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Welcome to ME!!
(Yes, Sage is a guy... and a damned good looking one too!)

Honey, you're either going to "get" me and know my heart and my intent or you're not going to "get" me at all.  If you don't, know your limitations and just back away from the keyboard after clicking the little "X" in the box on the upper right corner of your browser window, ne'er to return again. 

I used to have a long disclaimer here for the confused and manners-challenged people who don't know the difference between a "rumor" or "gossip" and an actual spoiler, but screw it.  Angry, bitter, small minded people will always talk their trash to compensate for their own 1st chakra frustrations and inadequacies. 

When you read those vicious people on the message boards, just shake your head and remember they aren't getting any play, so they're grumpy.  Pity them, then dismiss them.


Note:  Due to the large volume of e-mail he receives, Sage regrets that he is unable to personally answer each e-mail.  He wants you to know that he reads each and every one (some 2-3 times) and greatly appreciates your communication.  Please DO NOT ask Sage for further info on what is going to happen on the shows.  Any information he has that he can share will be put into his column ASAP.


PLEASE NOTE:  Bravenet has redone their mailing list program and now none of ours are working properly.  Some folks get their notices and others do not.  If you are currently receiving my update notices (pfft, or not) in your inbox and wish to continue to do so (or would like to), I will need for you to sign up at the mailing group below.  All current Bravenet mailing lists will be discontinued after the current notice!  I'm getting LOTS of mail from people saying they aren't receiving their updates when their name is definitely on the list. 

When you sign up for the new updates notices, be sure to set your membership preferences to "individual e-mails" so that the notices reach you.

Thanks, folks and I'm sorry for the inconvenience,


Sept 8, 2003
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Rumors of My Death...

are completely and greatly exaggerated.  With my minimal computer time lately, I haven't been much of a presence on the boards and via e-mails lately.  I'd apologize, but I've been very busy enjoying life and having a good time and I know I can trust you kids to play nicely while I'm delving into this new aspect of myself, previously unexplored.  My love ife is definitely Star Trek territory (where no man has gone before), so I'm doing a lot of pacing of myself and evaluating feelings and things like this.  This new frontier is something that I want to treat with kid gloves because it's important enough to me to not want to screw it up in any way.  Nurse Colin is a real sweetheart and having him here every week day to take care of Mom, then getting together at least once over the weekend to do something fun like go to the beach (ow) or check out local attractions is a precariously balanced process.  We don't want to hit over exposure and potentially wear out this really good thing.  We've been moving verrrry slowly, by choice and necessity, so that we don't act too soon and scare it away.  :)

Mom has been spending one day each weekend with Kye, which has given me an enormous amount of freedom.  I hadn't realized how housebound I was until I very suddenly had the ability to do more and experience more.  It's been really lovely.

For all those who frowned over Colin letting me get sunburned at the beach, in his defense, he really pushed the SPF 500 stuff he uses and I really pushed that I didn't need it.  (dumb, I know)  I've definitely caught a little ribbing from him as a result, so I have been duly chastised.

So if you've put me in the kitty coffin and figured me a goner, think again!  I'll always be here for the Monday gab fest and will check in on the Sage Brush Ranch board from time to time.  I know my darlings want me to be happy and loved, so I want to officially thank all of you for the love, advice, encouragement and support I've received since this wonderful experience came my way.  I appreciate you being there and giving me the room to test drive this vehicle, so to speak.  As I said, it's my first go at a romantic relationship and I really want to do it right.  You're really, really great friends.

So Happy Monday!!!  I'm so very glad to be here, dishing and sharing the latest with my darlings!  Let's fill our glasses, load down the table with delish munchies and start gabbing!!

First and foremost, I've gotten a lot of questions about the new mailing list for receiving update notices about this page.  I e-mailed everyone on the old list (but you may not have gotten it, which is why we are switching lists) and posted the info, but just in case, scroll back up to the top of this page and read the stuff in the red block.  If you want to be notified via e-mail when this column updates, I will need for you to sign up at the mailing group below.  The purple button that says "Yahoo Groups" is the sign up button.  You need to have a yahoo mail account to sign up, but once you set it up, you never have to use the mail account again.  Once you're signed into the mailing group, you can set it to send the update notices to any e-mail address you choose.  As I stated in the red box, since Bravenet revamped their services, about half of the people on our mailing list aren't getting their notices, so I set out to find a mailing list service that could handle the number of people we have on our update notices list.  This was the only one I could come up with, so if you want to receive a notice, we'll just have to bear with it.  Please write to me at sage@eyeonsoaps.com if you have trouble signing up and I'll help you as much as I can.

