Refuting the Untruths


Carolyn Aspenson


I donít really have a column to do this week. I spent the week running my elderly mother around in search of a kidney stone destroyer; allowed my dentist to stick his fingers in my mouth and drill my tooth to a minor nub so he could simply put a fake one right over it; played taxi cab mom and chef Carolyn for three kids while my husband played golf in some exotic state with his big wig work buddies. Nope. No column. Not even a quick peek at GH at all this week.  

But I do have something to say and I want to make sure everyone gets a look at it.  

I read Sageís column and his comments about Scott Egan were right on! Sure, we joked about him hitting on me, which isnít exactly true. He was extremely flattering and sweet but never once did he actually approach me in any physical way, nor did he even remotely hint to any kind of physical encounter. He was the consummate gentleman, honestly. He was sweet, flattering, even a bit shy and very, very nice.  

Scott Egan didnít hit on anyone at the fan event and frankly, if someone says he did, theyíre lying. How do I know this? Because while he was there I was extremely flattered at his compliments and made every effort possible to keep an eye on him in the event I decided I wanted MORE compliments! Hey, Iím only human!  

People have huge egos and want these famous people to hit on them and be interested in them. Why not? Itís a great feeling to have someone find you attractive, especially someone famous. I remember going out with a very famous Chicago Bear years ago and thought I was IT! But when it was all said and done, he was just a guy who liked a girl and wanted to get to know her. After we dated I heard many, many rumors about his sex life and the stupid things he did and tried to do with women. It was interesting because he didnít do any of those things with me.  Who knows, maybe itís me. Maybe I bring out the gentleman in people, but I doubt it.

Sure, there are guys out there who are pigs. But donít you find it interesting that people like Arnold are respected and admired and then all of a sudden theyíre scum sucking male pigs who just abuse women sexually, emotionally and physically? Come on people, letís take a step back here into reality.

Enough of the rumors. Do any of us like rumors about ourselves? I donít think so. So why is it okay and fair and fun to spread rumors about other people? Thatís just cruel. I hate rumors. I was always someone who people talked about and the stories I heard about me were foul and so untrue I wanted to wear a sign around my neck stating the truth.

Scott Egan was such a nice guy at the fan event and he doesnít deserve any of the crap people are saying about him. Put yourself in his shoes. How does it feel? The guy is out of work and trying to make it in California. Cut him some slack and donít ruin him because someone thinks itís fun.

Okay, Iím officially off of my soap box. Sorry if I offended anyone but I just canít stand small people who feel better about themselves because they make other people look bad.

Have a rumor free week!


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