Picks of the Year!

And here we are with Part Trois!!


You know, I've spent the better part of the last hour looking through the pictures and events of the year that I decided to share with you, trying to choose "best," "worst," etc.  Go gently into that dark night of GH with me as I try, oh as I try, to express the year in superlatives! I now give you, in no particular order,  SAGE'S GH PICKS FOR 2002.

Sure Do Miss These Vets!!

OK, so I'm sure PC can spare Lucy and Kevin, at least for a few crossovers.  I miss them and doggone it, it's not MY fault that our cable company carries neither PC nor SoapNet! 

Love Tamara Braun, but isn't there some way we can get Sarah back as the real Carly Roberts or learn that Bobbie pulled a Viki and had twins or SOMETHING? 

So, um, I hear, um, that Jacob is leaving.  Wouldn't it just be great if...  I mean, if the powers that be DO definitively decide not to give us Liason, I could even get back into a Permanent Lock if JJ was holding the key!

Stop with the rumors already!  Bring back the real Aussie of the show.  ;)  Give Mac something to do, Anna a reason to show up and me another pretty face to see!

C'mon, ABC!  If you can make allowances out the wazoo for VM, make a few and get our Emily back!!


Best Slap (and there were plenty to choose from),
also called, "Don't Take It Out On WHO, Bitch?"

In one of the most gloriously gratifying scenes in Daytime TV, we watched Liz stride up the stairs, listen at the door, then BUST Sarah and Lucky in postcoital bliss!  When Lucky tried to noble his way out of it, Liz cracked him a good one and then had a word or two for Ms Perfect Big Sister.  The frosting on the cake was when she stormed out of Kelly's, literally ran into Jason, grabbed him by the bulging leather and said something akin to, "Let's go!"  YEAH, baby!!  You GO, girl!

Biggest Disappointments - 2 Winners Tie!

So that took us here...go on, move in for the kiss and WHAT??  We're huggin'??  What??  What the hell happened to Liason?  I was promised a stiffy and got a limpy!!  WTF??

Awww.  Happy Luke...Happy Laura...Happy Couple...did we ever think we'd see it again?  Did we really believe they could give us a reunion we could believe?  We were so excited!  It was really going to happen!  Wedding coming!!  Wait.  This is starting to...um...uh oh...wedding dress troubles.  Shit.  I don't like the sound of this...

AAAAGGHHHH!!  How the complete hell did we get here?  Did someone really think this was a good idea?