May 24, 2004 

Just quick hits this week, that’s all I’ll probably have time for before I have to shut the computer down for the next thunderstorm to roll through.  I swear we’ve spent the last four days under watches and warnings of every type and the front of the local newspaper is peppered with pictures of people abandoning their homes by boat.  Don’t worry about me, I’m in no danger of actually floating away or anything…my problems are more of the cabin fever variety.  It thundered ALL night long last night and since I couldn’t sleep I amused myself imagining that God was throwing a fit and stomping around because Sonny is teetering on the brink of not keeping his promise to lie to his kids and only sleep with his ho on the side! 

I’m back into Luke and Skye.  Now that the body has been dispensed with, I’m enjoying the emotional interplay.  When Luke was lamenting about trying to save “both of you”, well…it worked for me.  And how about those sensible pumps that stalker is wearing?  I’m surprised they didn’t just have the stalker swipe a heavy brocade curtain while wandering about Wyndemere; we all know that’s Laura’s outfit of choice. 

I’m really confused.  Are Sonny and Sam over?  They were going to continue to see each other, Sam decided to run away so she left a note, Sonny said…”uh, okay”, Carly somehow fell back in love along the way, Sonny and Carly started making eyes at each other while still protesting that they aren’t gonna start sleeping together, Sam announces she’s pregnant and Sonny acts like she’s some long past love that he barely remembers…?  Seriously, he sways between treating her like pond scum and his “girl” (and really, I guess that can go for both women though I was referring to Sam) and I don’t understand one lick of it.  Yes GH, what was missing was another woman for Sonny to kick around.  Never have enough of those. 

“Oh, Uncle Lorenzo, it was terribly frightening!  There was a ladder…”  What the heck?  Sage’s voice was ruined by a ladder and a paint can?  She’ll never sing again?  You don’t say!  Thank God for small miracles.  Just goes to show, be careful what you scream at.  Or something…I’m sure it shows something, right?  I wonder if Liz will come back unable to paint after straining her thumbs while doing her Lamaze breathing?  Will Courtney go deaf when she trips and falls walking Rosie?  Or maybe Sonny will be ruined when his trigger finger is broken during a rousing game of "Rock, Paper, Scissors" with Michael (or with Carly for that matter…I bet she could play that for hours). 

That said; I did like the actual emotions between Dillon and Georgie.  The setup was lame but the feelings were realistic.  I liked that Dillon pointed out that this was not the Georgie he met and that he realized he had a part in changing her.  Every relationship hits a point where both parties have to look at and accept the changes in the other, and sometimes the changes that we forced without maybe even meaning to are the hardest to face.   

Why is Emily playing translator for Lorenzo and Ned?  I think they’re big boys (especially Lo ;) and they can probably handle a simple business discussion without Princess Emily appearing like an annoying waitress that tries to join in a private conversation at the table.  ABC should definitely consider selling an Emily Bobble Head, what with all that nodding going on.  Hey, if they get one made then wouldn’t it be easier to just stick it in every single scene so we can always have Emily nodding over someone’s shoulder?   

Carly to Jason:  “…all part of her scheme to worm HIS way into Sonny’s life!”  Hmmm…. Freudian slip?  No, no Carly.  You’re talking to Jason, about Sam.  Note to…well, let’s just make it a note to Guza and Pratt since they’ve apparently taken on every backstage role possible these days…if the actor totally gets the line wrong, you should really make them do it over.  Then again, things like that are big parts of what makes it worth watching anymore, so maybe not. 

I understand that they wanted us to view the Alexis/Jax/Courtney conversation with a double meaning (Kristina) and all, but it was just a bizarre conversation given that Courtney has no clue about Kristina.  Alexis:  “Doesn’t a child need its mother?”  Courtney:  “Children need their father!”  Could they maybe talk past each other a bit more?  I never got the impression Alexis was saying Jax shouldn’t have a say, she was just saying it didn’t seem like a good idea to steal it from its mother.  Sheesh. 

Sonny:  “Everybody knows you’d never sleep with a woman I’d touched!”  Pfft.  Yeah whatever.  Watching those two snit at each other has even gotten old and I used to enjoy it for the farcical value at the very least.  Hey Sonny, everybody knows you don’t get the same benefit of the doubt so how does that make you feel?  I’m not even going to comment much on this scheme because it’s so NOT what I think Jason would do.  He’s not my favorite person these days, but I’m sorry, I cannot see him lying to Carly and the kids for Sonny.  They’ve been separated, they’ve been sleeping with other people and nobody self-destructed yet so why on earth would Jason go to the ends of the earth now?  This “for Michael” stuff is just stupid too.  They have Michael because they ripped him from his father without a glance over their shoulder, and NOW it’s all about not messing up Michael’s family?  Gee…he got through it the first time, is it maybe a bit arrogant to assume he can’t survive an amicable divorce?  And I’m to believe that Sonny, the A+ father, is going to just never acknowledge his kid?  Guess the whole “Don’t tell Sonny Kristina is his because he’d never not claim his child” thing is kinda moot now isn’t it?  Whatever.  They’re all so dislikeable, that it almost hurts. 

