*sigh*  Did I mention "*sigh*?"

Sylvia Miles is coming to OLTL and Sage could not be more, well, *sigh*.

In what is likely to be considered the most perfect casting choice in the history of ABC Daytime, Sylvia has been cast in the role of Roxanne Balsom Holden's mother and however long her stay is slated to be isn't nearly long enough by a long shot.

I absolutely fell in love with her here:

as the hooker who sexes up Jon Voight in "Midnight Cowboy."  What is noteworthy about her performance in MC is that it is the shortest performance to ever garner an Oscar nomination.  She also picked up a nomination in 1975 for her performance as Mrs. Florian in "Farewell, My Lovely."  She did not have a smiley on her ass in either movie.  That is to protect the delicate nature of those of you who would flush out at seeing Sylvia Miles' ass crack. 

Similarly, I have smileyed out her nipplage in this still from the Andy Warhol movie "Heat" with Joe Dallesandro, as well as something that could be shadow or could be pubes on Joe.

Are you getting the drift of why I like Sylvia Miles?  She is an unabashed, unapologetic, full of life, experiential ho.  She's brazen and bold and succulent and juicy (OK, so I'm a sap who reads Sark) and isn't afraid to be as out there as the movies will let her be.

I mean look at this:

Here she is as the meat in a delicioso twin sammich on the site www.twinsworld.com  Tell me she doesn't have both hands full of tight twin ass right now!.  Look at those smiles all around!


Here she is with a very much nekkies A Martinez (sigh) in the movie "She-Devil" (she was Meryl Streep's mom)

And here she is in her latest movie, "High Times, Pot Luck":


www.potluckmovie.com  with Nick Iacovino

Which has the all star line up of:  Tommy Chong (love him), Dan Lauria (Katrina had a big crush on him in "The Wonder Years"), Jackie Martling (occasionally funny), Jason Mews ("Jay" of "Jay and Silent Bob" fame), Nicolas Iacovino (limited acting career, but his last name sounds like "Ina Goda Davida" by Iron Butterfly if you squint while you say it, so he must be cool) and Frank Gorshin ("The Riddler from Batman").  Isn't she perfect for Roxy's mom??

Look, I'll be honest and say that I don't know what kind of life this lady has led (I suspect some hard partying went on in her immediate vacinity), but I do know what whenever I see her, she looks like she's having a great time AND she's seen A Martinez naked.  If you see that and you aren't Mrs Martinez, you're a goddess already.

I very, very much look forward to her stint on OLTL and would love it if this turned out to be one of those quicky parts that becomes a long term contracted role.

Sylvia Miles, I lift my glass to you and Baby, may you live forever to be the bawdy broad that I adore.

Sage worships you.