December 13, 2004

Santa kitty, slip some cannies under the tree, for me
I've been an awful good boy
Santa kitty, furry down the chimney tonight

Santa kitty, a bottle of Captain Morgans too, ooh ooh
I'll wait up for you dear
Santa kitty, furry down the chimney tonight

Think of all the fun I've missed
Think of all the fellas that I haven't kissed
Next year I could be oh so good
If you'd check off my Christmas list
Boo doo bee doo

Santa kitty, I wanna bottle and really that's
Not a lottle
I've been an angel all year
Santa kitty, furry down the chimney tonight

Santa kitty, there's one thing I really do need, the deed
To a condo for me
Santa kitty, furry down the chimney tonight

Santa kitty, I'm filling my stocking with PayPal donations and checks (to EOS)
Sign your 'X' on the line
Santa kitty, furry down the chimney tonight

Come and trim my Christmas tree
With some decorations bought at "Still Smokin"
I really do believe in you
And really I'm not jokin'
Boo doo bee doo

Santa kitty, forgot to mention one little thing, a ring
I don't mean a phone
Santa kitty, furry down the chimney tonight

Furry down the chimney tonight
Furry down the chimney tonight

Don't get soot on your fur, Santa Kitty, just bring dem presents!

Which sounds remotely dirty now that I reread it, but pfft, whatever.

Now I ask you, WHAT do my favorite holiday, Halloween, and the upcoming festivities of Christmas have in common?  Thinking... thinking... CANNIES!!  Candies of alll different kinds!  You just gotta love it!

...and PRESENTS!!  I love presents!  Big presents, little presents, expensive presents, handmade presents, cheap-assed presents, hell, I don't care.  It all means someone, someone had you slip through their mind and wanted to honor you on this wonderful, special day.  It's an absolutely wonderful gift in and of itself.

Katrina tells me that I am already getting a nice stack of Christmas cards from you folks for which I am EXTREMELY appreciative!  It deeply and hotly warms the cockles of my heart.  Thank you so much for thinking of me. 

Colin and I plan to spend Solstice at home, in front of the fire, watching the snow fall and drinking warm drinks loaded with alcohol.  If the roads are OK, I plan to head down to Katrina's house by New Year's to connect with her for a little while and pick up the goodies.  No family time this season, but then, Katrina and Colin are my family too, so that definitely works for me.

Especially, I want to send out very special holiday wishes to our Eye on Soaps family.  Several years ago, I posted a photo of Coltin Scott (ex-Nikolas Cassadine 2) as a "gift" to our readers.  I have already had several people writing to ask if I would be posting it again (I had no idea we were starting a family tradition!), so I will do so here.  PLEASE do not click on this link if you are offended by manflesh in a hot tub (lots of manflesh).  If you are bold, click on the kitty link below!

No, Cissy, No!

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Soap Net folk will be able to view a special called "Christmas Re-gifted," which will air six different holiday shows from the past for AMC, GH, OLTL and DOOL.  Christmas Re-gifted will air on December 25th.

Ready the tissues, cause baby, you're going to need'em!  The 35th anniversary of AMC (January 5th) promises to bring some very moving moments.  I'll need my tissues for a different reason since both Mark LaMura (ex-Mark Dalton) and Richard Shoberg (Tommmmmm Cudahy) are both making an appearance.   Also returning will be Larry Keith (Nick Davis), Lee Meriweather (the not oft seen Ruth Martin) and Carol Burnett as Verla Grubs (daughter of Langley Wallingford.  We are also told that Mona (played by Fra Heflin), Erica's deceased mother will play heavily into the day's events.  Also putting in an appearance will be Agnes Nixon, who created AMC.

Agnes Nixon

Mona and Erica

Tom Cudahy

On the Christmas episodes, December 23rd and 24th, Malachy McCourt, who played Father Clarence, the angel priest who talked Bianca through her theft of the Baby Jesus (talk about having some balls), will be returning to dish out more otherwordly wisdom.

Alexa Havins (Babe) was really diggin on Dan Gauthier (I mean, who wouldn't?  I've had a tingle for him since he played Ensign LaVelle on Star Trek, Next Generation) when she played opposite him on her crossovers to OLTL.  She liked him to the point that she approached EP Frank Valentini about the possibility of future projects, thus reported Carol Banks Weber from Soap Zone.

Kendall and Ethan?  From what Carol also reports, there will be new meaning brought to the phrase, "You aren't half the man your daddy is." 

Watch for Kelly Buchanan to break up a cozy family Christmas between Jamie, Babe and Baby James as she demands to have her baby back.  (Just as soon as you show me some adoptions papers, chick)   

But oooooh...something's wrong with Cristian!!  The boy just didn't come back right.  Is it really him?  Rumors are flying about a faux Cris. Personally, I think the guy just took too many bonks on the noggin in that floating POW camp he was in.