I found a cool thing!!  This comes compliments of the Wub Queen's links.  Check out the awesome soap opera paper dolls at http://www.100megsfree4.com/gogators4/index.html!  I'm totally impressed!  I'm also kind of personally attached into the Johnny Depp paper doll with the Jack Sparrow outfit!  Rroowwlll!  Look through all these great pages!  You can even order a personalized paper doll of yourself or your children to have in real life!  I should send all of you a Sage paper doll!  ;-)

Speaking of the Wub Queen, my precious Karen has made some changes at her website, formerly Gedstern's.  She has eliminated spoilers, but still has wonderful Soap Talk at this link: 


You can also get to her wonderful vintage Wubs there.  I have had several people write to me about her comment on the scoops links page that says, "Sage begs for money and dishes the latest" as a description for our site when the other sites listed simply have a brief comment about their site.  I appreciate that so many of you are protective of me and I'll admit, it gave me a bit of a cringe when I saw it.  Karen has been my friend for a long time and I have to say that I really don't think she'd intentionally slam me publicly that way.  I'm sure she did not mean any offense by it and it didn't dawn on her how readers would take it, so no worries.  As far as I know, she's still my buddy. 

For the record, if the perception out there is that I beg for money, I guess I'm guilty as charged.  The fact of the matter is that I care very, very deeply about Eye on Soaps and when I mention donations, it is because I know our readers love EOS as well and don't want it to go away any more than I do.  How sad would it be if I let EOS disappear without letting anyone know it was a possibility if they are in the position to help with a dollar or two?  So far, our readers have kept EOS going every single month through some tremendously tough times and continue to do so.  For that, the EOS staff is grateful beyond any ability to convey.  We love our cyber home here.  We love our readers and we are very, very happy to be here.  If my begging for money caused that to happen, you aren't going to hear an apology from this guy!   Of course, I can always stop asking about donations and go back to the pop-ups...

(although I'd prefer not)

Sage's Raiders have been hard at work since last Monday's column, writing letters to get shows back on track again.  I want to emphasize one more time that if you want to see changes and have your letter count, send it to the actor!!  We have to do this in a very deliberate way of writing to the actor who you'd like to see more of on your TV screen!  If you're tired of All Sonny & Carly TV all the time, you don't write to Maurice Benard and Tamara Braun to fuss about it.  That will cause your letter to be counted as a Sonny or Carly fan, regardless of the contents (not that you shouldn't be a Sonny and Carly fan, but in the context of this conversation, we are talking about how to get other actors some air time).  Don't write to Brian Frons, Jill Farren Phelps or Bob Guza.  If you do, regardless of the contents of your letter, it will be counted as a _____ viewer, depending on the show you are addressing.  You have to find a way to make your vote for a particular character or actor be what creates the show you're wanting to see, then write specifically to that actor.  E-mails are worthless.  Physically write a tangible letter with your own two little hands.  Type on your computer, write form letters and change the names of the actors you're writing, I don't care.  Write, write, WRITE!  Physical, tangible letters are counted; e-mails are merely tolerated.  If you want to make changes, this is the way to do it.

For those of you who have been receiving personal e-mailed responses back from Brian Frons, I urge you not be fooled into thinking that Brian is sitting at his desk, eagerly awaiting the next announcement that he has mail so he can scurry out a well thought response.  If you will notice, the responses people get are tremendously similar, if not identical.  That is because the letters to Brian Frons actually go to a team of unpaid interns (working for the network/show for the experience) who have a set of pat answers they are to give for almost any question that is asked.  If a person e-mails about Frons' comments regarding Kathy Brier, they are to say this [insert standard Kathy Brier response].  If they e-mail to ask if Kristina will die so that Sonny & Carly's son may live, they are to say this [insert standard Sonny & Carly's baby answer].  They have a list and they write back the standard response for that question.  If your e-mail did not address a specific, current situation, you likely will not get a reply.  That's because the question that you've asked or situation you have addressed is not in the interns' response book.  What else is interesting is that lately, e-mailed replies have included spoiler info and that comes right on top of reliable warnings saying that ABC is releasing false spoiler information because a certain head honcho got PISSED that internet source were leaking plotlines.  What better way to do it than via e-mails, knowing fully well that if the person is e-mailing, they're a computer oriented soap person, which means that within seconds of receiving the reply, it's going to be nailed to some message board somewhere, thereby spreading the info.  My bet is that there will be just enough true stuff mixed in with sufficient bullshit to berserk the whole process.  Conspiracy theory.  Pfft.  OK, but it's what I think is going on.  ABC has NEVER given out spoiler info via e-mails directly from the studio before and for that to be happening is fishy to me in and of itself.  Caveat viewer, baybee.

By the way, in the interest of having you folks able to easily figure out the names of the actors to whom you are writing, Sage has personally updated the cast lists for AMC, GH and OLTL.  I apologize to the PC folks, but I have only seen a couple of old episodes of the show and could not adequately cover the current actors on the show, not to mention that I think viewer efforts in regard to PC are pretty much shot anyway.  To access the EOS cast lists, go to www.eyeonsoaps.com, then click on the show of your choice.  In the frames to the left, you'll see "Cast & Bios."  Just click there and find your faves.  The addresses used for the actors are found here.  Happy writing, darlings!  Let's get these shows fixed!  Raiders HO!


Were you people wanting to talk about the shows or something?  Pfft, OK, I can do that too. 


