Based on some of the letters I've been receiving, I need to clarify some of the remarks I made in my column posted on March 26th regarding Carly and Ric.  To review:

The one question that keeps popping up is why more emphasis isn't being given to the fact that to all appearances, Ric raped Carly.  The reason is that this is Guzaworld and in Guzaworld, rape only counts if you have to forcibly attack and even then it's probably her fault somehow.  God, how I hate this man, this staff and they way the show is being written.  OF COURSE it's not going to be addressed as rape.  It's just *oops* Carly slept with Ric and doesn't remember it.  With the horrific way women are demeaned and demoralized on this show, what Ric did just fits right in.  I've said it before and I'll say it again.  The man was nursed at a stone teat (evidence supplied to the left) and raised by wolverines and hyenas.  He has no soul, he has no conscience, he definitely has no memory and his heart is two sizes too small.    He has more talent in his little finger than my cat has in its whole paw, but sadly, the little finger full of talent is all he has and it's reserved purely for every 4-5th musical montage and doesn't really do much good on a day to day basis.

What has come into issue is my reference to Ric's alleged rape of Carly.  Just to make sure we are all on the right page here and that I'm expressing myself adequately, I'm going to gobble up a bit of page explaining what I was saying.

At this point, in the most practical, factual terms, we do not know if Ric has sex with Carly while she was passed out.  We know that in the episode that first aired February 17th, Faith's henchman drugged Carly's drink.  Ric took control of the situation and hauled Carly to a hotel.  She asked him to call Jason and he told her he would.  He did not.  She passed out and he laid her on the bed, caressed her a bit, then began to undress her in a VERY creepy shot.  On February 18th, we saw her wake up naked in Ric's arms and react to what she thought happened.  He told her that she'd gotten drunk, was all over him and "wouldn't take 'no' for an answer" then proceeded to manipulate her, using her impression that they slept together  as blackmail material. 

There are more than a few problems with this whole scenario.  Of course, there's the "victim" approach that Ric is using that he, well, just had no choice but to have sex with her since she was not taking "no" for an answer.  Interesting that a young man like Zander had no trouble fending off Carly's advances, but a grown man like Ric couldn't quite manage.  As I mentioned, we, the viewer, do not know if they did or they didn't.  What we know is that Carly was completely incapacitated.  If sex did happen, then it's rape.  Ric knew fully well how far gone Carly was and that she was not in her right mind.  If they didn't, he is allowing her to believe that they had sex when he knew she was completely drunk to the point of not being responsible for her actions.  That is also rape.  No, rape cannot technically happen without having sex, but my point is that Carly THINKS it did and he is intentionally leading her to believe that.  You can't have it both ways.  If he's going to make her believe that they had sex when she was too drunk to reason, then he's going to have to accept it as rape.  Sure, it happens all the time, but if a woman is unable to think accountably and a man takes advantage of that situation, it's rape. 

Whether or not they did or didn't will ultimately be determined by the fall of the GH writers' pen.  Spoilers say that they didn't and Ric is just using the situation of Carly thinking that they did to his advantage.  The question that then comes into play is was Ric gentlemanly enough to use a condom?  Is that why there were no, well, remnants of the night to alert Carly to her nocturnal carnal activities?  No.  He told her later that their sex was unprotected.  One would think that as upset as Carly was, she'd be prowling around gynecologically, confirming what she suspected and had been told.  Not finding the leavings, Carly would be forced to draw the conclusion that:  1) he used a condom (later denied), 2) he did not get sufficient bang for his buck (inconceivable - no pun intended) or 3) they didn't really do it and he's lying.  Since Carly was easily convinced that they did it, I would have to conclude that there was some evidence of the act or that she is not forward thinking enough to check it out.  Carly is a shrewd girl and I can't picture her not covering her bases in a case where so much is at stake. 

All of this is why I was careful to say, "to all appearances, Ric raped Carly."  We honestly don't know yet and the way the pen will fall is yet to be seen.  What we do know and what my point was to start with is that Ric is purporting to have slept with Carly when she was totally blotto, blind drunk and was not in a right mind to discern correct action.  It bothers me tremendously that this is being casually passed off as "Carly and Ric slept together because she was mad at Sonny for kissing Brenda" rather than "Ric took advantage of inebriated Carly and had sex with her unconscious body when he knew damned good and well it was not what she would have done in her sober, rational mind."  So whether he did or did not, the characters should be treating it as a rape.  My feeling is that both Carly and Courtney should be much more horrified than they have expressed and that we should let little Courtney tell Jason so that Jason has even more ample reason to rip off Ric's arms, beat him to death with them and then jam them up his ass stumps first and make him run out of town on his twitching fingers.

Hope that clarifies the Carly-Ric stuff I was talking about yesterday.

Peace out, Darlings,