I'm not liking this, Cassadine!

I'm listening, Beloved, go on.

And she spends time with both of them and
the guy who isn't getting laid that night stays in town
and drinks and gambles and parties and stuff like that.

Hmmm.  Go on...

And they live like that, perfectly happily. 

It looks like this:

Except of course, ours would look like this:

Wait, I gotta be the old dude?  Why can't I
be the Dirty Harry look alike?

Because you're grizzled and worldly.

I'm quiet, refined and talk to trees.

Now I'm willing to give this a try and I know
Emily is...

Oh yes!  I think it's a perfect solution.

I gotta be honest, I'm not diggin it.

Not if I don't get to be Dirty Harry.

Dammit, Zander, it's a perfectly reasonable
solution.  Don't make me get reinforcements.

Give it your best shot.

Why do you have to screw up EVERYTHING?

I should have stayed dead.

. . .and he flat out refused.  I was sad.
Emily was sad.  It was mayhem.

*sigh*  OK, let's go.

You're in trouble.  I tellin on you.

Put down that phone.

Mr Guza?  Hi, sir, it's Nikolas.
Will you please verify to Zander that I am
more important than he is and deserve at
least partial interest in his hothoochiechickwife?
Yes, Jason's here.  Just a minute.

Yeah Bob, it's me.  No, he's totally uncooperative.
Mmmm hmm.  Yes, we know that.  OK, I'm on it.

Well, that's it, ZanMan.  You share the wife and
be Lee Marvin or you're over the cliff with the bat.

That's for sure?

You're in man!


Can I have my own dressing room now.


Emily, you're cool with having to service
both Nikolas and Zander.

Hmmm.  Sure!!

Another crisis solved.
Now don't bother me again.
And stop with the whole, "I'm gonna
blow up the docks if I don't get my way crap. 
That's a baby monitor."

I'm the luckiest guy in the world.

I'm still not sure...

Shut UP, Zander.  Now go to town.

Whoo hooo!