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GH's Most Fulfilling Moments

June 7, 2002


GH's Most Fulfilling Moments

That's right.  In a field of mediocrity and downright "bad" that is slowing rising from its own ashes to reclaim its previous glory, I am given pause to consider what is to me the most gratifying moment of GH recent history.  It was that beautiful, satisfying culmination that had been burgeoning for months, building to the inevitable climax that caused relief and release to ring out around the world.  We waited, knowing it was coming.  Sure, there were times it seemed doubtful and the naysayers doubted in whispered tones if it would ever happen. The few, the strong, the valiant simply waited with calm assurance and reveled it its delivery when finally it happened.

I'm not talking about this: (click'em to make'em bigger)

or even this:

the hoped for hair styling and not even this:

I'm talking about this:

followed closely and breathtakingly by this:

Ahhhhh.  I want to smoke again just looking at the pictures and reliving the moment.  Little has been more gratifying than the resounding slap (I mean she pulled back and hauled into it with might and main *WHAP!* and turned his head around.  It was a moment of brilliance.  As if one moment was not to be outdone by the previous wannabe moment, Liz then turned on her traitorous sister and gave her the "I thought it would kill me to see the two of you together but I'M STILL STANDING HERE!"  You GO girl!!  This is compared to the saddest scene ever shown on daytime TV, the sight of Liz dancing uncomfortably on that bar.  What a contrast.  Surely, surely there is no one out there who is naive enough to believe that this rebirth of Liz, coupled with the "death" of the Kinder Gentler Carly (see the great essay on Carly as Metaphor on General Schmospital), quantified by the return of the real Alexis has a second of credit due to McTavish and Company.  This is all pure Guza and I doubt, as Sage says, that anything we have seen since Helena said "Gotcha" has come from McTavish.  ABC is great at retiring lame ducks before the last hurrah, so I'm sure, 100%, that since the announcement, McTavish has been grazing in the pasture and the Writing Team of Pratt and Guza have been cranking out scripts like mad.  When you first saw Guza's name in the credits yesterday, baby, that was just a formality.  I don't care what anyone says.  Yeah, I hated what Guza did to GH before he left, but he has a prime chance to redeem himself in my eyes and the eyes of his maker and to all evidence, he's making the most of that chance.  Right now, I'm watching Sonny beat Zander like a little bitch puppy and it's working...oh boy, is it working!  Sonny is now just as "back" as Jason.  Ditto Zander.  I am even able to tolerate Flea now and how Guza pulled THAT renegade miracle out of his ass is beyond me. 

Given all that, I figure this is as good a time as any to submit my wish list for future fulfilling moments:

**suddenly, I'm frozen on where to begin...I'm just wading in with no regard for chronology or congruency...**

Kristina to Alexis:  "You're denying your own feelings.   If you just open up and be honest with me and be honest with yourself, you'll feel so much better"

Alexis to Kristina:  "You're absolutely right.  I am denying my own feelings.  My true feelings are that I can't stand you.  You have done little more than pressure me about my 'feelings' since you got here.  I used to have privacy.  I used to have people around me who respected that privacy, like Nikolas and Stefan.  The didn't pressure me or try to make me into someone I'm not because they thought it was what I 'should' be.  I need for you to be out of my life, out of my penthouse, out of my town and off of my show."

Kristina:  "Oh, boo hoo hoo hoo, I'm going home to my 'real' family.  To hell with that hoity toity Alexis."  (later)  "It's so wonderful to be in my family home again and I just love the view from the parapet..."

Helena:  "Oh, my darling, look way down there in the court yard, is that John Tesh?"  (push)


Jason:  "Elizabeth, I can't stop thinking about you..."

Liz:  "It's the same for me.  That kiss...that incredible kiss...it finally was the key that opened the permanent lock."

Jason:  "Pfft.  Permanant CROCK, you mean!"

Liz:  (laughs)  "It would seem.  Jason...do it again."

Jason leans in for the tonguing and *ruckus* begins off screen.

Jason hurries over to see that Sarah has been hit by a car and is lying motionless.  He yells to Liz, "call the ER of General Hospital, 555-1000. Tell them to set up OR6 immediately and contact Anaesthesiologist Isador Thorock, 555-2112, beep 12. Have them send an ambulance with a Paramedic crew, blood IV, D5 and W, KBO. You got it?!"

Alan and Monica happen to be driving by, pull over to help and hear the orders he barks out.  "Jason," Alan says, aghast, "You remember.  Your medical training is intact!" Monica's eyes fill with tears.

Jason stares, then says, "I never forgot.  I've always remembered everything.  I just couldn't stand living in that house with you crazy, screwed up people any more.  You think AJ 'killed' me?  Ha!  AJ gave me LIFE."  He throws an arm around Liz and they begin to run for Kelly's, then bound up the stairs to her room.

AJ:  "Ow!  My head!  A rock!  I can't remember..."


Sonny to Carly:  "I am going to make you the finest eggplant jello omelet you have ever..."  They both startle visibly as Courtney bursts into the room.  

Courtney, glaring:  "We are going to talk!  If ANYthing happens to MY husband..."

Sonny  (same tone he used on Zander):  "What?  What did you just do?"

Courtney:  "AJ tells me you've been threatening him again and I swear..."

Sonny (stare):  "Walk your ass outside that door.  DO IT!!" (Stunned, Courtney walks to the door and Sonny pushes her back through it and slams it in her face)

Sonny (through the door):  "Now you KNOCK on that door and you DON'T come in until you are invited and when you DO come in, you speak to me with some modicum of respect and you ASK rather than DEMAND.  Capice??"


Lila:  "Shut UP, Edward"


Lila's Lawyer:  "And the entirety of her estate, Mrs Quartermaine has bequeathed to faithful butler, Reginald Jennings."


Adreas to Katrina:  "Are you ready for your massage, Madam?"


GH Credits:

Executive Producer:  Francesca James

Written by:    Claire and Matt Labine, Patrick Mulcahey, Elizabeth Corte, Sage Bourland


and lastly:

ABC have released this group photo of actors who will be returning to GH within the next month:

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(Katrina's new desktop wallpaper! - wink)

Disclaimer FAQ for the mentally impaired:

"How could you have forgotten __________ in the actors you desire to return?"

A:  This is MY list and may not match yours!  If someone isn't on here, it doesn't mean I FORGOT them, it just means they aren't on my list.

"Psshaw!  That picture isn't real!  You photoshopped it!!"

A:  Well, DUH!

"Well, *I* read Tristan Rogers wasn't coming back!"

A:  This is a WISH list, not news!

Love you guys!!







Snappies courtesy of ABC Soap Screen Caps, best ABC caps on earth.  Pics for composite swiped with permission from GH Rocks