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Welcome to ME!!  

I'm glad you're here.  If you are coming with an open mind and happy heart, then you are doubly welcome.  If you are here to pick a fight and drink your haterade, then my kitty above does all the talking.

Come in, pour a drink, put on your fuzzy bunny slippers and let's dish the soaps!


Please, let us remember, people have opinions that are sometimes in conflict.  If you don't agree with the opinions expressed in this column, please understand it was in no way intended to offend.  It's just like, my opinion, man.  (Love that Lebowski!)

(Yes, Sage is a
guy... and a
damned good
looking one too!)


July 18, 2005

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I am BACK from a weekend with my family in Texas and so grateful to be in my sweet home again.  I hate leaving it and have no intention of doing so for a long, long time. 

As far as the visit went, for now, let's leave it at "you can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, you won't likely pick your friend's nose and you sure as hell can't pick your family."  NEXT SUBJECT!  (OK, the short version is that Kye and Vince blew the money, are nearly homeless and I'm the bad guy.  Go figure.  Who knew I could get even lower on the totem pole?  Pftt)

BUT, we were talking about soaps, right, which are far more interesting than mundane, real life drama.  It's what we use for glorious, ultimate escape!


What is more of a glorious escape than our intrepid EOS reporters who voyaged to darkest Studio City into the depravity of Hollywood to collect stories for the eager eyes of those of us who stayed home (or at least didn't go with them)?  Oh yes!!!  I am told the write ups will be flowing in through the next week or so and I am waiting as excitedly as you are to read them and see the photos! 

Sherry Mercurio of EOS was home base during the events of the weekend and did a marvelous job of posting updates phoned in by the ladies of EOS.  You can read those updates here.

One particularly persistent rumor involves the cancellation of Tamara Braun's event at the last minute.  The buzz speculated that it wasn't her movie project that determined the cancellation, but a lack of ticket sales. My boss, Katrina Rasbold, verifies that the event was experiencing anything but a lack of ticket sales and that it truly was nothing more than an unfortunate scheduling conflict that kept Tamara away.  She very much wanted this movie, thought she'd lost it because the powers that be wanted a true Cajun actress to play the part, the other actress backed out, the part became available and Tamara jumped at it when offered, but had to move fast because taping was imminent.  Katrina was there when refunds were being given and they were conducted graciously and smoothly despite the disappointment of the TamFans.  Most were completely understanding and supportive of this exciting move in her career.  The list for refunds was plenty long, so lack of ticket sales was definitely not an issue.  Kill the rumor, folks.

One GH Fan Weekend standard that was conspicuously absent this year were the delightful spoilers that stars tend to drop here and there.  The actors were all uncharacteristically reticent this year and few nuggets were dropped.  Although Nancy Lee Grahn led the attendees of her Goddess Party in a vow to keep all that was said "in this room," she didn't really divulge anything that would be risky outside of the room.  Typically the one who is the loose cannon by her own admission, she was unusually concerned about what should and should not be said, galvanizing the rumor of the set being on complete lock down spoiler-wise. 

The only real reveal of the weekend came from Steve Burton and Kelly Monaco at their individual events, both of whom confirmed that fans will HATE the upcoming story (and they do as well) that "takes Jason and Sam to a new place."  The words "Sam has a twin" were actually breathed and Kelly Monaco stated, "I must apologize in advance for what you will see."


Big Daddy John (Corbin Bernsen) was forthright and bold at the NLG event, quickly identifying what was wrong with soaps in their current form (get back to the romance and refocus off of "The Sonny Show").    Far from a newcomer to the genre, Bernsen played Todd Williams on Y&R in 2003 and 2004, plus there's that little item of his mother, Jeanne Cooper, having been in soaps since 1973, playing Kay Chancellor on Y&R.  He knows from which he speaks.

The breakaway hit of the weekend was Larry Poindexter, who plays Dr Thomas.  By all accounts, he was much more charming and handsome than he appears on TV!


In more of the story  that just




we learn that Ryan is actually faking his death with Zach's help, presumably all for the love of Greenlee.  Be at peace, gentle readers.  Daddy Frons himself has promised that the love of Greenlee and Kendall will cause the scales to drop from Ryan Christ's eyes, he'll see the error of his ways and be healed of his violent tendencies.  Of course, finding Jonathon and Erin alive and well adds some flavor to the Lavery Redemption Pie as well...

As My Darling Kate pointed out this week, Greenlee spends some time thinking she's a widow AGAIN, thanks to Ryan The Selfish and Oh So Melodramatic.

Tad as vigilante.  Sigh.  NEXT!


For those of us who feared OLTL would whip out some ludicrous last minute resolution to The Killing Club murders, we may now rest easy knowing that we are NOT just paranoid, we were right.  Dumb and dumber.

Turns out, the main killer is Hayes Barber, who is an old nerd classmate of Marcie's who had plastic surgery but still feels nerdy.  The Killing Club is real and psychotic nerds meet to wallow in their nerdery and plot revenge on the pretty people of the world.  Should Marcie feel offended that she's invited to attend?

So yeah, it's a whole nest of Nerd Killers.

At least it's not Killer Clowns.

Have I mentioned I'm afraid of clowns for no reasonable reason?

Tess and Nash and Nash and Tess and Niki and Vinnie and my head hurts.  Someone bring me a drink and make sure Tess is nowhere near it, please.

Sweeps next month, anyone?  Something around here definitely needs to be cleaned up.

Peace and love to all of you, my darlings,