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Please, let us remember, people have opinions that are sometimes in conflict.  If you don't agree with the opinions expressed in this column, please understand it was in no way intended to offend.  It's just like, my opinion, man.  (Love that Lebowski!)

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August 9, 2005

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I was sitting here watching GH on SoapNet when all of a sudden, a guy named Morgan (the Captain, not Jason) started whispering in my ear saying that what we need as a little piece of heaven here on earth is a General Hospital drinking game.  Now I am sure this is not a unique idea by a long shot and even though I have not seen one around, someone had to have thought of it before now.  So if anyone did this on their site last week, I swear I didn't consciously gak the damned thing.  It was The Captain.  HE did it, HE did it (inflect a girlish shriek into that last one, wouldja?)

So without further ado, here is Sage's version of the GH Drinking Game (oh and don't insult my by using wuss drinks like beer, wine or such.  As Larry the Cable Guy would say, "Git'er done!"):

1) Take a shot every time Ron Hale scratches himself or rubs his face.

2)  Take a shot every time someone reminds us that ELIZABETH IS CARRYING JAX'S BABY.

2a) Take a double shot if it's Jax reminding us that Elizabeth is carrying his baby.

3)  Take a shot every time Ric and Reese talking about their sexfest.

3a)  Take a double shot if Sonny, Alexis or Carly almost overhear.

4) Take a shot every time the radio tells people to get off the road and Courtney is the one on the road.

4a)  Take a double shot if she ignores the warning and wrecks her dumb ass yet again.

5)  Take a shot every time Nikolas whimpers and whines that Emily is avoiding him.

5a) Take a double shot if his tongue happens to be in Courtney's mouth at the time.

7)  Take a shot every time Tony Geary goes on an extended vacation.

7a)  Take a double shot if it occurs smack dab in the middle of a Luke-essential story.

8)  Take a shot every time someone who is NOT Maurice Benard pauses in midsentence then finishes the sentence really fast, just like Maurice Benard.

9)  Take a shot every time Carly wears that weird tailed shirt with a short shirt on top of it as if that's all the rage or something.

10)  Take a shot every time Emily saves the day.

10a)  Take a double shot if it's by doing something she could not possibly frickin know as a first year medical student.

11)  Take a shot every time Georgie explains or apologizes for Maxie.

11a) Take a double shot if she's starting to boo hoo at the time.

12)  Take a shot every time your eyes go to Kelly Monaco, and you aren't looking at her face.

12a) Double for cleavage.

Other observations on today's GH

I was just bumfuzzled by the whole Elizabeth thing.  I really have to ask, have any of you mommies ever left your kid someplace over night and just forgot about it?  It's not like leaving your wallet at the checkstand at Safeway or something.  I can't believe Lucky was all bunged up and indignant when Courtney and Jax had a problem with Elizabeth just dumping her kid off on them all night long without letting them know where she was or if she was alive or what.  I'd have been calling the damned police!

Love that they are now playing freaky, deaky spookanannies music when Jodie shows up.  I wonder if the middle-aged spelling champ feels a goose walk across her grave every time Michael talks to her.

I thought it was SLICK writing to have Sam take off the identifying necklace she always wears just milliseconds before the Double Dumb story starts.

Great writing that made me miss Patrick Mulcahey:

"Not only that, but you made me mad and that's going to cost you."

"Shall I go on?"  "I don't know, do you have room for another foot?"

What?  Liz actually acknowledged Liason?  How can that be?  I was starting to think it only happened in my head.

See you Monday when I will not only be doing Sherry's GH Spoiler Commentary, but also Katrina's OLTL Spoiler Commentary!

All my lovins,