December 17, 2003

So look, I'm all for trusting the process and tuning into the gentle nudges of the Universe and all, but lately, it has been an exercise in futility for me to get to my journal!  It's not a Christmas thing because I'm not really doing anything that is in any way holiday related.  I'm actually not getting to THAT either!  I've got wrapping and cooking that needs to be done and there it sits.  I even have sugar cookies baked that haven't been frosted and are just sitting there getting stale. (My kids don't know you can eat them without frosting... or maybe it's that they don't know you can eat them when they're burned and the frosting isn't covering the fact that they are burned... regardless, there they sit.

I've done some deep cleaning this week, scrubbing bathrooms and the link, but I've got surface stuff like the kids' room and general straightening to do.  Then there are the 476 loads of laundry in my bedroom waiting to be folded.  I hate digging in baskets for clothes to get the kids out the door. 

This Mercury retrograde is kicking my ass.  It didn't officially start until today, but the incoming energy was strong and things have been out of whack for about a week.  I am losing every essential piece of paper I need (Christmas receipts, car titles, social security cards for the kids, things like that).  Things that I put on my desk at 11pm are gone at 6am the next day.  Appointment times are different than what I was told when they were scheduled, gifts that were supposed to be sent out from the company on the 15th are showing up as scheduled for shipping on the 20th (yikes!) and on and on.  Important phone numbers (the plumbers, the guy who wanted to buy the truck) just evaporate from the caller ID.  (If you aren't familiar with Mercury retrogrades either from my babbling or from other sources, click here.

Man, I'm really getting sick of hearing my classic rock abused on these TV commercials.  I started vomiting when I heard the sacred "Whip It" by Devo suddenly desecrated as the house frau mating call on Swiffer wet.  Then "Bend Me, Shape Me," by The American Breed is used to sell an electric razor.  All in all, I've probably heard about 20 classic songs used to see dumb crap.  Did all of the music of the 70's and 80's suddenly become public domain or are we in the midst of wide-spread sell out?

Here are some fun holiday links:,,4845,00.swf

And here is a fun link to something my son, Joe, set up.  It's an online journal for Sling Blade (Carl Childers from the movie).

I love to be entertained.  Even just a good giggle from something dumb is a joy in my life. 

I've been up to my ears in sick kiddies this week.  First was Dylan, who actually came home sick last Wednesday, dragged in to school on Monday and then was out again yesterday.  Delena and Nathan were both sick yesterday as well.  It seems to be a minor cough and fever.  They were running around 101-103 off and on.  I tend to let the fever do its job and kill the germs, but once it starts climbing to 103 or so, I whip out the Tylenol.  Nathan's was down last night when he went to bed and he's fine this morning.  Delena and Dylan are both back in school as well. 

All of that means that I am behind on things like housecleaning and laundry and sanity, so it would appear I should hoist my generous ass out of this chair and get busy. 

Hope your holidays are shaping up joyously and that life is treating you well.

Take care,