David Vickers
By Dianna 

David Vickers hit Llanview in 1994 and he hit it hard.  David was one of the most adorable con men ever and Tuc Watkins managed to portray him as just the man you didnít want to love but had to.  David came to Llanview claiming to be Victor Lordís long lost son and saved his (one day to become true love) Dorian Lord from a lifetime behind bars by forging Irene Manning's diary (which was faked) where it was written that Irene was the one who killed Victor. 

Sadly, David could not help but be majorly attracted to his ďsisterĒ Tina Lord Roberts.  Tina, not always the brightest bulb and definitely no angel allowed herself to be seduced.  The pair eventually married in secret. 

In what is one of the main reasons we love David no matter what; he did feel bad when Tina grew despondent over their illicit lovemaking and subsequent marriage and he confessed.  Too bad Vickiís alter Jean was running amuck and Jean forced David to marry Dorian and divorce Tina. 

David moved in with Dorian and her niece Kelly and Kelly developed a major crush on David. Dorian schemed with her other niece, Blair, to lure David into sleeping with her and then Dorian switched places with Blair while Todd Manning took pictures of them (without seeing Dorian's face) and published it in his paper. David was forced to give Dorian a divorce without getting a thing out of it.  Right after he signed the divorce papers, Dorian told him all about her scheme and the two made love again for the second time.  

Not to be out done, David thought of a way to get back at Dorian by taking her Kellyís virginity. Kelly was no longer in love with him, and hit him on the head with a lamp and carried his body to the woods thinking he was dead.  He returned, kidnapped Kelly and tied her to a bed in Dorian's yacht. He asked Dorian for ransom and went to take care of it but he didn't notice that as he was leaving a fire started on the yacht.  Kelly was rescued and David left town. 

David then tried to sell Toddís son, but Todd changed his mind and David was shipped to a Moroccan prison. 

David returned in 2003 and is still the sly devil he always was.  Sure the character has matured some (ok, very little) but he has met his match and soul mate in the equally conniving Dorian Lord. 

Bringing Spencer Truman to the canvas is a brilliant idea on part of the OLTL writers.  If my memory serves this is really the first time we are getting any true history and who David Vickers really is and where he really came from. 

It also gives Tuc Watkins an excellent counterpart to play off of.  Spencer illuminates Davidís soft side and his conscience.  Spencer is evil, a man whom I believe we are going to find has very few redeeming qualities about him, whereas David is a man who cares and is capable of love and guilt and can recognize right from wrong.  David knows when things are wrong it just doesnít always stop him from doing them anyway. 

David brings such humor to the OLTL canvas.  I always find myself chuckling at his off base comments and I love any scene that David is in.  I have to wonder if his sarcasm is scripted or is a natural part of Tuc. 

For me David is a very good reason to watch OLTL and I find myself missing him when he is not on my screen.  His good looks aside; he shines with every actor and has chemistry with a lamppost.