By Kate Brown


Jack and Anna help the Kane women accept that there probably is not enough physical evidence to convict Michael of rape.

Adam and Palmer agree that if Jackson cannot punish Michael, they will.

Aiden goes to rescue the snake from Michaelís condo.

Erica tells Cambias-the-elder about his sonís latest crimes.

Lena wants to see Bianca, but Bianca cannot face her yet.

Juan Pablo pays Michael a visit.

Bianca agrees to testify at the hearing. Jackson tells her the hearing will be televised.

Convinced by Juan Pablo, Kendall attends the hearing.

Davidís testimony is discredited by Michaelís attorney.

Greenlee needs Jacksonís help.

The Fusion babes are shocked when the Sexiest Man Contest generates lots of sales.

Simone resigns.

Ryan discovers that Kendall was involved with Michael.

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