It ain't Sweet N Low, Baby.  It's
Ric's version of the 30 day Ortho Patch.

Why is it that all of my drinks leave a
funny taste in my mouth lately?

That's the question of the day.

Or could it be...

Does a Ric shit in the woods?

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(Here we have nails)


Here we do not.  WTF?

Lydia getting a little antsy about
Princess Emily pawing her ring.

So I can have him then?  You get hot guy #1
and I get hot guy #2, right... right??

He's all yours.  I promise.

Don't screw me over.

Don't screw me over.

You're so much more attractive since
I gave you to Gia.  I must have you.





I canNOT get the flash to work on this thing.

I wish I'd never become a proctologist.

God, what's that smell?

My finger, a hazard of duty.

It's OK.  Everything is...


Time for the ol' Courtney strip tease

Da Da Da Da Dant

And off comes the dress with the
Velcro tabs!

Pull my finger

Five down, seventeen to go


Projectile vomiting imminent...for Carly as well.


Sorry, my creativity just ain't there tonight.




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