Dream Analysis

In today's "This is the Strangest Life I've Ever Known" segment, we have the dream from last night.  I was in the jeep (lots of vehicle dreams lately) with all three kids as they are now and a baby who was almost newborn who was also mine.  The baby was of unknown gender (I presume I knew in the dream) and unknown name. 

The baby in my birth dream was a boy, very healthy and born with no pain, even though I was worried about him prior to his birth.  He was my "New life, New beginning." 

I also got the feeling that I was a single parent. 

Eric has been so emotional about all of this that I have definitely felt alone as the only sane person (or adult person) in the bunch.

The kids and I drove to this weird place by a large river. 

In dreams, water tends to represent intuition.

It was a  sort of rest station that stretched over the river like a walkway, but it was really, really wide and created a giant building with different rooms and such.  There were restrooms, snack bars and sitting areas.  In one place, a band was playing and another area was set up like a day care center.  There was also a kind of clinic type place in it.

Something for everyone?  :)  A place or situation that takes care of many people's needs.

As we were coming to that place (and in the dream, I knew that was where we were heading), I had to pull to the side of the road because the baby was crying. 

Uh oh!  New Life has problems!

The area was fairly dark and foreboding. 

Skerry time!

I got the baby settled and was getting ready to drive away when a car pulled up behind us. 

I get things back under control, Eric all settled and...

A guy got out and tried to carjack me with an old fashioned umbrella (the kind like Penguin from Batman uses with the spike on the end). 

New Broker Guy tries to bully us.

I said, "You have got to be kidding me" and reached out of my window and grabbed the end of the umbrella and bent it around in a U shape so it was pointing back at him. 

I don't take him seriously...

He screamed like a girl and ran back to his car. 

...and he is bested.

I got out of the car and saw another man behind my car, on the ground rolling in pain. 

...but Eric ain't doin' so hot.

I knew I had to get to the clinic in the building to send an ambulance back for him. 

Meh, let someone else deal with it.  "I'll send for help!" *roars away*

Drove to the building, told the clinic people what was going and they sent out help for the guy, so we started playing.

Meh, go help that guy.  Now let's SHOP!

 The boys went to the day care center and were dumping toys everywhere and Delena went to an arcade across the hall from them. 

Everyone is happy and settled.

While I was getting the boys settled, an alarm sounded and the day care centered grabbed all kinds of drums, tambourines and mylar balloons.  They started beating on those things (mylar balloons make a lot of racket when they are whacked in my dream) and chanting, "Raise it up!  Raise it up!  Raise it up!"  Everyone who worked at this place (the whole building, not just the day care center) were chanting and cheering and beating on crap. 

Chanting, drumming, rattling and tambourining are a way of raising energy in our Witchy circles.  I think this indicates that lots of people are pulling for us and the energy for this is raising well.

The kids and I were looking at each other wondering what was going on.  Suddenly, the floor of the hallway cracked and started to lift on each side.  The carpet pulled back revealing windows underneath and I realized it was a kind of drawbridge that would raise to let big ships pass on the river below. 

The ship (ships!) is coming in!

I panicked for Delena, but through the windows, I saw her wave to me from the other side and knew she was OK. 

Don't worry!  Everyone is OK!

Two ships went through and they were only about two feet from where we were standing, so the floor was shaking like mad and these people are still chanting and cheering and beating on stuff.  After the ships had passed, another alarm sounded and they started chanting, "Put it down!  Put it down!" and of course, the floor returned to normal and everyone resumed what they were doing. 

All will be normal soon.

Knowing the kids were happy and playing, I went to shop in some of the stores and ran into my dear friend, Kathy Hardeman (who writes for Eye on Soaps).  She was admiring the baby and I asked her expert opinion.  Didn't it appear that my baby had Afro-American features?  I didn't mind at all, just found it odd since I hadn't slept with any black men.  She agreed that the baby was definitely mulatto.  We both agreed it was interesting, then went on with our shopping.

This baby sure is a miracle!  It also contains elements not contributed by me that are the miracle (immaculate conception) bits.

I picked up the kids and knew we'd overstayed and had to get going. 

Time to move on and not dwell!

Dylan and Nathan were worried about picking up the toys they'd played with (now I knew I was dreaming) and the staff kept telling them to just leave them, it was OK. 

I think this was thrown in just to demonstrate the miracle aspect.  :)

Got the kids in the car and drove off into the sunset with Kathy waving goodbye behind us.

The only bummer is in not taking Kathy back with me.  All in all, good dream!


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