The Return of Robin Scorpio 
By Leslie Cooney

Robin Scorpio has returned to General Hospital, and no one seems to agree on how they feel about it.  I donít remember any soap opera return that caused so many different reactions. 

Personally, I always liked Robin.  I didnít always agree with her, but I liked her all the same. 

I remember when she first joined the cast.  Iím about five years older than Kimberly McCullough, and due to that I could always relate to Robin. 

A lot of viewers hate what Robin did to Jason.  I donít agree with it, but I can understand it.  Hereís why. 

First of all, letís point out that both of her parents were killed by a lunatic.  Okay, things have changed since then, but at the time, Robin thought they were dead. 

When Robin met fell in love with Stone, it was started out as a sweet teen romance.  The little girl we all watched grow up before our eyes was becoming a woman, in pretty much every way imaginable.  It was hard not to root for them. 

And then it happened Ė Stone found out he was HIV positive.  What a shocker!  This story was written so beautifully.  I canít think of one thing I would change.  It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.  Characters who couldnít stand to be in the same room as each other came together to support Robin and Stone (and to a degree Sonny).  It didnít matter who loved or hated who. 

From my perspective, after Stone died Robin felt that part of her life was over.  The love of her life was gone, and she was destined to live alone with her HIV status. 

Then she met Jason Morgan.  She wasnít expecting it, but she fell in love again.  And then Jason was Sonnyís enforcer, and Robin was scared.  After a shooting, she asked Sonny to fire Jason.  Jason got angry, and they broke up.  She wasnít trying to be vindictive.  She just didnít want him to die. 

I can totally understand this, as I wouldnít want anyone I love to die.  Would I try anything to help them?  You bet your ass I would.  In a heartbeat. 

Then Carly got pregnant, and Jason agreed to be the father.  Carly went to Ferncliff, and while she was there Jason and Robin reconciled.  He told her the truth, and she kept the secret for a while.  When Carly returned, she did everything she could to break them up.  She wanted Jason, and she didnít care how she got him. 

I would like to note here that I was totally rooting for Carly.  As much as I like Robin, I always have and always will feel that Carly and Jason would make a great couple.  Just think of the possibilities, the conflict, the passion, the love, and the fighting.  True soap fodder! 

However, from Robinís perspective, this nasty woman (and letís face it Ė Carly is definitely nasty when she wants something that is not within her reach) was trying to control Jason.  And for some reason, it was working.  And she was using her baby to do it.  So Robin did the only thing she could think of to save him from Carly Ė she told A.J. the truth, thus freeing Jason from Carlyís clutches. 

Now I think that A.J. deserved to know the truth.  I just donít think it was Robinís secret to tell.  I do understand why she did it, though.  How could she not try to protect Jason?  If I had been through what she had, I would fight like hell to protect my loved ones.  I do it already, and no one in my family has been blown up on a boat or died in my arms of a disease which they passed on to me. 

I look forward to Robin renewing old friendships, and interacting with some of the newer characters on the show.  I hope she finds romance with someone new.  (Absolutely not with Sonny.  That man needs to keep it in his pants for a long while.)  I hope that Mac and Felicia get more air time.  This return could bring about some really good things. 

And maybe Brenda wonít be too far behind her best friend Robin!  But thatís a story for another timeÖ