December 29, 2004 

I am having such a hard time waking up today!  I was up in the night having and argument with a migraine.  It's hard to tell who won.  Sure, I beat the little bastard into submission, but I also lost two good hours of sleep in the process.  After Eric left this morning around 6am (they have a cushy week - which means my budget has a tragic week - due to the holidays), I went back upstairs and slept for another hour and a half when the boys came flying into the bedroom like gangbusters to announce that "IT'S SNOWING, IT'S SNOWING!!"  It was coming down in big, fat, ploppy flakes that now, two hours later, are tighter little flakes that look like they're mixing with rain.  There's very little on the ground.  Eric and I have been having an impressive battle of the wills regarding the snow.  I, of course, do not like it.  I haven't since I was a little girl.  Now that I'm a big girl, it inconveniences me, especially since I need to slide down the hill to get some groceries and school clothes for Dylan the end of this week, which is rapidly approaching.  I have to go out in the slush, slick and nast to get wood for the fire.  There is a chance the snow is going to get jiggy with my satellite dish and if it gets really aggressive, could knock out my electricity, which makes cooking and computer time really interesting... all so Eric and the kids can slide down a hill on a piece of plastic.  I am not a total scrooge.  I'm willing to give them... let's say Sunday.  They can have Sunday, even Saturday afternoon through Sunday night to be polar bears and get their fill of winter hedonism.  But the roads had best be clear on Friday and again on Monday.  Hell, they can have the entire weekend. 

We're told the electricity inevitably goes out at some point up here for a few days each winter.  They also swore that we are ass deep in snow from the end of November on and I've managed to beat those odds as the community discusses the freakishy late snow season this year (yeah, budddeeeee).  With any luck, it will play by my rules for a good while. 

Yesterday was great fun and like my time with Josh, Valerie and the grandkids last weekend, I got so involved with what I was doing that I forgot to take pictures!  Anyway, Carol Banks Weber (Coggie) and her hubby and son came by yesterday on the first leg of their two months of traveling.  I was very honored that they went about 3 hours out of their way to climb the hill and spend some time with me. 

James, their little boy, is just as cute and sweet as his pictures seem.  We all had a really good visit.  Carol lived up to my image of her and more.  She's very smart, very articulate and extremely good company.  I look forward to visiting with her again some time.  They were only able to stay for about 3 hours or so, so we were just getting all warmed up and comfy when they had to go.  I'm just grateful for the time I could get.  I wish I could create my own little community (which I suggested this to Georgia, she said, "I was thinking "compound.") up here in the mountains.  My focus for the year is supposed to be "abundant friendship," one of them anyway, and I think all my friends should move up here to help me with that.  :)

The appraisal has been postponed until Friday.  Eric is off that day and wanted to be here for it, which works out GREAT for me.  I can take Dylan to town to get his school clothes, pick up some groceries and when I come back, it will all be over and pretty much out of our hands.

I plan on today being a quiet, mellow day.  I'm still tired from the migraine issue and pretty much all I have planned for the day is a good bit of laying about and doing some dishes. 

The snow has turned to rain and I think my fire has gone out.  I'm boring this week.  Feel free to entertain me.  :)

Guess I'll go attack the couch, pillow and blanket.  Hope you have a cozy week.