More Thoughts on General Hospital
Carolyn Aspenson

Did you see it? Have you been watching? If you have you might know what Iím talking about. If not, Iíll give you a hint. Wednesday and Thursdayís episode. Does that help? If you havenít seen those episodes and youíve got them on tape, quick. Go watch them now! If you have to wait until Saturday to watch the Soapnet marathon, youíre going to be very, very happy. Those of you who watched, you should know by now what Iím talking about...Wednesday was Journey-free and Thursday, there was absolutely no Sonny and no Carly! There was actually time for other actors and other stories. It was like dying and going to soap opera heaven. It was like the days before Guza and Pratt. (When I complained about all sorts of other things, but thatís another story entirely!)

Not that I donít enjoy seeing Sonny tormented and falling of the edge of sanity, but it does get a bit old. Besides, Iím still in distress over the fact that Carlyís bum is still the same as it ever was and hasnít grown even a centimeter since Sonny knocked her up. (By the way, the comment in the October 13th SID about Carlyís bum was MINE! Iím the one who said that at her fan event! Iíve been officially published! Well, sort of!) Itís just nice to see the other actors on GH for a change.

Iíve heard a few rumors about the sudden absence of the Fab Four from our screens every minute of every episode. The best rumor Iíve heard, the one that seems the most plausible, is that the king of GH has returned, taken pen to paper and rewritten many (if not all) scripts. Welcome back Tony Geary! Youíve been missed! Did you notice, once he came back the opening credits changed again? Heís back in them and itís not all Fab Four shots. Iíd say the guyís got a bit of pull, what do you think?

Did you also notice the humorous slant to this weeks shows? Unfortunately I canít tape them (my dish and VCR donít get along and Iím the one who has to suffer) but I can recall a few of the scenes that tickled me in the belly and got my leg pumpiní. Dillon with the video camera. The French guy. Scotty and Luke. Scotty and Ric. Dillon and Georgie in the old movie scene. Courtney smiling and Alicia seriously laughing in a scene. Liz screwing up and telling Em about her and Zander and the look on Emís face! Luke. Luke and more Luke. Heís back, rested and in full swing!

It was all actually pretty damn good for a change! Sorry Bob, Sorry Chuck, but you two oughta take pointers from the pro because heís outsmarted you both and brought back some fun to the 3pm EST hour. I have to admit, this is the first time in a long time I felt like I wanted to watch General Hospital. What about you?

Now Iím not one to normally jump on the bandwagon, but I thought Iíd go through list of things I like and things that annoy me about General Hospital. Okay, so Iím jumping on the bandwagon now but tough. I get to do what I want during the hours of 8am and 2pm while my kids are at school and itís only 1pm so I still have an hour left and I want to make my list.

What Carolyn Likes About General Hospital

1. Nikolas saying ďI love youĒ. Makes me all warm and fuzzy (and hot!) inside.
2. Greg Vaughnís portrayal of Lucky. Notice he doesnít yell? He actually uses a soft voice!
3. Zander dumping Emily because he deserves better.
4. Magic cures for cancer and blindness
5. Bobbi Spencer. I was actually starting to miss those big ta taís!
6. Dillon and Georgie. Actually, anything Dillon.
7. Edward Q
8. Ted King. Oh, I mean Alcazar
9. Faith
10. Sonny losing it and Jason being the one whoís always right
11. Tracyís coming back!
12. Ric trying to redeem himself and wearing a suit again. Mighty fine lookiní guy in a suit!
13. Stephen Nichols writing his own lines and saying ďScrew GH, Iím doing it my way!Ē
14. Lukeís lines. Pretty much all of them
15. Jackets in appropriate weather (except now Jason isnít wearing his in France and thatís the place he should be!)
16. Alexis and Cameron living together

What Annoys Carolyn About General Hospital

1. Sonny losing it and Jason being the one whoís always right but NO ONE listens to him or acknowledges it!
2. Magic cures for cancer and blindness
3. Jax and Sam
4. Jax and anyone
5. Stefan being Ďkilled offí
6. Lydia whining over and over and over again. That girl should be the mascot for the Energizer battery. Sheís outlasted that damn bunny! SHUT UP already!
7. Carlyís butt
8. Carly and Sonny still being together and Carly NOT leaving his sorry ass for Alcazar!
9. Not enough Faith
10. Colemanís totally useless absence from my screen
11. Luckyís world record police academy schooling and graduation
12. Gia being totally eliminated from my screen when she should be going after Zander in his time of weakness
13. Skye
14. Alexis and Cameron living together but barely being on screen
15. The character of Johnny being destroyed due to immaturity within the writing department of GH
16. The character of Scott Egan being destroyed due to the immaturity of small souled people
17. The fact that Stephen Nichols is in the opening credits but is leaving the show
18. The mysterious disappearance of Alan and Monica
19. The screwed up judicial system of PC
20. Jax (did I already say that?)
21. The totally and utterly horrible lack of shirtless men such as ALCAZAR on my screen
23. Dead people haunting stories
24. Too much of what used to be a good thing (AKA the drab four)

Yes, there are still things I donít like about General Hospital. Honestly, there will always be things I donít like about General Hospital (remember that stupid alien story? Still my least favorite storyline to date!). But itís getting better and even I, the pessimistic, negative frump that I can be, can admit it.

I like that my screen isnít all about the drab four every day. Just about every day, but this week holds hope. I like that there are other storylines going on and great scoops ahead. There are things happening that could lead to a lot of fun. Wouldnít it be great to have Carly finally tell Sonny to shove it and turn to Alcazar? Perhaps Sonny could end up with imitation Lilly? What about Zander and Elizabeth? Whoída thunk those two would end up in the sack again? And using Beckyís pregnancy in that storyline is priceless! What a way to really screw up some relationships? The possibility that Stefan isnít really dead is delicious! And the turmoil created by Lucky becoming a cop and arresting Luke just swims in the sea of major family therapy! Iím loving the possibilities!

Letís just hope Anthony Geary can keep it up and show the writers a thing or two about a real soap opera! Because if anyone on that show knows what a real soap is, itís Anthony Geary. Welcome back!

Wait a minute. Iíve been re-reading my column, shocked at the almost completely positive tone to it. Iím a bit concerned. Maybe Iím just a bit too excited about something that isnít really happening. I realized, after re-reading this that there was only 1 out of 5 days where there was no Sonny and Carly. And only 1 out of 5 days without Jason and Courtney. And as Katrina noted in her commentary on the GH scoops...Theyíre all about SonnyCarlyJasonCourtney. Almost every last one of them. Hmm...Maybe Iíve spoke too soon? Maybe I got all excited about something that really isnít happening? Who knows. I think I just need to sit back and relax and watch and see whatís going to happen. Iíll try to remain positive, but you just never know!
Oh, by the way...Did anyone watch the Sunday night episode of Charmed, ďDirty BlondesĒ? If so, did you notice that Jennifer Sky, formerly known as the lousy redition of Sarah Weber was a guest star? Whoda thunk the girl could look that good and could act too! I was impressed. Just more proof of the writers inability to under use the actors on General Hospital.

As always, if anyone has any comments, questions, concerns, etc. please feel free to email me at I love to hear from you all! Have a great week.


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