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I used to have a long disclaimer here for the confused and manners-challenged people who don't know the difference between a "rumor" or "gossip" and an actual spoiler, but screw it.  Angry, bitter, small minded people will always talk their trash to compensate for their own 1st chakra frustrations and inadequacies. 

When you read those vicious people on the message boards and around, just shake your head and remember they aren't getting any play, so they're grumpy.  Pity them, then dismiss them.  This is a hate free zone.  Feel the luvvv, baby.


Note:  Due to the large volume of e-mail he receives, Sage regrets that he is unable to personally answer each e-mail.  He wants you to know that he reads each and every one (some 2-3 times) and greatly appreciates your communication.  Please DO NOT ask Sage for further info on what is going to happen on the shows.  Any information he has that he can share will be put into his column ASAP.

Please note:  There will be no column on Monday October 4th.
October 1, 2004
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Early Column, Darlings!!

Sage is going to be OUT of town on Monday, but I didn't want to miss a chance to get this juicy GH scoops out to my wonderful readers! 

I'm going to make a speech here, just to get some things out there for the record.  You can take it or leave it or roll it up and smoke it, but it's the absolute truth.  I have been seriously disturbed by the increasing number of letters I'm getting accusing me of holding back on spoilers based on the couples or characters I like or dislike.  Listen, darlings, I post what I get, plain and simple.  That has always been the case and always will be the case.  I don't fail to report on ANY particular couple or character just because I don't like them (that should be evident from the plethora of NEm spoilers that have been rolling through this column).  If my sources don't give me info, I can't post it.  I'm not going to endorse a rumor just because another site has it posted if I can't confirm it.  If I'm looking into a rumor and don't have an answer yet, you won't hear me confirm or deny it.  I roll with what I get, kiss the lovely asses of the people who give it to me, say "thank you very much" and then post it for you, plain and simple.  Sure, like anyone else, I have favorites on the show and hey, this is my column and you're bound to feel a slant toward them once in a while, just as we would notice if any of YOU started a column.  I've never held this out to be an unbiased news column.  This is Sage's Place and that's what you're going to get; HOWEVER, I do NOT ever hold back information just because it's about a couple or character that isn't one of my favorites.  Believe what you want, but it simply is not true.  I love sharing what I get with you folks and whether I'm accused of providing too much detail or not enough, I'm always going to be straight out and give you what I've got.  That's been my policy from the beginning and it's not going to change.  Sometimes it's feast and sometimes it's famine and for a long time, we've been eating well, so let's belly up to the buffet again and start nibbling in a bit.

First, a couple of announcements.  I'd like to send a big thanks out to Laura Gedstern, who popped in this week to give online scoopsters a big warning.  I want to assure everyone that all is well with me and mine, but I would definitely like to issue a public thanks to Geds for looking out for those of us who are still in the game.

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Our entire staff works completely without pay or other compensation and all contributions go directly to the expense of the website.  Now, on with the scoopage.


Couples Round Up!

Who are the couples for the coming year?  The powers that be are heavily invested in several pairings and plan to focus on them as a "return to romance" that they feel the viewers are craving.  With ratings swirling over the hole and feeling the undertow downward, GH is pulling out all of the stops to throw together the couples they feel have a good buzz.  As the line goes paraphrased, "new alliances forming and releasing like a dryer sheet in a load of socks."  Will they be a hit or will there be an "s" in front of the hit?  The winners are:

JaSam, STar, NEm, Casper and Rexis

Can GH possibly keep enough plates spinning in the air at the same time to maintain five couples?  They seem to think so, although NEm might end up with a switch hitter!

One angry fan abused my inbox to tell me that I had Journey spoilers last week and had willfully, intentionally and most cruelly held them back (as if I sit around trying to think of ways to gleefully torture Journey fans) just to be vindictive.  Honestly, any I've had I've reported and I'm pleased to announce the arrival of A BRAND NEW JOURNEY SPOILER!!!

[insert fanfare here]

Sam's miscarriage will hit Courtney deeply as she remembers the baby she lost with Jason.  The two of them will share a very close moment in the hospital bonding over their loss.  She will then leave and go have sex with Jax again.

That is the full and complete extent of Journey scoopage that I have beyond a reiteration of the two already printed a few times (to the point that the print is fading on them):

1)  There is no Journey baby planned for the next year, which I guess is now the next ten months since that rumor was planted about two months ago.

2)  There is no Journey reunion planned at this time because the powers that be are insisting on pushing forward with JaSam, over Steve Burton's kicking, screaming, frustrated protests.  Casper is continuing absolutely for as long as Ingo and Alicia stick around.

Honest to God, that is all of the Journey info I have.  

I have likewise been accused of not printing LiRic scoops because I don't like LiRic and/or not printing Becky scoops, so obviously, I must hate Becky.

Neither is true and the reason I do not post LiRic or Becky scoops is because I usually HAVE no LiRic or Becky scoops.  Have I posted any?  No, not really.  Have you seen Becky in major moments that I missed?  No, probably not.  I can't scoop what's not out there to scoop.  Is it going to get any better?  Not any time soon.  GH has been clear that at this time, they are not planning to create a major story around RH and are basically accessorizing with her.  Why?  I have no idea, so please don't write and ask me. 

I do, however, have [insert fanfare] a LiRic scoop.  Elizabeth will also have a tearful moment when Sam loses her baby, as she remembers the baby she lost with Ric.  She and Ric talk about it and afterwards, Ric breaks down at the memory of their loss.  As I said last week, both this and the conversation between Ric and Liz regarding his marriage to Alexis are presented more as closure than as hope.


Sonny and Carly spoilers?  Whutta you think?  Even after Carly promises Sonny, Jason and Courtney that she will keep her distance from her father, she finds herself drawn to him and meets with him privately.

