November 29, 2004

Kids, I gotta tell ya, ol' Sage is one stuffed turkey.  I have eaten til I just can't eat no more.  Colin was all set for the turkey frying, but it was tremendously cold out and the logistics were just not working out, so (I got my way and) the bird ended up baking conventionally in the oven.  It was a lovely day of wine, cards, good food and good company.  I am still a little groggy from the food fest, which pretty much ended up at lunch today when I dispensed with the last of the turkey in a hot toasted bread turkey sammich.  Yum yum!  I hope you had a wonderful long weekend with the people you love, resting, recovering and reveling in the atmosphere of Thanksgiving.

I didn't even turn on the TV until today and I was pleased to see some good action on all three shows, so we'll get right on to the soap talk.

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There's nothing like a good ol' Pine Valley holiday and leave it to AMC to be the only one of the three soaps to even give a nod toward Thanksgiving.  Seeing the individual celebrations fall apart right on cue was a delight, especially when Myrtle took control and bitched everyone out. 

We're moving ever closer to that final reveal (well, the main reveal, anyway), which as we discussed last week, isn't going to go as we hoped.  Babe will be exonerated by Bianca and everyone else will be blamed for keeping the secret.  You have to wonder if she, Babe and the babies will jump country and set up housekeeping with Lena in one big Pine Valley hating love fest.

Tad, Tad, our favorite cad.  Is he about to be pushed aside yet again?  Now that the Krystal and David reconnection is solid and about to be seen on screen, where will Tad go? He's definitely done with Krystal, even though he gets a moment of realization of how much she loves him.  No word about a new love interest on the horizon, so we can expect he'll be drifting around for a bit, filling in the spaces and dealing with fall out from the secret keeping.  His relationship with JR is pretty much trashed and things aren't looking good with Jamie after Jamie leaves him unconscious in a motel room.  Things don't look good for the Tadster.

Word came this week that Christian Campbell (If I'm counting right, he's Bobby #4 with #3 being Brian Gaskill of Port Charles "Rafe" fame) has been let go from AMC.  The divorce from Anita will be his last hurrah as he eases out of the picture to free the wife up for a relationship with Aidan Devane.  Campbell is in a musical remake of the 1930's propaganda movie, "Reefer Madness" which is currently in post-production status.  The made-for-TV movie also stars Steven Weber (about a million things), Alan Cumming (Nightcrawler from "X-men 2") and Neve Campbell ("Party of Five," "Scream"), who is his younger sister.  Little known fact about Chris Campbell is that he is only 5'9", meaning I could very possibly kick his ass should push come to shove.  You have to think about these things sometimes.  Not that I'd want to, but hey, he might come out swinging or something.  It could happen.


Praise the Lord and pass the tambourines!  I'm singing a happy tune because the Santi story is finally coming to a close!  I couldn't be more grateful to see a character leave than Tico.  From the second he slithered onto the screen, that guy has been working my last nerve.  When I saw the picture my friend, Carol, used in her Channeling column this week, I knew I had to steal it to do a "separated at birth" moment.   So here we go:

If any unspoiled viewers thought that maybe Tico might survive the shooting by John, hopes from the Tico Troops should be pretty well squashed by the knowledge that he slips a blade into Jess and leaves her at death's door.  You just can't harp a misfortune onto Llanview's resident princess and live to tell the tale.  Since Jessica sees a shadowy person ease into Tico's room to pull the plug, what do you want to bet it's Sonya, back to exact her vengeance for being sent to Hawaii instead of having to rough out a New York winter?  Since no one is blowing town any time soon (unless David Fumero remains a drop in), I can't imagine it being anyone currently on cast who takes him out.  I don't care if Todd's bird, Moose, comes back and pecks the cord, as long as someone does the deed.

Speaking of Todd, anyone seen Starr lately?  Since Travis went back home, she has been MIA.  She put in one quick appearance that I saw and that was about it.

As you may have guessed from today's episode, there's a kidnapping (or a groomnapping to be specific) in order.  Cuh-razy Margaret will be running off with Todd, leaving Blair at the altar.  Didn't she dump him at the altar last time?  I don't know, I can't keep track.  :)


Rumors are rife of a Genie Francis return to usher Tony Geary off the show.  I wouldn't doubt Geary leaving.  Those rumors are always around and about.  One day, I suspect, he'll actually go and we'll all be surprised.  Genie Francis returning, even for a short time, is a bit more of a reach.  The blood was baaaad when she left and the same powers that be are still in charge, so unless they are offering up golden calves and crown jewels, I can't see it happening.  I'd LOVE to see it happen, don't get me wrong.  If he's going to go (and that's definitely not assured), that's how I'd like for it to happen.

Many sites have reported that many "firsts" will be consummated to an Adrianne Leon song, specifically Georgie and Dillon, Alexis and Ric and Carly and Steven.  This is supposedly in December.

The particularly sweet contract negotiated by Maurice Benard at his recent signing will be making its way to screen soon as Sonny rules over the custody hearing, blowing Alexis and Ric out of the water.  By all accounts, Sonny comes out unscathed and with partial custody of Kristina.  This will amp up the rivalry between Sonny and Ric, especially if, after a while, Alexis begins to warm to Sonny as he shows signs of being a good father to Kristina.  Expect All Sonny TV to continue full blast. 

Rumors are also around that at along last, Lucky will be getting both a partner and a partner, not in the same skin, fortunately.  The long awaited Elizabeth and Lucky reconnect will be hinted at during Emily and Nikolas' wedding and may just get a whirl. There is also a rumor that Mykel, winner of "So You Want to Be a Soap Star," may well end up being Lucky's partner in crime-fighting.  Can we dare to hope that hunky Lucky will actually get some air time?  Maybe!

I hear the Connor story has been scrapped.  The reasons given are varied and none are pretty.  Watch it wrap up quickly and quietly.

What can one really, really discuss about GH these days?  Can we talk about the custody battle just a little... bit... more?  Can we talk about that grungy document that is inadmissible?  Can we maybe get into talking about Nikolas and Emily a little more?  Should I expound on how grateful I am Heather is taking her leave?  Should I get into how much I don't want to watch Georgie and Dillon have sex?  Nah... let me just say that right now, GH bugs me and leave it at that.

Hope you all have a wonderful come down from the Thanksgiving high and are ready to sail headlong into the Christmas season.  I know I am.  Why?


Christmas is my favorite time of year and I'm ready to whip out the Santa hat and have some fun.  The lights are on the house and my yard is lit up like an LAX runway with mechanical crap and blinking lights.  I am the Clark Griswald of Northern California.

Have a beautiful week and spend some time with people who make you laugh, whether it's at them or with them (doesn't really matter, now does it, as long as it's a good one).



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