A dirty job, but someone had to do it.



Having met most everyone (or not caring about some of them) the gameplan was to see Laurence Lau (Sam, OLTL), Hillary B. Smith (Nora, OLTL), Catherine Hickland (Lindsay, OLTL) and, of course, the continuation of the Wally Kurth (Ned, GH) stalking tour 2001.   

At dinner on Friday evening (Chef Mickey’s –it was cool!) I arranged to meet some of my friends in the line for Laurence Lau first thing on Saturday morning. 

If it’s going to offend you that I use the word “ass” not less than like 57 times, turn back now! 

If you’re just looking for a visual recap: http://community.webshots.com/user/tracey_eos. 

I’ve already posted three albums of photos and am nowhere near finished posting pictures.



The first order of business was to see Laurence Lau (Sam, OLTL) because my friend Patti and I had these hot pics we bought from eBay that we wanted him to sign: 


Patti said she wanted to be the pole in that picture and there are just too many jokes there for me to even start so use your own twisted mind there. 

Being the late riser that I am (honey, I do not do mornings!  For me, it’s more like mourning.  Just ask any of the staffers who had to suffer through my early morning grumpiness in L.A.) I was a little tardy getting to MGM so my friends (early birds, sheesh!) were at the front of LL’s line and I was about ľ of the way toward the back.  Oh well, it gave me a chance to chat up some other folks. 

Once getting in his line we were told that the actors would not sign anything brought in by the fans (which sucks but is understandable in light of recent events).  Some of the actors wouldn’t even come out from behind the podium for pictures, i.e. Larry…here’s the pic. 


He was very sweet, that smile is so extra dreamy that I had to pinch myself to make sure I was still awake and he’s cute beyond written description.  For my part, it’s not worth standing in line if I have to have my picture taken with the podium rather than the star.  That was a real downer for first thing in the morning.  (The day was about to pick up though!!) 

I waved to my friends who were now standing in Kassie Depaiva’s (Blair, OLTL) line (I think) as I headed over to wait in line for Wally.  When I got there I took some pictures of Jack Scalia (Chris Stamp, AMC) and ran into Kim and Doreen, two of my chat buddies from The Gate, who were the first two people in line.  They went straight to Wally’s (11:45 a.m.) line when they got to the park at 9:00 a.m. (see I am NOT the craziest one! lol) We talked for a minute and then I assumed my place in the line. 

Next up was my main man, Wally Kurth (Ned, GH).  Not only did he *finally* remember my name without being prompted and even started talking to me before I got up to the podium, I got him to sign some press shots for a few of my friends who bailed at the last minute, I got in several good Wally cuddles and more importantly - - -He!! Kissed!! Me!!


I must, in this public forum, give many, many, many special thanks to my friend Doreen who captured my moment of bliss on video.  You rule!  I am forever in your debt.  Well, that sealed (no pun intended) the weekend for me.  I was done.  We could have gone home right then and I would not have been disappointed.  No I didn’t go all stupid and my knees didn’t buckle, but it was definitely the highlight of the weekend for me and it was still early in the day!  I talked to him about some other things for a few more minutes much to the annoyance of everyone still in line.  Afterwards we hung around for awhile taking some candid shots of him and more of Jack Scalia while waiting on Wally’s next autograph session. 


Well, the next autograph session finally rolled around.  We arranged ourselves so we wouldn’t be first in line.  I was the first of the three of us though and when Wally looked up from signing the previous person’s press shot he said, “You just can’t get enough, can you Trace?” My reply was “You know it’s all about you, Wally!” He laughed and I told him I just needed to get a little video footage and we wanted to get a group picture of the three of us with him.  We had decided that all hands should be “on deck” for this picture so that’s what is with the goofy looks in this picture.  Wally even gave us permission.  The security guard asked if somebody was being naughty back there.  Moi?  Being naughty when I have unencumbered access to Wally’s ass?  <feigning indignation> Never!  Sha-right!  My hands were all over the merchandise.  I could practically tell you the numbers on the credit cards inside his wallet.  From that moment forward the security guard teased us by making us hold our hands up as we were walking up to Wally. 


Next was the Super Soap Talk Show (or whatever the heck they called it) with Wally Kurth (Ned, GH), Ingo Rademacher (Jax, GH), John Ingle (Edward, GH), Brian Presley (Jack, PC), Kelly Monaco (Livvie, PC). 


