Eye On Soaps Staff Profile


Name: Victoria Leigh Russell

Who was president the year you were born?   Whomever it was during the early 80's.

Astro Sign: Aries

In what state do you live?  I live in Mississippi, but I'm usually in a state of anticipation

Married? I'm single

Children?  I have no children, but I treat my little sister as though she were my own.

What was your favorite TV show as a child? I watched so many television shows when I was a child, I don't know, probably Reading Rainbow or Sesame Street.

What was the last book you read? Angela's Ashes was the last book I read, though I am currently reading The Darkest Heart.

What is your favorite album?  I can't possibly pick a favorite album, I love everything, but I'd have to say "The Carpenters, A Collection of their Greatest Hits." Karen had a beautiful voice.

What is your favorite non-soap hobby?  My favorite non-soap hobby would have to be reading and writing, or making collages.

What soaps do you watch and how did you get started watching them?  Okay, this is a question I love--I have been watching soaps for probably 15 years. My grandmother and great grandmother watched them, and in the south, you don't question the authority of the adults, so, LOL, I really didn't have much choice in what was on. But I was hooked from the start. I watched Santa Barbara, and it remains my favorite. Beyond that, I've watched the CBS Soaps the longest, but on ABC, I've watched Port Charles since its debut, I have watched One Life To Live for about 8 years and All My Children for 10. I have watched General Hospital for about 15 years. {Literally, I've watched just about ALL the soaps since I was old enough to sit up and look at the television.

Who is your favorite male character?  My favorite Male character from One Life To Live has always been Todd Manning, played by Roger Howarth. I just love Todd, what can I say? Dylan Moody was a fave of mine from OLTL as well. From All My Children, I'd say Cameron Mathison, who plays Ryan Lavery. From General Hospital, it's got to be Sonny Corinthos, by a landslide, though in 1996, no one could beat Jasper Jacks in my book.

Who is your favorite female character?  Favorite Female from One Life To Live has always been Marty Saybrooke. Susan Haskell did a wonderful job with the character. From All My Children, Liza Colby, played by Marcy Walker, and on General Hospital, Vanessa Marcil, of course! But it's a tie with Sarah Brown's Carly.

Who is your least favorite male character?  My least favorite male from OLTL is PATRICK THORNHART. I have never liked him, and hated when he broke up Marty and Dylan.  From AMC, probably Adam Chandler and from GH, AJ Quartermaine. 

Who is your least favorite female character?  Least Favorite female from OLTL is probably Kelly Kramer. Ever since she hit Blair with her car and killed her baby with Patrick, I have not been able to stand Kelly. On AMC, it's Arleen Vaughn, definitely. She's so manipulative. On GH, it's Chloe Morgan BY FAR. I have never disliked someone so much in my life.

What is your least favorite storyline?  From One Life to Live, breaking up Marty and Dylan for Patrick was the worst. For All My Children, having Ryan and Gillian separated because of baby Colby and Jake.  On General Hospital, the way they handled Jax's mourning of Brenda--it was pitiful, and completely uncharacteristic. But what takes the cake is this irritating dream stuff with Chloe. It's the worst I've ever seen GH.