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"RED!!  You go to my head...

Yellow... so sunny and mellow..."

"Oooh.  Lower... no, your

right hand, no, your other

right hand... in the middle...

killing me...

ahhhh.  Good scratch!"

"Beauty school drop out...

No graduation day for you...

Beauty school drop out..."

"Want a drink?"


"Want a pretzel?"


"Want a hug?"

"No, will you go back in your

Jeanie bottle now?"

"Don't push me too high, OK?"


"It was a swing related incident.

We don't discuss it."

"One to beam up."

"Antonio, stop cuffing yourself."

"I didn't"

"Yes you did, you freak and we're

tired of unlocking you."

"Not again!  Antonio!"

"You have the key, right Jess?"

"You tool."

"I ABC your boobies."

"That's a watermark, idiot."

"Heh heh heh."

Meanwhile, John engages in a

rollicking game of pocket pool.

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