Followed by the motorcade and outdoor conversation (same group) hosted by Walt Wiley (Jack, AMC).  Nothing worth repeating ever comes out of these conversations.  We just parked ourselves immediately in front of the stage in preparation for the grand motorcade, street jam and concert.  Needless to say we had primo “seats.” 

Kurth & Taylor sang three songs, Freedom, Surrender, Barefoot Ballet (the one “Ned” sang in Jake’s about a week ago on the show.  They were followed by Kassie Depaiva singing two songs, the first of which is new and you’ll hear it on OLTL soon.  I really liked that song but the next one from her album just sucked outloud.  Then, the diva of divas Susan Lucci sang two or three songs.  One of her songs was a cutesy little number about “Winning isn’t everything” referring to the Emmys.  I said it last year and I’ll say it again, I love ya’ SuLu, but don’t quit your day job.  She doesn’t shatter crystal or anything but she’s not that good.  Coltin Scott Martines was next.  He is far more entertaining while singing than on GH.  Finally, Kurth & Taylor came back to finish the evening with “Let it Go” while fireworks were shot off in the background. 


In case you’re wondering, that’s Mickey’s Sorcerer hat (bigger than life) which is up for the 100th birthday celebration which is taking place all year in all of the Disney parks. 


Our first stop (no big shocker here) was Wally’s first autograph session at 9 a.m.  We arranged it specifically so we wouldn’t be first in line this time and when he looked up as I was next in line he jokingly pointed at me, flashing those irresistible dimples, and said “Alright, this one is trouble, how’d she get in here?”  He had the same security guy with him as the day before.  The security guy just laughed and said “Yeah, lemme see those hands.”  Here’s Wally demonstrating the maneuver: 


I told his security guy that if he didn’t watch it we’d grope him next.  He was a good guy and knew we were only playing around.  Dee and Kim were next and the security guy made them show their hands.  Dee told Wally that he said they couldn’t grope him and so Wally pinched her ass instead.  He was just frisky all weekend.  After the three of us got in our obligatory gropes we hung around taking a few more snapshots before heading over to the Superstar Theatre for another conversation with Linda Dano.  Hey, it’s the only time during the weekend you get to sit in an air conditioned room in a comfortable chair!  This time we actually got some interesting footage though. 

Linda asked Wally about his CD and Ingo jumped into the conversation (uninvited, mind you) talking about his new calendar...he said something about the pics of him in the shower and in bed and it looks something like this: he stood up and pulled his shirt up.... My man Wally took this opportunity to embarrass him <snick, go Wally!!> and pulled Ingo’s pants down.  I believe most of you have seen the pictures already.  Boys will be boys.  Then Wally remembered that his 16 year old daughter was in the audience and immediately stood up (still laughing his ass off) and apologized to Meghan.  It was a total laugh riot.  After that Linda sat down on the foot stool to keep them from misbehaving any further.   

Later when the actors were taking questions from the audience someone asked Ingo to sing.  Mistake.  Stick to being pretty, honey.  Wally and John were asked to sing the song the Qs always sing at Thanksgiving, “We Gather Together”.  Wally’s daughter then asked him what his favorite move is on stage.  He introduced her then (sorry, I don’t post pictures of their kids) and said the move he was about to demonstrate embarrassed her and he promised her that he wouldn’t do it that night in the concert (boo! Hiss!).  Here’s a picture though: 


After watching the video clip to get that screen cap you’ll have to excuse me for a few moments.  Talk among yourselves. 


We then walked around for awhile snapping photos of Kassie Depaiva, James Depaiva, Catherine Hickland, Marissa Ramirez and a few others.  We had some time so I got in line to see Hillary B. Smith while Kim and Dee went to save our place for Wally’s last autograph session (yes, I know we’re insane but as the man said ---let it go!).  Hillary is one of my favorite people.  I met her last year at SSW and it was immediately like talking to an old friend.  She chastised me last year for wearing my GH fan club pin in her line so when I walked up there I told her that I didn’t wear it this time.  She examined my shirt, gave me the thumbs up and said I was ok so she signed a press shot for me while I told her that she is the LUCKIEST woman on daytime right now to be stuck between Laurence Lau and Ty Treadway (Troy) everyday.  Good grief --- Can I get some luck like that, puhleeeze?  She agreed with me without hesitation.  Because we were talking I almost forgot to get out picture taken.  She reminded me and I told her thanks otherwise I’d have some irate readers at the website.  A devious move on my part in order to mention EOS.  She asked which site and I told her so I imagine we’ll be getting a new visitor.  Woohoo!.   