Oh gosh, I also got a big laugh out of Emily sensing Nikolas’ presence once again!  One of these days she’s gonna walk right up to Mary, sniff the air around her and flat out accuse her of boinking Nik.  I just know it. 

Courtney and Jax?  Eh, why not?  Nothing much to lose there as far as I’m concerned so we may as well try it out, I suppose.  Their baby loss talk was decent, and she’s at a vulnerable enough spot to make it almost believable (that’s the best you get around here) that she’d fall prey to his charms.  Pretty people, pretty clothes, pretty Monte Carlo…sure, why not? 

Overall, I’m enjoying bits and pieces, confused by a lot, and annoyed by almost as much.  In other words, about where I was this time last year!  This whole Penthouse mess is all based on Sonny’s “Promise to God” (capitals because I’m sure it will be his autobiography one day and I like to be ahead of my time) and the fact that Carly and Jason are running around saying “But what about your promise to God?”  “Sonny, you promised God!”, is just hilarious to me.  I’ve no doubt Sam will go along with pretending the kid is Jason’s…after all, she won’t want to be the one to mess up Sonny’s promise to God!   

I quite enjoyed the Emmys this year!  Kudos to Rick Hearst and Chad Brannon, well deserved awards.  Also to Anthony Geary who had an awesome episode in the Christmas Eve show.  I sincerely hope that the message sent by the voters, that the rest of the cast actually does matter, is received by tptb.  My only big gripe about the show was that the Lifetime Achievement Awards should really be given out to maybe one or two people a year so that maybe we can actually get to see some clips of that “lifetime achievement” and actually hear a spoken word or two from them.  It was a nice sentiment, but it rather smacked of “You’ve been around forever so we must do something, but you’re not important enough to warrant more than 15 seconds apiece”.  That’s not acceptable.  Otherwise, I had a good night!  ;) 

I was completely uninterested in the hospital heart saga until this week.  Having Viki’s condition affected by it worked though, and I was glued to my set in horror as the heart skidded across the roof, lol!  No really, I was horrified…and laughing…which I *think* just might be the ultimate in soap viewing.  Who cares that it was absolutely necessary to make Al have a broken leg in order for this story to go anywhere?  What fun would there be in watching Al beat up the older and less agile Chief of Staff?  I’m waiting anxiously to see if that thing can just be washed out with some saline and slapped in Viki’s chest or not! 

One of the things I most love about One Life to Live is that the cops are people too.  Last week, Bo was allowed to be the hero in the Blair/Lazer stuff and I was thrilled by it.  GH should take notes on how to make the husband (Todd) still look like a brave, caring soul while not stomping all over the police to do it.  It’s one of OLTL trademarks for me; they allow more than one facet to have a role in things, that’s rare on my daytime schedule these days. 

Todd:  “Guess I don’t need to ask who won” LMAO!  I love Todd sometimes!  The hotel room scenes were also a bit silly and contrived, but it’s working for me.  David’s involvement was good and watching him tell Dorian was priceless to me.  I can handle some over the top soap, and OLTL is fulfilling it in spades lately.   

I really like watching Dorian and Viki’s relationship evolve even more during this time.  It’s complex, and it’s a treasure that OLTL needs to utilize to its fullest.  I enjoyed the stand-alone Viki centric episode, but then there have been very few of OLTL’s trademark stand alones that I haven’t liked.  Clint needs to lose the moustache.  

Did Todd and Kelly mud wrestle at the landfill?  Either that or maybe he used her as the shovel or something?  

Natalie honey, I think maybe it’s a good bet that “he left already” since there are NO sheets on the bed.  When’s the last time you stayed in a hotel room with no sheets?  Even Roxy wouldn’t stand for that so I don’t know what Nat’s excuse is there.  Great twist having her caught with the blood on her hands though!  Now she’s got to explain exactly what went down with Paul last night…to John no less! 

All in all, things in Llanview are going my way.  Less Antonio and Jessica, Antonio/Vangie/RJ is heating up, Viki’s story is heartbreaking, Natalie and John are actually starting to interest me a little, Kelly and Todd are mixing it up a bit (not sure yet on that, still deciding), and Dorian is going to be involved in all of it…yep; Llanview is a very nice place to visit these days! 

Take care all!  I hope your weather is calmer than mine – enjoy the sunshine extra for me!       


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