This month contains a very special day, Mother’s Day, on Sunday, May 13.  We’ve been given this day to let our mothers know how we feel about them, even though we should do it all during the year.  But many times we forget just how much they do mean to us. 

            I’d like to devote this segment to the woman who spent the best years of her life taking care of me, and working along with my father to give my sister, JoAnn and I a decent life of which to be proud.  I write and dedicate this to our mother, May Mangieri Hersh, and all others everywhere on their special day, today and always.



You’re so small in stature, yet there’s never been any burden too great for you to overcome. 

Many times through the years, your patience has been tested, and your faith more than once. 

With all the problems that come with a child, you kept your head and heart strong, and never for even a moment denied me in any way. 

            It was always me first, then you. 

This was your way, but did I know then that it was the love in your heart, or could I know, at that stage of my life? 

How proud he was, this man whom you gave your life to.  My father, who, like you was the best life could ever give to anyone. 

            What a team you made.  How lucky to belong to both of you.  

            There will never be another love like yours. 

            I can only remember him now, but I still cling to you, mother. 

            You are here for me for as long as GOD will allow me to have you. 

So many times I try to say to you, Mother, I love you, but you cannot hear the words because they are not spoken. 

They are lingering in my soul and it is difficult sometimes to express something so pure and simple. 

            You gave me my life, my self-respect, and my love for others in this world. 

You don’t realize the power you possess.  You were able to make an entire human being possible, and even after that it was years before your task was completely finished. 

Now, after all this time, you still feel a need to care for me, as you did in the beginning. 

How do I say thank you mother….or do you know what my heart is trying to reveal to you?

Thank you mother, for being there. For everything you have ever done.  For loving my father.  For forgiving and over-looking my ways.  For your hand.  For the shoulder I cried on.  For your tears.  For everything in this world that is beautiful, only because you were the one to show them to me. 

But mother, there is only one other I need to thank more.  I thank GOD for giving you to me. 


            NHC May 2001