After that I took some pictures of David Fumero, Catherine Hickland, Laurence Lau, Marissa Ramirez, Tamara Braun, Jackie Zeman and a few others (All in the albums . . . eventually) then headed over to meet Kim and Dee for our final opportunity to sexually harass Wally.  While we were waiting Maurice Benard was signing autographs so I snapped a few photos of him. 


Susan Lucci arrived to sign autographs so I got a couple quick photos of her with her husband. 

During Wally’s final autograph session, as soon as Kim, Dee and I got to Wally the film crew showed up (oh. great.).  We made Kim go first.  She wanted to have her picture taken with one finger poking Wally’s dimple.  She got her picture taken without doing that so Dee and I jumped right in, unruly types that we are, and told her to do it.  Wally was concerned (rightfully so after all we’d put him through in the last two days, lol) so we told him.  He said it was fine so she got back up there, her hand was shaking when she tried to do it so naturally, being the compassionate person that I am (sha, right!), I was laughing my butt off and teased her mercilessly.  I was next and having been given permission earlier to grope him my left hand went directly to his ass.  He asked if I wanted to poke his dimple too and I told him “No, since my hand is on your ass right now, it’s quite comfortable where it’s at.”  He laughed and said “I’ve got dimples back there too.”  My head snapped around to look at him, one eyebrow shot so far up it slammed into my hairline and with a wicked little grin on my face I said “You’re just teasing me now, but I guess I’ve got the best ones!”  We had a good laugh, talked for a minute, and I got my final Wally cuddle of the weekend. 

We headed back to the front stage then to park ourselves for good concert seats, luckily we got to see the motorcade and conversation with Michael E. Knight (Tad, AMC), Catherine Hickland (Lindsay, OLTL), David Fumero (Cristian, OLTL), Hillary B. Smith (Nora, OLTL) and Laurence Lau (Sam, OLTL).   It started raining on us for a few minutes during this but it much and didn’t last long.  That damn hurricane made for some pretty bleak skies all weekend but we only got a few sprinkles during the day.  Nothing interesting to report from their conversation either but it was nice to get another opportunity to drool over Larry Lau.   

We remained in our spots when that was over and when that crowd cleared we were able to stake out spots right next to the stage for the grand motorcade and concert that evening.  Front row for Wally in the leather pants.  Bestill my beating heart!  We had a brief conversation about the ramifications of rain during the concert and came up with the “pro” side of it being:  Wet Wally in leather.  Use your imagination.  I’ll wait. 

Kurth & Taylor sang first again.  They started with Hideaway! My personal favorite!!  It rocks!  Believe was next followed by the traditional show closer Seventh Son.  

Kassie Depaiva was next and I paid her no attention because I could see Wally backstage so we put that digital zoom on the video camera to use and watched him.  He caught a glimpse of me once, smiled and pointed at me.  I just waved and went right back to watching the behind the scenes activity.  At Walt’s request, because he was losing his voice, Kassie sang an extra song and coaxed James Depaiva into singing with her.  I don’t particularly care for the song “Natural History” but they are so adorable together.  I finally stopped watching Wally backstage so I could watch them.  When they finished James laid a big ol’ kiss on her to the sound of “awwww” from the audience.  He’s such a cutie.  

Catherine Hickland sang next.  I love her and she’s better than La Lucci but I’m not impressed with her singing.  She had a couple of young guys singing with her.  One named Marsh somethingorother was a total hottie!   

Coltin was next and made googly eyes at Dee when he was singing.  He is soooo, soooo sexy on stage.   

The big finale of the evening was Wally, Kassie, Catherine and Coltin singing God Bless America, again with fireworks overhead.  Y’all. It. Was. Amazing!!  Even on the video you can hear the crowd singing along.  A very moving moment.


And, that, my dear friends, concludes the SSW recap and my Wally Kurth stalking tour 2001. <sigh> I won’t get to see him again until April :::sob::: 

Any questions or comments?  I’m sure that I’ve left out some information in an effort to get this out so quickly so don’t hesitate to ask.  I’ll also be putting some more pictures in the albums over the next couple of days so check back often. 



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