By Leslie Cooney

There has been a lot of talk lately about Jasper Jacks.  The man has even earned a nickname Ė Jaxass.  It got me thinking about how much I used to love him, and wondering where it all went wrong. 

I absolutely loved Jax when he first came on the show.  I know he was after Lois, and she was married to Ned.  I always thought he knew he could never have her because she loved Ned, and he was just having some fun with her.  She was too, as I remember it.  And remember his stuff with Lucy?  Priceless!  He added a new element to the show.  He was a good guy with a bit of a devilish streak in him. 

He was always so much fun back then, and such a great guy to his friends and family.  There was nothing he would not do for those he loved. 

When he and Brenda became friends I was hooked.  Then when Sonny left her yet again, I fell for them as a couple because they had been together so long already.  (Remember that scene where he finds her in the rain after Sonny went back to pregnant Lily?  What a tear jerker of a love scene!  How about their wedding on the boat while Lily got blown to smithereens?  WOW!) 

I liked Jax with V, but never thought of them as a couple.  They were great friends.  When she, Ned and Alexis helped him through Brenda's death and then John and Jerry's trouble with the law, I was riveted.  I just never saw the romance there.  (I really miss V!) 

I also adored Chloe, but I preferred her with Ned and Jax with Alexis.  I thought there were more possibilities there.  (Chloe was also way better with Stefan, and she and Stavros had some definite sparks before he killed her!) 

When Jax came back, I was so excited.  He and Robin Christopher were fantastic together.  I really fell for them, and was happy with the pairing. 

And then Brenda came back, and I have to say I wasn't too upset by him dumping Skye for her.  I didn't necessarily think he did it in the best way, but I was just too happy to have my Jax and Brenda back together again.  I know many of you found this unforgivable, but what can I say?  I'm a Brenda and Jax sap. 

Then the unthinkable happened.  He starting changing in my eyes... 

He dumped Brenda in the most humiliating way possible - at the altar.  He assumed she was cheating on him, and instead of asking her, he purposely inflicted as much pain as possible.  This was not my Jax. 

Then he had that stupid fling with Sam and the dead man's hand.  I..couldn't..have..been..more..bored..if..I..zzz.  Oh, sorry.  I nodded off there for a minute. 

I was intrigued at the beginning of the Courtney and Jax storyline, but that got old quickly.  Too bad.  Falling for the sister of a man he hates should have been a great story, but TIIC kept writing about the stupid bet and Courtneyís undying love for Jason, and I lost interest. 

This whole surrogacy storyline is preposterous.  I canít even think about it.  I donít want to think about it.  What he is doing to Courtney, Elizabeth and Lucky right now is awful, and I am quickly losing any love I ever had for Jasper Jacks. 

There are many of you who never liked Jax.  Some of you feel he has always had this hero complex.  I have to admit, thatís part of what I loved about him.  His natural instinct was to help people, no matter what it cost him.  He used to help Brenda out all the time, even when she was with Sonny and the end result was more pain for Jax.  This is what make believe is all about Ė rooting for the good guy. 

I want MY Jax back, not this clone.  I find myself calling him Jaxass now, a term I swore I would never use.  How can someone fall so hard from the top of my list? 

To TIIC I have only this to say:  One of my favorite characters has been slaughtered, and itís time you picked up the pieces and put him back together again!