Hi Everyone.  Katrina here, owner, operator, webmaster, etc of "Eye on Soaps."  As a lot of people know who read my Nonsoapy Journal I have a tremendous interest in metaphysics and exploration of the paranormal.  This fascination finds its way in to nearly every part of my life and has been a wonderful source of entertainment and spirituality for many, many years.  One of the things my group of friends does every year for the past five years is on the Full Moon prior to Halloween, we meet in a cemetery that has good character and energy to it.  My dear friend, Georgia, is an expert at ferreting these out and usually has one scouted by summer.  Georgia is an expert at cemetery locating.  After we commune with the dead for a while and meditate on the stories they have to tell and the lives they may have led, as well as tuning in more closely to what we would like OUR story to be if we happened to be laying there this time next year (helps us make changes in our own life), then we gather around the campfire and share the stories of ghostly and unexplained true stories that we have experienced in our lives.  We tell the same stories as the year before, share new ones and recalls ones not yet told.  It's a wonderful time and we look forward to it every year.  

A few Halloweens ago, I decided to share some of those stories with our Eye on Soaps readers and to see if they had stories of their own to send to us (the only requirement is that they have to be true, preferably firsthand).  We received a few from our readers and I have added some of my own and will continue to do so this year.  Our readers have come to look forward to this special project each year and already, I've gotten several letters asking if we are going to be carrying on the tradition this year as well.  We are.

So why do you find a spooky story section on a website devoted to ABC soap operas?  The same reason you find other columns here that are off the beaten topic: because readers have told us it's what they enjoy finding here.  So yes, you'll find the classic soap fare in the form of spoilers, news, commentary, games and gossip, but you'll also find little side roads here and there that are a little more brambleful, aren't on any of the maps, have never seen blacktop and lead off into interesting and, well, different places.    

As I was sitting here today, doing the GH spoiler commentary, I kept thinking about the spooky stories.  It's a little chilly this morning and it's three weeks until my favorite holiday, Halloween.  The past week has heralded in the weather and energy that I so thoroughly enjoy about this time of year and it has inspired me.  Today, since we just had our "graveyard crawl" last night, the air is a bit thick and I'm "feeling the ears" as Eric would say ("eerie" turned into it's "eary" out and the phrase was born from there).  This seemed like the best time to bring back the spooky story section. 

As you read these stories, try to step into another world where all possibilities are open and there are no "givens."  In fact, bear in mind that all of the "truths" that we know about death and what lies beyond are really all speculations, something that another person told us or told someone else to tell us.  The only people who know about the beyond are those who are there and once we accept the idea that we really, honestly don't know beyond the speculative, it allows these stories to sit in a different place.

Being open to the unexplainable allows one the opportunity to experience events without filters of "That can't be!"  I will now let you into a side of my life that people only hear about when sitting around the fire pit, iron torches lit, incense burning and the full moon high above us.  It's all true.  Graveyard true.