You got a good look at NU-to-the-10th-power Jamie, Justin Bruening, trying to score some booty at the bar today.  Watch for NU-to-the-12th-power JR to show up October 2nd in the form of Jacob Young.  [Word to the nonGH viewer:  AMC cast has been issued ear plugs because this actor tend to convey intensity by YELLING, hence, my pet name for him, "Old Yeller."  It will please me muchly if he has lost this little nuance during his break from acting.  During his tenure on GH, many of his co-stars began sporting that 'blown back' hair style so they'd look the same both before and after their scenes with him.] 

Here's some short notice on my part for you.  Tonight on A&E Biography, you'll be able to see the much shelved bio of AMC, which I think you'll enjoy.  Check local listings.

If you've been hoping to see "Janet From Another Planet" return in the form of Robin Mattson, give it up.  She's signed with B&B to begin the end of this month.

Lots of you have been writing about the Lena absence in Bianca's storyline.  I've got it on great authority that Lena and Bianca WILL be reuniting and have a strong story together, however, the powers that be want to re-establish the Bianca-Maggie friendship first.

Despite rumors of look alike brothers and such, I'm hearing that Willian DeVry, aka Michael Cambias, is on his way out.  No, the ridiculous baby head shot isn't the last we'll see of him, but it's not far off.  Same can be said for his father, played by Ronald Guttman, who will appear for a while in flashbacks after making Ryan exceptionally wealthy in the way you can just imagine.

Finola Hughes is finished airing the end of this week.  Rumor (RUMOR!!!) has it that she will leave town to avoid having to indict David in the Michael Cambias disappearance.  I've heard her departure is very heart wrenching and that the door has been left for a return.  Not so with GH, however.  She's strictly on AMC still.  Meanwhile, Hughes will be specifically pursuing non-acting projects.


Two Walkers for the price of one doesn't mean that they're the same person at all as you may have noticed today.  For the short time that Trevor St John will be portraying both Walker Laurence/Todd and Walker Flynn, you see him working hard to differentiate between the two characters. 

Jessica Tuck (ex-Megan) on the new TNT show, "Judging Amy?"  :)  Nice to see her.  Ditto ex-Cagney, Tyne Daly. 

At this time, I am still hearing that Al dies and the story gets even goofier as it seems to be because his immune system has somehow been compromised by his 5 minutes of drug abuse.  Rumors of twins in Argentina and ghostly appearances are NOT making fans happy.  There is still quite a move to have Nathaniel Marston reinstated.  You can read more about the campaign at The Corner Booth Message Board


Good Lord, was that a surprise Audrey sighting today?  A wonderful reader of Katrina's (webmaster and writer of the GH/OLTL Spoilers with Commentary, as well as the Soap Journal) noted that Elizabeth has become to Port Charles what Kenny is to South Park.   Oh my God...They killed Elizabeth...The Bastards!!!  (or shot her or poisoned her or suffocated her or ran her over)  Heh heh heh  I'm betting it's the only way they can justify bringing Audrey back for a visit.  I miss her!

Some spoilers indicate that Courtney's drug impairment continues to the point that she ends up in the "wrong" bed. 

Preliminary reports say that Rebecca Herbst's pregnancy may well be written into the story with a Lucky Little Liz Baby on the way.

In the fastest and least comprehensive training since there was ever a police force, Lucky Spencer is armed (yikes) and ready for action.  Guess he was practicing in this Nurses Ball from 1998. 

When Luke returns (September 30th), he's not going to be very thrilled with his son's rapid induction to the force and will let it be known.

Speaking of the PCPD, as I reported in the AMC section, don't look for Anna to be showing up in PC any time soon.  Finola Hughes is turning her attention to nonsoapy projects.

Rumors also about that the gal Jax brings back to PC, Sam (Kelly Monaco), is actually Brenda's long lost sister.  No validity assigned to that rumor just yet.

If you're going to be in Monroeville, Pennsylvania on Saturday, October 4th, you can visit with Stephen Nichols for a while.  Nichols has not had an event on the East Coast for 3 years, so this is quite a coup!  The event is scheduled from 11am - 2pm and tickets are $50 (plus a $5 "entertainment tax").  For info, call 724-853-4050 by September 4th.  This is a charity event to benefit the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.

I've been warring with the ideas of how Lily is going to be re-introduced into GH and the plan that has the best legs so far is that she's an imposter set up by Alcazar to convince Sonny that he's crazy. 

The best idea I've heard so far actually comes from one of my readers who read this idea on a message board:  With the help of her father, Lily actually faked her own death to get back at Sonny for his affair with Brenda.  So Sonny has a son somewhere (or doesn't, if Lily set that up as well as a fake pregnancy) and Lily has been quietly running her father's business, building it up over these years.  Perhaps she even is the one backing Alcazar and orchestrating all of these kidnappings, etc.  Now, she comes back to finish exacting her revenge by convincing him that he's crazy, then moving in for the kill.  Maybe she will deliver Carly's baby. 

Whatever message board poster came up with that idea is a much better writer than the ones on the show!  Brilliantly done!!  I NEVER would have come up with something that cool!

Lastly, time for another of Sage's Topics!  CLICK HERE and tell me of AMC, GH and OLTL, which storyline do you most enjoy right now and why??

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