Soaptown USA is saying that Kristen Alderson (Starr) is being courted by a West Coast soap and with her reduced screen time as of late, one has to wonder if perhaps she'll take offers a little more seriously than she would a year ago.  Supposedly, her onscreen time increases over the next few weeks, but still, it is disappointing to see OLTL failing to take advantage of such a natural talent.

New Head Writer, Dena Higley promises a time of high romance is on the horizon with Jessica & Antonio, John & Evangeline & Natalie & Cris, Marcie & Michael and even a surprising nod toward the "older" set with the reconnect of Bo and Nora, as well as a supposed new love for Viki.  This is, of course, not even counting the ups and downs of the Manning love story, teen love between Awwwwwddthrianna & Duke...  She's playing the romance card to the hilt.  She gives a nod to the primarily female soap audience by saying that she knows how to write for women because she is a woman.  She also cops to having a bad-boy-changed-by-the-love-of-a-strong-woman complex, having married a Todd/John type.  (TV Guide Online-Soaps Q&A)

I would be remiss if I did not mention the drop dead stunning dress that Dorian wore to Blair's latest NotWedding.  What a breath-taker.  Blair's dress was also magnificent, a perfect choice for repeat-a-bride elegance.

Congratulations to Maurice & Paula Benard on the birth of Joshua James on Dec. 5th. 

Rumors are flying of Ingo Rademacher going overseas to seek out new projects, leaving GH behind.  Although the powers that be claim that Casper is a continued go, his departure wouldn't surprise me in the least.  He has always been one to get bored easily and playing out the same scenes over and over isn't likely going to sit well with him for very long.  His enormous lust for adventure and variety in projects seems to dominate his decisions and the revolving door policy at GH accommodates that well.  Castmates know all about feeling the lascivious yearnings for new experiences and the writers and powers that be are used to working around the obvious desires of their stars, so if, indeed, Ingo is feeling itchy and ready to spread his wings, we can expect an exit, just not one of the permanent variety. 

Also rumored to be considering a departure are Tamara Braun and Alicia Leigh Willis.  It is interesting to think about how the face of GH would change should either or both of them actually decide to depart.  Perhaps Casper rides off into the sunset together?  Is Carly so essential to storyline that she could be recast again should Braun leave?  We become so used to certain faces being around that the idea of them being gone, whether they are a favorite or not, can be odd.

If you are lucky enough to get SoapNet, you have a fun day coming up in addition to "Christmas Re-gifted."  On January 3, 2004, there will be a special on the Studs of GH. 

Sadly, it is true that my favorite blonde bombshell, Faith Roscoe, is being killed off on GH.  Having never, ever explored the incredible opportunities presented in the back story and complex layers of this interesting and multi-faceted character, it is definitely GH's loss to let her go.  Just as she began to show a spark of humanity in her relationship with Justus (known around these parts as "Hotty McHotterstein"), it is a tremendous shame to lose her now.  In case you were wondering where Faith came from, here is a screen cap of her late husband, who is known in most GH references as simply, "Roscoe," (played by Brian Fitzpatrick) who was one of Joseph Sorel's henchmen, whose death was ordered by Sonny.  In attempting to find Roscoe's first name, I came across an amazing piece of fan fiction from and just, wow.  I hope they don't mind if I link to them.  It was just extremely moving and I feel is a fitting way to say good-bye to Faith.  Click here to get there.

The FBI agent who is said to be a possible love interest for Sonny has been cast in the form of Kari Wuhrer, formerly of MTV's "Remote Control."  She will play Reece beginning February 3rd.  By reputation, if Wuhrer stays on cast, Lesli Kay might have some competition for the title of Most Outrageous Female on cast.

The baby Jason gets from Sam is rumored to come from Bridget, a teen mom played by Lauren Petty, starting December 20th.

Initial details of the very famous GH Fan Club Weekend for 2005, hosted and coordinated by Debbie Morris of the Official GH Fan Club will be released later this week.  Be sure and check for information as it emerges.  This is a "not to be missed" event and EOS will be providing prime coverage when it occurs in July.  Tickets go on sale January 1st for club members and February 1st for non-members.

And with that, I am out of here!  Have a happy Winter Solstice!



Note:  Sage gets a fat ton of mail every day and regrets he can't answer everyone personally.  He loves ya, he just might not get a chance to write to ya!  Besides!!  He writes to you every week in a column whether you write to him or not!  So there! Needless to say, if you are an asshole, he just isn't going to write back because you will have proven you're not the people he writes for anyway and therefore, do not deserve his attention.  If you're inclined to do that, just pretend he wrote back and said, "That's just like, your opinion, man."

If your writing to ask about future storyline happenings, figure I answered, "Pfft, I dunno."

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