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January 31, 2005


I'm coming up out of my drug induced delirium to try and produce something like a column.  I really don't want to duck out on you two weeks in a row. 

I spent most of the last week asleep.  Colin has been pushing soup down me and I vaguely remember going to the doctor at some point.  I have some antibiotics and some kind of antihistamine or something that starts with a d and ends with "drine" or, crap, I don't know.  Drugs.  My sinus infection teamed up with a bad case of bronchitis and proved out the long known fact that I don't get sick often, but when I do, wow, I go for it.  One of the two meds, I'm not sure which, really knocks me for a loop. 

What worse is that A) I haven't seen the shows because I've been all sacked out and B) I wrote the first half of my column this morning and lost it when we lost power for about 5 seconds. Usually, my word program autosaves and I can retrieve it, but for some reason, this time it didn't.  Honestly, I feel too crappy to care, so I'm just going to rewrite from scratch because I can't remember a damned thing I said.

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Of course, the big buzz is the sudden exodus of both Eden Riegel (Bianca) and Elizabeth Hendrickson (Maggie).  Pine Valley Bulletin is reporting that Riegel is swapping coasts and moving to Los Angeles after she finish up taping her final scenes in a few days.  That brings to life rumors that she is the "established actress" General Hospital's casting director, Mark Teschner, is bringing on to the cast as the new Sarah Webber.  Others are sure it is Hendrickson.  One thing I am sure of is that we have not seen the last of either of these actresses in daytime.  Spoilers indicate that despite today's spontaneous kiss, Maggie will hotly reject Bianca and accuse her for faking affection for her to get her away from Jonathan.  Maggie does start to see the light about Jonathan, but not before assuring Bianca of her convicted heterosexuality.  The question is whether or not BAMmers will get their payoff before both actresses exit the show on the same final airdate:  February 24th. 

I have also heard from reliable sources that at least two other main players will likely be making a surprise exit by spring. 

On January 28, when Katrina assures me it was absolutely pouring buckets in Los Angeles, Susan Lucci was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  Lucci was joined by Agnes Nixon (left), her husband - Helmut Huber, Eden Riegel, Michael E, Knight, James Mitchell, Ray MacDonald, Peter Bergman (ex-Cliff) and David Canary.

Little known facts about Susan Lucci:

- She is half Italian and half Swedish.

- She is has received more award nominations than any other actor in television history, prime time and day time.  This includes 22 Emmy Award nominations.

- She has made millions of dollars since 2001 on sale from "Youthful Essence," a dermal abrasion product.

- She was the first daytime actress to have her own name product, the fragrance "LaLucci," available in a national store chain (Wal-Mart).

NotCristian will be leaving soon as David Fumero's temporary return comes to an end.  His is not the only exit in the works.  Although still rumored, names that have been kicked around as being soon removed from the OLTL canvas are Evangeline (as John and Natalie become a couple after NotCris leaves), Daniel and Riley Coulson (Bo and Nora causality), Michael and Marcie (lack of story), Roxy (sheer idiocy) and of course, Margaret, after taking the Todd kidnapping through February.  Other stories not set to end any time soon include Paul Cramer's murder (do we still care?  did we ever?) and the great baby switch as the Buchanans square off against the Chandlers.  Word is that the Buchanans give it a decent run, but just don't crap big enough to take down the Chandlers and eventually, the custody issue moves to AMC as Ace/James' actual parents play tug of war over him.

The good news about the Todd kidnapping is that Dorian, Viki and David will be joining up to rescue the Mannings.  Watch for Viki in an "oh no she didn't!" quest to take down Margaret after she goes too far and threatens Starr.



A while back there were rumors going around of a front burner GH star being pregnant.  Speculation ran rampant, but it has now been revealed that the mama-to-be is Lesli Kay (Lois).  No word yet on whether or not Lorenzo will be passing out cigars in a few months.

AJ's return will be short lived, as you all probably already know and no, he's not as dead as he first appears to be partway through his stint. 

You know, I wish I could think of something to say here and for OLTL, but the truth is, I feel like crap and I am nodding off as I type this, so just pretend I jumped in here to wave weakly, say hello and wish you well until I am in a better state. 

I apologize for the blah of this week's column.  Maybe next week will be better.

Much love,



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