.

A few people will dress like the Pointer Sisters for these events.  Don't be one of them.  Dressy casual is the standard.

Wear very comfortable shoes.  You will be on your feet a lot and walking fast quite a bit.


Where Do I Eat?

The Patio Cafe at the Sportsman's Lodge has very good food at reasonable prices (comparable to Denny's in price).  You can choose to eat inside or outside.  The EOS staff will often be in the outside eating area or by the pool.

There is a cafe called "Twains" between the Lodge and the Days Inn that has good food at a good price, although it has become a running joke that the waitresses tend to be grumpy.  "Jerry's Deli" is the opposite direction from Twains (out the front gate of the Lodge, turn right for Twains or left for Jerry's) and has a very impressive menu. 

There are many small food places also within walking distance like Baja Grill and yes, there is a Starbucks right across the street.  In California, we can say that about virtually any location.  "There's a Starbucks right across the street."

There is a Ralph's (grocery store) right across the street from the Lodge if you want to get food to keep in your room.  Rooms do come with a fridge at the Lodge.

Most of the events will serve food of some kind.  Find out in advance what you will be eating at the event so you can eat before you go in if needed.  It may be a meal, it may be a snack or it may be nothing.

There are two bars that get a lot of attention at the Lodge.  One is the Waterfall Room that is more formal and often has a Jazz group or other live music. 

The most frequented bar is the pool bar, where a LOT of people hang out. You will also find stars hanging around the pool from time to time.

What Else Should I Bring?

Bring and plan to buy more... water.  Like I said, it's hot, it's California and you tourists are going to hit the ground like a bag of potatoes if you don't drink your water.

Bring a tote bag to carry things like your camera, your wallet, a notebook to write down impressions and other things you want to remember, the items you want signed, the crap the fan bases are going to hand you to advertise their favorite causes and... your water bottle.

If you have business cards with your e-mail address or website URL, bring them.  It will save writing because you WILL make friends.

Bring sunscreen for when you are in the sun.  SPF 5000

If you are asthmatic, bring an extra inhaler.  It can be hard for people to breathe under normal circumstances... such is LA.

If you have hair past your shoulder, bring something to get it up off your body.  You'll want it.

Don't forget chargers for your camera or cell phone!

If you are seated at my table, bring and use deodorant.

BRING YOUR TICKETS and a picture ID!

You can either bring something from home for stars to sign or you can pick up something at the GH Fan Club Boutique. 

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