December 6, 2003

Merry Christmas!  (Sounds like it should be followed by a big Ho, Ho, Ho, doesn't it?"  Oh well, my ho'in' days are over, I'm guessing)

Today has been a really great day so far, except for the tremendous headache I have from not sleeping long enough.  Dylan woke up at 4:00am hungry this morning, so by the time I got him fed (he went to sleep before dinner last night), I was too awake to sleep and too sleepy to do much more than stare a great deal (I'd say I was the "stare master").  Around 10am, we took the kids to the Christmas Craft Fair ("craft" as in "making things," not craft as in Craft, meaning MY kind of Craft... wouldn't THAT be a hoot?) at the school and spent a little over an hour (closer to two, actually), scuttling the kids around from station to station, helping them glue jiggly eyeballs onto foam rubber penguins and stringing beads for necklaces.  We go every year and it's such great fun.  This was the first time all of us have gone.  Usually one of us will take Dylan and Delena.  Nathan has really been too little until now.  The Christmas music was playing and the REAL Santa was there, not some joker in a fake beard with padding.  This one was REAL.  Nathan was flat out refusing at first to have anything to do with him, but when Dylan went up and started rattling off his Christmas list, Nathan started to panic figuring he needed to get his dibs in, so he broke away in this panicked run and bolted for the stage, ran up the stairs and hopped onto the guy's lap with Dylan.  It was so sweet.  I have pictures of them that I'll post later this week, as well as pictures of all of the decorations we put up last night, including the tree and a million lights on the house.  (Psst:  One thing I have strongly suspected and now know for certain is that Eric, bless him, has no talent for putting lights on a tree. Don't tell him I said so, because he really tried and was consumed by the Christmas Spirit... don't want to dampen that any).

The craft fair had a really profound effect on Nathan, beyond just conquering his fear of Santa in favor of material gain. The whole time we were there (I mentored him while Eric handled Dylan), he kept cuddling me and telling me how much he nubs me (loves me) and several times, said, "I'm so HAPPY."  I thought if anything it would be overwhelming with him because it was elbow to elbow kids.  He did a fine job and came away with some wonderful ornaments that are drying on the table as we speak.  After they finish drying, I'll need to throw names and dates on the back. 

I had a funny experience when decorating last night.  I pulled out the crocheted red and green placemats and put them on the table with a nice flower arrangement and said, "See, Mama?  I put out the placemats you made!"  Immediately, I heard her in my head snapping (and I do mean snapping), "I didn't make those, girl your Granny did."  I got them about 20 years ago and was sure she'd made them but um, evidently not.  I guess time mulls the memory a bit (but not Mom's, it seems). 

Tonight, we celebrate the Full Moon (Long Night's Moon), so friends will be coming over, which is always fun.  It doesn't seem like it should be December already.  It's starting to get quite cold out, 61 right now and getting down in the 40's tonight (Brrr!!!  Shut up!  I live in Cali for a VERY good reason and THIS is IT!)  We got a real tree this year, just a little fir, and the smell is really strong in the back room, which is lovely.  I've been downloading Christmas music to burn onto a CD to set the mood further.  These people are going to be Christmassy OR ELSE!!

Fortunately, the little ones are taking to it quite nicely.

I'm teetering on this brink of whether to clean my house and finish the laundry now and be responsible and wise or screw around doing the book reviews I need to do (there are 20 in the chute waiting to be written and 40 more waiting to be read and written about) and clean at the last minute. 

After some thoughtful consideration, it appears I should be cleaning, so I'd best get about it.

I do hope your weekend is just spectacular and that full of joy, peace and rest.

Much love,