New Survivor Show!!

Have you heard about the next planned "Survivor" show?  Six men will be dropped on an island with one van and two to five kids each, for six weeks.

Each kid plays two sports and also takes either music or dance lessons. The men must attend all PTA and room parent meetings, planning treats and craft ideas for all holidays.  They must sew all scout badges onto uniforms as they are earned, participate in daily bake sale activities, and drop whatever he's doing to drive to school at light speed when he sees a child has forgotten a lunch, homework assignment, nebulizer, gym shoes or a permission slip.

Each man must take care of his kids, keep his assigned house clean, review all homework, see that science fair projects are completed, cook, do the laundry, etc.  Don't forget to get them to all parties they are invited to, with a lovely gift personally chosen and wrapped creatively.

Men are not allowed in the bathroom to do anything alone. If a man feels overwhelmed, he has the option to homeschool. The men will only be able to attempt to talk to one another when the children are nearby. 

All of the children may have a turn talking to Mommy during the day, who will have to leave for a meeting as soon as Daddy gets his turn to talk.  Mommy will only have a chance to whisper a provocative "See you tonight, Hon!" before she has to hang up.  

The men must be able to make a model of Colonial Williamsburg at 9:45 p.m. using six toothpicks, a tortilla, a bag of crayons, some popsicle sticks and construction paper.  All children must have a serving of a vegetable or fruit per week. Catsup counts as neither. The men only have access to television when the kids are asleep and when all chores are done.  There is no remote. 

The kids vote the men off the island, based on their performance.

The winner gets to go back to his job.