To Luke's hysterics over the kiss under the mistletoe.  Move on, already!  Don't write and tell me that I "just don't understand" Luke and Laura's love.  I do get it, but come on here!

To  the irony of the things said at Morgan's christening.  Sure, Jason promises to be without sin while he's killing people. 

To Carly's suggestion to Courtney that she and Jason "agree to disagree" about his "job."  It's ain't about white or red wine with pork chops, darlin. 


To stupid crossovers between OLTL and AMC.  The roar is growing that ABC is looking for options for OLTL, including combining the show with AMC or moving it to SoapNet and off ABC entirely and that the rampant run of crossovers is testing the waters of how the two shows will intermingle.  I'm eager to see Dorian mix it up with Adam, but the crossovers of Paul and Babe couldn't possibly have been less interesting.

To the whole "Dynasty" stupidity in the Babe and Krystal story.  NEXT!!  That joke was funny once, but please, please, please let it go!!

To the presents from Cris that Roxy found in the closet.  Not only was the guy already Christmas shopping for everyone in October (a guy???), but to reach from the grave, clutch the still beating and breaking hearts of his loved ones in a death grip was the stuff soaps are made of.

To Al for botching up this undead deal every time he turns around.  The only rollicking good deal of it is that I get to see Luna again!

To the sudden realization from Georgie that Guy is gay!  What a great scene, but wow, what a painful moment!

WHAT??  We don't get to see the LiRic copulation?  Only hear about it after the fact?  C'mon!  Give us our lovins in da afternoon!


To the GH Powers That Be for making the colossal mistake of letting GH Institution, John Ingle, go!  Next to Dr Hardy and Luke Spencer, Edward Quartermaine IS GH and tossing him aside like so much obsolete garbage is an insult to Mr. Ingle, to the history of the show and most importantly, to the FANS!!  Idiots!  To them, we give the aberration of the "Rock Me, Amadeus Award," a little something we call the:


Ouches go out to the nasty PTB who also let go Chad Brannon, Lane Davies and Kin Shriner in the same week!  Check out the big version of the banner the Wub Queen made to show the tally of folks that have fallen under the show's indiscriminant scythe this year:

click the banner to get there

OUCH! to GH!!  First, away goes the Nurses Ball... then the Quartermaine's eternal search for the real Thanksgiving Dinner (and that horrible Courtney episode that was the last time it was shown) and now, NO GH CHRISTMAS PARTY??  WTF???  Is NO tradition left intact??  Nothing is sacred, it seems.


To Adam for his snappy comeback to Krystal:  "SOMEone got stroked."

To Roxy for telling of blowhard, Michael McBane when he was giving her a hard time.

To David and Dorian for that torrid kiss or two today!  Those two are H-O-T!

To Skye for duking it out with Faith!  N-i-i-i-ice catfight!

To Faith for that awesome white ensemble on Friday.  WOW!

To Ric for being so sweet with Liz.  Altogether now:  "Awwwwww."  She even looked pretty when seh was doing the ugly cry face.

You GO girl to Liz for having the courage to stand up to Sonny!


To Skye for knocking the hell out of Luke after he let Faith shove her into the water tied to a chair!

To Billy Warlock for knowing when to fly the coop to better things!  Congrats, Billy!  We'll miss you, but I'm betting we see you again soon!  (How about turning up on "Las Vegas," darlin?  I think he'd be a great asset to that show!)

To Kendall for working so hard to protect Binky and Baby Binky!  Now THAT's sisterly devotion!

To Viki and Dorian for not only blasting through the cave, but also for living through days of being trapped with one another!


And Always More to Come, Darlin'!!

Propz to
for the screen caps and our buddy, K Hardeman for the idea!


Yep, I know the pics are old, but I LIKE THEM!!