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May 19, 2005

This week's column will be short and sweet because I'm wavering in and out of a serious head cold and what is likely strep throat.  I'm heavily medicated at the moment, so no telling what will come out of me.

We're going to call this column: 

Three Weddings and a Funeral

...because that is what is fascinating me both in the recent past and the immediate future.  First, the funeral.  The memorial service and subsequent will reading for Phoebe left me literally in tears, especially her note to Brooke.  It was all perfect and lovely.  Today's flashbacks on Jack and Erica were also lovely.  Leave it to AMC to tickle my nostalgia bone. 

Of course, one of the weddings that is really catching my attention is that of Tracy and Luke. (Weddings are not mentioned in chronological order) There is little doubt that we are going to get some tremendously funny scenes out of that combo and I, for one, hope it sticks around for a while.  Compared often on the net to Max and Roxanne's wonderful marriage on OLTL (if only THAT could have been handled well), GH is powering up for a rollicking and exceptionally hilarious ride, right down to Luke hiring a stand in for the wedding night consummation (and Tracy is one lucky girl for who gets THAT honor!!).   Luke may not be able to get the money back before Tracy and her stand in spend it all!

In wedding #2, the long awaited (by their individual and collective fans) wedding department, Courtney and Jax will finally walk down the aisle, but wedding #3 is going to come as something as a surprise to people who are relatively unspoiled.  I know it did to me ("say whattttt?")

Watch for a veteran actress to actually be recast in the near future.  It's a surprise to the fans, but it is mutually agreed upon by GH and the actress.

Good healing vibes go out to Stuart Damon.  Alan Quartermaine was shot in the back (and why is Alan back on the AJ Bandwagon?  I thought he turned the corner when he saw AJ getting ready to smack Emily!) at the same time Damon had yet another surgery for his chronic back problem.  The wheel chair Alan uses was a great relief to Damon post-surgery and he is still having a great deal of discomfort.

Carol Banks Weber (who I love and adore AND respect) concurs with what I've heard:  Sean Benson and Amy Grabow are both leaving. 

Llanview Banner columnist, Dorothy, has written a review of Marcie's book (actually written by Michael Malone), The Killing Club.  If you wondered what it was like, you can find out here (scroll down a bit).  Her review pretty much confirmed how I thought the book would roll.

GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) took exception to what they feel is a derogatory portrayal of a gay person in the story of Daniel Colson as a closet killer gay guy.  Their latest statement is here.  I respect their view, but mine is different and I am sure, probably unpopular.  Both AMC and OLTL have, as GLAAD acknowledges, proven themselves to be innovative and extremely supportive in their previous handling of storylines dealing with gay people (excepting the fact that gay people never have sex on AMC, they just wuv each other).  Given that strong track record, I have to go with what MY goal as a gay person is, which is to be treated just like everyone else is treated.  I think that we often swing too far on the pendulum to the point of thinking we are sacred cows about which nothing unflattering must ever be spoken lest we erupt into a defensive rage.  To my mind, part of being treated like everyone else is accepting that there ARE gay people who are murderers and, in fact, there probably ARE gay people who would kill to keep that from coming out, particularly powerful, seedy gay people.  Different people have different motives for murder and like it or not, that could be one.  We are like everyone else with the same feelings, the same passions, the same weaknesses and the same demons.  I think that we actually do ourselves a disservice when we act as though as a specific group of people, we are above a particular kind of human behavior.  THAT makes us different from everyone else.  I am grateful that OLTL was willing to accept any heat they might get and move forward with a story that doesn't give a man specific, kid glove treatment just because he is revealed as gay.  Daniel Colson was and is a bad man.  That was established practically from his first moment on screen.  Danial Colson happened to be gay and happened to be willing to kill to keep that news from being revealed and (to his mind) ruining his political career.  White people kill.  Black people kill.  Catholics kill.  Atheists kill.  Heterosexual people kill.  Homosexual people kill.  White people are good people.  Black people are good people. Catholics are good people.  Atheists are good people.  Heterosexual people are good people. Homosexual people are good people.  When AMC and OLTL have done well to distinguish themselves as pioneering gay storylines into mainstream soaps, I think it is a shame to denounce them for treating us like we're everybody else.

And that's all I've got to say about that. 

I'll should be back next week if I'm feeling better.  Cultures are pending and I hope to be more myself by then, in more ways than one.

Love to you all,



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