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October 10, 2004
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Haven't seen enough of Mr Rebecca Budig, Bob the Former Bachelor, in the Wide World of Soaps?  You can find him at SSW hosting the traditional talk show segment, coming up in November.  There has been a good bit of rumbling going around over stars who did NOT receive invitations to the event.  Invites go out in two waves, first to those on the "wish" list of much preferred stars and then a second round of invitations after the accepts and declines from the first bunch have been received.  So we don't get Ric Hearst, but definitely, Bob the Bachelor is front and center. 

JR blackmails Babe into signing over Bess while David and Krystal hustle to keep Babe from sharing the truth about Musical Babies with Bianca.  They all got the memo that this baby snafu has to be dragged out until November sweeps and Babe could cause the whole thing to pre-emptively fire (think baseball!  your grandmother!  great big gobs of goofy grinded gopher guts!) by actually doing the right thing.  If Bianca doesn't blow a complete gasket over this, I'm turning in my Pine Valley parking pass and calling it a day.  The moment she goes all dewy eyed and has an "I forgive you because you are my bestest fwiend" scene with the Babester, I'm outta der.

Maria and Erica spar and sadly, neither creamed corn nor jello nor Elk Lodges are involved.  Instead, there's just a bit of "you stole my BABY so SHUT UP" going around.

Jamie and Babe plan to babynap Ace and none of THAT makes any sense.  Yeah, a babynapping sure cures a babynapping.  Um, yeah. 

Bianca is crushed when she learns that Maggie lied to her to protect Jonathan.  With any luck, she can practice HBF (Horrified Betrayal Face) on Maggie in preparation for the big Babe smack down.

Bianca and Tad team up and Krystal ends up breaking up with Tad when his snooping brings him a little closer to the truth.  In the "honor amongst thieves" category, I'm feeling a re-pairing of Krystal and David with Tad left (again) on the outs.  We can only hope that Tad (or someone, anyone) will tap into the Righteous Indignation that is justified in this situation.

David will begin the set up for "Who Cares Who Killed Paul Cramer" when he goes off after him with a gun (duh duh dunnnnn).


I asked about "snoozing" and "loozing" and all I heard was One Life snoring away as Carol Banks Weber over at Soap Zone quietly reported that Ilene Kirsten (Roxy) was being courted by B&B for an actual title role instead of a crappy recurring part in a character that is being taken nowhere. 

Carol also mentioned a rumor that has (re)surfaced that the reason Todd isn't quite being himself is that it wasn't really Todd who came back as Mitch's brother.

It's almost time for David Fumero to return as Cris, who will do the few days of requisite skulking around spying on Natalie and such stuff before revealing himself, his story, etc.  It's not yet a given that he and Natalie will be a couple again, but with Evangeline and John giving it a go and poor Paul getting whacked, it's definitely a possibility.  At this time, Fumero is only signed for a short time with a possibility for a longer stint if both parties agree it's a good thing.

Michael will pop the question to Marcie, but will her gay brother Eric have to spend weeks on the phone to get their father to accept the marriage?  Hmmm.  Likely not buzz wordy nor controversial enough.

Watch for Kelly to get a weeee bit obsessive on David.  I mean, who wouldn't? 


Courtney is furious when Jax is arrested and spends the night in jail, but Alexis comes to his defense.

When Kristina worsens, Ric drops the charges in deference to Alexis.

Durant tells Jason that he'll go after Courtney if Jason gets in the way of his relationship with his daughter.  Jason threatens Durant in front of witnesses. 

Jennifer O'Dell raises the back fur of a couple of kitty cats when she hits the screen as Lana, the beautiful, blonde sniper hired by Lorenzo to take out Durant.  Lois isn't happy when she sees the two of them with their heads together.  Likewise, Carly isn't thrilled when she learns Durant has slept with this gorgeous newcomer, thinking she's a gold digger.  Of course, Durant knows exactly who she is and was enough of a bad ass to bang her anyway.

When the sniper hired by Lorenzo shoots Durant, leaving him in critical condition, Jason is arrested.  Carly stays by her father's side in the hospital, much to Sonny's chagrin.

Sam comes to the police station to support Jason after his arrest and Courtney witnesses a close moment between them.

When Kristina is sick, Carly wars with herself over whether or not to tell Sonny the truth and receives some heartfelt advice from her father, who truly has come to love her.

This week, Stephen admits to John that he cares about Carly.

The scenes I told you about in which Jax waits for Courtney on the plane, doesn't get her message and picks up the Courtney clone are coming up soon.

Courtney is upset when Deigo seems determined to be a playah in Jason and Sonny's world.

Jax comes to Courtney's apartment to try and make things right.  Diego gets between them and that's when the fists fly.

Afterwards, Jax tells Courtney he's in love with her.

When Kristina desperately needs a donor, Alexis goes to Jax and asks him to use his power and influence to find a donor for her daughter and then hide them from Sonny.

He instead urges Alexis to tell Sonny the truth about Kristina.

November 3rd is a major VCR/TiVo day.  Don't forget...  If you haven't watched in a while, this will be a good day to tune in.

Skye and Luke go look for Faith and strike a bargain that clears Skye's name.

This is the week that the Garden of Aphrodite stuff plays out with NEm. Don't say I didn't warn you!

And with that, Sage has left the building for the week.  I hope yours is glorious at its best and tolerable at its worst.

Much love,

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