November 4, 2005 

It has now been a few months since I started One Life to Live and I donít see myself going anywhere.  Between two soaps and a multitude of prime time TV it gets hard to keep up sometime, but I just canít see myself walking away. 

I am surprisingly pleased so far with the recast of Clint Buchanan.  Perhaps it is because I was away for so long or because Clint was away so long, but so far the transition has been quite easy.  I see many of the same mannerisms and behaviors that I would expect from Clint and I believe Jerry Van Dorn will be a welcome addition to the OLTL canvas. 

Antonio really is a jackass.   There is no nice way to put it and there is no sense in trying to pretend otherwise.  If they were going for the tortured soul with a big heart the writers sure missed the mark.  Vicki was on the money when she blasted Antonio for hiding Jessicaís condition all these many months.  Had he opened his mouth maybe none of this would have happened (and thank god he kept his lips zipped because then heíd have been in our face all the more and we never would have gotten Nash.)  It just amazes me that after Jessica spent months away from Llanview, Antonio is all over the hospital on his soapbox threatening to kill Nash.  (Nash will fight back).

All those months Antonio knew Jessica was running around, screwing around and bumming around and yet he did nothing, told no one.  Now he seems to feel some sort of entitlement, some right to Jessica as if she is nothing more than another piece of property for him to collect.  Hmmm, starting to sound a lot like what he just did with his daughter. 

Rex did the unthinkable and made Adriana likeable, now the question that seems to be circling is, can he do the same for Layla?  No offense to Ms. Sumpter who portrays Layla, but this character has not been clicking for me.  I donít see her clicking with either Antonio or even Evangeline for that matter.  Can I see her with Rex?  Honestly, I am starting to think I can see anyone with Rex. 

Todd is off and running and as Sage mentioned in his spoilers (10/31/05 ) he is in disguise. 

Toddís Great Disguise
Bet you didnít recognize him. 

I find Hugh so amusingly adorable.  His whole relationship with Marcie kind of reminds me of real life.  I mean here is this really attractive guy and not to be mean, but the fact is Marcie is overweight, and I can relate to how she feels.  It is like I hear her thinking, what is this guy, who attracts models by the dozens, doing with plain old me.  And I think we as women have all wondered that once or twice in our lives.  Even recently my friends know I was hesitant to get involved with a certain guy because he was skinnier than me.  I like that he likes Marcie and I like watching them together and I never caught it the first time around but perhaps that Michael ship has sailed. 

I am still anxiously waiting to find out Spencerís great secrets on both Paige and David.  I really want to know and I am still interested.  The only part that saddens me are the rumors that he ruins Davidís and Dorianís wedding. 

Have a great week of Soap Opera Watching! 

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