Alcazar leaves his meeting with Durant and goes directly to Sonny, intent on playing both ends against the middle.

A press conference with Durant shows Carly standing right beside him as Michael and Morgan watch on TV (Morgan wanted to watch Teletubbies, but Michael threatened to put a hit out on his baby ass if he didn't shut up and watch the bad man who was going to send their father to prison).

Watch for several "who's going to tell??" moments regarding the secret of Kristina's paternity.  Alexis and Carly both come close before Carly finally makes the move and gives her husband the news.

Ric and Alexis bond tightly through Kristina's illness as he drops everything to be at her side.

Their commitment continues after their marriage, as they find themselves heading into the custody battle over Kristina.

Look for restraining orders, armed guards and Sonny's hospital bed declaration to his daughter that he'll be taking her home with him.  He's willing to pull out all the stops to be in Kristina's life.

It does become hard to separate out Ric's devotion to Alexis and Kristina, which is genuine, from his vendetta against Sonny as the battle ensues.  There is no word yet on the outcome of the custody issue, but a number of points are subject being altered now that it is known that Maurice Benard will be returning after his Paternity Leave.  The idea still seems to focus around "Sonny loses everything," but since none of it is yet taped, anything can happen.

There was a LOT of back and forth about how to proceed with the romance between Steven Lars and Carly (and still is) and the intro was written in many different ways, all of which were ultimately scratched in favor of a simple, slow progression into romance.  Yes, Steven was actually cast as "Carly's new love interest" and he is still slated to be that at this time, but rather than a fall directly into bed, this will play out over the next few months, past the divorce and Sonny's jail time.  Look for nothing more than a growing closeness over the next several months and beyond sweeps.

Steven will have to go the distance to win Carly's trust, much less her affection, which is why we've seen the binding of the sprained wrist, the brilliant diagnosis of Morgan and such.  It's all part of the bonding process, laying the groundwork for a relationship.

This is another of the stories, as are all of the ones connected to Maurice Benard, that are subject to change at before taping.


BUSTED!  Just as Jax and Courtney are heading off to Bermuda (this is before the miscommunications I told you about last week that lead Jax to picking up a Courtney Clone), he is arrested for helping Skye, the Fugitive.  Skye has already escaped with the newly returned Luke (The Wub Queen scooped the actual return date of Anthony Geary, which is October 8th!  Hurray!  Da Man is in the Hizzouse Fer Shnizzle!)

Charges are dropped when Kristina's illness becomes much worse and Ric wants to focus on Alexis.

While the drama of Sam going into premature labor after refusing to be induced to harvest stem cells for Kristina is underway, Courtney and Jax are blissfully unaware and that is when the montage occurs.  Don't overanalyze my clink-boom remark from last week.  I was merely referring to the juxtaposing of a happy event with tragedy for the montage.

Although Skye and Luke do share a passionate kiss, all won't be roses between them as the specter of Laura still hangs over them.

Skye is particularly upset after running off with Luke to learn that HE was the one who turned Jax into the police!

She wants to go back and save Jax, but Luke is having nothing of it.

Things get even rockier when Skye suggests that perhaps Laura is actually working with Heather rather than being manipulated.  Suffice it to say, Luke does take that idea well.

Sorry, but I'm fresh out of JaSam pictures.  It took me until about page 7-8 of a Google search to find a picture of Kelly Monaco with her clothes on and I was terrified to look for screen caps lest my eyes be scalded in their sockets by that horrific monstrosity of a get up she was wearing today.  *full body shudder*

Sam's life hangs in the balance after the premature labor and abruption occurs and Jason holds vigil at her bedside.  YES, I did say last week that he breaks down over her unconscious body.  That's how it's written at this point at least and the powers that be aren't eager to shift on this one.  They want to show Jason's cumulative grief over the loss of his baby with Courtney, of his marriage and of this baby who he had hoped to raise.  Why are the powers that be intent on showing us that Jason can feel so deeply?  Because it pleases them.  It also wasn't a typo last week when I said that Jason and CARLY share some close scenes surrounding the baby's death.


The cursing continues, both from viewers and from Helena as NEm continues to encounter tragedy on the way to matrimony.

Even after the "kiss at midnight in the garden of Aphrodite" and Helena's subsequent death, the bad juju seems to linger as Tyler Christopher takes on the dual role of Connor Bishop (that's the current plan, anyway, although a "Tyler Double" is also being discussed), who witnesses the murder of Helena.  Personally, I thought it would be funny as hell if they had tapped Coltin Scott Martines to play Connor and everyone just acted as though they looked identical.  Of course, with Martines most recently seen bald as a cue ball, it might not work as well (or might even be funnier).

This brings up all of the questions (rumors only in this particular paragraph, not spoilers) of the very old rumor that (remember this one??) Laura actually had TWINS when she gave birth to Nikolas and that Helena kept one squirreled away.  There's also that Cassadine cloning capability to consider.  When she wasn't able to get around Stefan to control Nikolas, perhaps Helena grabbed some DNA and cloned herself a copy to keep!  Is our Nikolas even the REAL Nikolas?  What if HE'S the clone and Helena had her grandson all along?  Having an identical Nikolas running around opens a whole hallway of doors, most leading to the ludicrous, but hey, "kiss at midnight in the garden of Aphrodite?"  From there on, anything at all makes perfect sense.

That's it for this week!  Everyone take care, now.

Much love,

PS:  Don't forget that your donation is very, very important and together, we can keep this wonderful site up and running.  I already sent in my contribution for this month!  I hope you will too because I don't want to be sitting on future GH spoilers with no one to tell them to but my cat!!!

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