Teenage Cemetery Nightmare
By Katie

When I was a teenager, back in the early 1970’s, my friend Dawn and I set out for a spooky adventure.  On the outskirts of my hometown, there is an area which consists of rows of cemeteries.  We decided that going to one of them late at night would be a fun idea.  We had a “nickel bag” with us and some good munchies.   

As the night was getting darker and darker, we were leaning on a headstone, smokin’ some hootch, and it started getting a little spooky.  We were laughing and laughing and having a good old stoner of a time.  Suddenly, we heard a loud, dragging noise and we both started screaming and ran to the car.  We took off like bats out of hell and there was this pounding, pounding sound coming from the back of the car.  As we are still driving out of the cemetery (why we had to go so far inside is beyond me) it is still pounding!!  We finally get out of the cemetery and now we are on this very dark side road which will eventually take us to the main road.  The dark side road has cemeteries on both sides and let me tell you, there are no street lights on this road.  We can still hear the pounding!  We are in the car screaming like the two crazy teenage girls that we are!!  We finally get to a larger road that has lights.  The pounding is still happening at the back of the car, but we don’t see anything.  We decide to pull over.  The pounding stops.  We both look at each other trying to figure out which one of us is going to the back of the car to find the dead body we know is there.  Decidedly, we both get out at the same time. 

Attached to the back of the car was this huge branch from a tree.  We laughed until our bellies ached and then went and bought some more munchies!!