December 4, 2003

This column is dedicated to a very special person who did a really wonderful thing.  Linda, you never, ever cease to amaze me.  Thank you for caring so very much.  All I can say is... thank you.  You made me cry again.  I love you too, darlin.

I am so completely blessed with wonderful people in my life.  Linda, I happened to meet just because she drifted to our EOS message board for about 37 seconds and mentioned she was from Owensboro, Kentucky, which is my hometown.  We struck up a friendship and now, I can't imagine my life without her holding down the other side of the states for me.  When Linda's there, I know O'town is in good hands.  She even came to the funeral home just to give me a hug when my mom died and invited me over for copious liquor that night (this girl knows how to manage crisis!!!).  Sadly, I wasn't able to do that, among other things, because pressing family matters kept me busy the whole time I was home, but the next time I go to Kentucky (dead people or not), it's me and Linda and a lot of madness waiting to ensue.  I am honored to know her and again, I am awed by the simple, split second things (like checking a message board on a particular day) that change our lives forever.  Here's to you, darlin.  Katrina loves you.

Today is another one of "those" days when I make the effort to get this tooth fixed (For those who are keeping track, this is attempt #4 with nothing at all being done at al on the first three times:  1) "We can't see you at this facility, you'll have to go to the one behind us and they're booked for today" after waiting an hour.  2) "Your coverage is jacked up, call this phone number" after waiting for 2 hours.  3)  "One x-ray of one tooth, quick glace, you have an abscess, take 10 days of antibiotics and come back in two months" after figuring out their broken English (and I spent almost 4 years on Guam and 20 years as a military wife, so I'm GOOD with non-English).  I am still at a point that if I go more than 4-5 hours without sucking the Tylenol teat, I am in a good bit of pain.  I finished the antibiotics and changed dentists (since I swear I smelled duck meat at the last one - QUACK!!), so I hope this one can get something done about it.  On the phone, the front office staff said they'd be doing a full set of x-rays and a cleaning this time, then fix the tooth if there is enough time.  You can believe I'm stirring the cauldron and lighting candles to make THAT happen.  I want this over or at least on the road to over.  I never thought I'd be eager to have dental work done.  It just shows what a supreme motivator pain really is.  I want my life back!!  It has been a year since my teeth were last cleaned, so that is likely to take a little while and some digging and prodding.  Since they don't use nitrous, I'll likely be doing a LOT of intense visualization and relaxation therapy to make it through this.  I'm not as panic stricken this morning as I usually am pre-dentist.  I'm more looking forward to getting this handled.  If you have any extra happy thoughts lying around doing nothing at 3pm PST, please send them my way!  At least this time I have a real appointment rather than coming in on stand by and they got me in within 3 days rather than 2 months like the other one.

I am about to break tradition and put my Christmas decorations up much earlier than usual.  I usually don't break out the boxes until the week before Solstice, the theory being that I don't want to be bored with them by the time the actual day rolls around.  I usually have everything cleared out a day or so after, ready to reclaim my house from red, white and green.  This year, I'm feeling particularly festive for some reason, excited about Christmas coming.  I've been taking input on whether to get a real tree or use the same fake one I've used for 20 years.  I think it's likely going to come down to finances and going with the freebie, being the one in my garage.   ;)  If I do that, I'm going to at least get some branches to stink up my house a bit.  I've also downloaded a lot of Christmas songs to torture everyone in the house.

Oh man, I'm on the hell express.  I got a score of 180 (which is great if you're playing darts).  Check this out:


Did I happen to mention that I want to make a litter of little red-eyed demon babies with this guy?  Just call me Lilith.  I think he should become a super hero on the show.  I wub him.

I so very much want one of these things.  I use candles like mad and this would be the coolest thing since whatever was cool before sliced bread was the coolest thing.  Why do people have to make marvelous things like this to torture poor souls like myself?  Sadistic bastids.  This is a link I have passed on before, but it is so fun and I'm so proud of it (my son, Joe, did it) that I thought it was worth sharing again.  It only makes sense if you've read the front page reports in the Weekly World News about Bat Boy, "Bat Boy Found In Cave," "Bat Boy Gets Married," etc.  Ah!  Look!  All of the stories are online!

Speaking of being proud of Joe, in his online journal, he recently posted this picture that he drew (that's right, my son is THAT talented) of Alice Cooper:

Nah, I don't know where he gets it.  I can't draw water from a well and he can do this stuff.  Go figure.

Another of my favorite (repeated from a previous entry) short movies is here:

and this one:

click on "The Parlor"

I also should, in the interest of disclosure, let you know that I now have a new favorite phrase, "Numfar!  Do the dance of joy!"  Fans of the show "Angel" might be interested to know that Numfar was actually played by this guy to the left, Joss Whedon, who is the Director and Executive Producer for both "Angel" and "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer."  I haven't watched "Angel" much.  It comes on after "Judging Amy" and I happened to run into it a couple times and now, I'm hooked on it as well.  Discovering all of these new shows that are old shows "Amy," "Charmed" and "Sopranos" is so exciting because all of these reruns are first time showings for me, hostso not only do I get to enjoy them anew, but I get to see them again if I miss them at some point!  In the meantime, I can check out the online episode guides and at least see what happened.  I imagine this is a fairly popular vote (haven't canvassed any of the Angel fans out there), but I think my favorite character is Lorne, the Host (right).  What a fun character.  I was getting pretty bummed when I thought he was dead from that messy decapitation.  I'm surprised that the guy who plays him, Andy Hallett, has done almost nothing else. 

Eric is red hot to own our own house and property, but this is one of the times that I'm thrilled to be renters.  There is an ominous sound of running water coming from between the kitchen sink and the water main (which is on the outside of the wall behind the kitchen sink) and it's getting louder and more aggressive.  We called the property managers on Monday, but nothing yet.  We still have water pressure and hot water, there's no sign of leakage or seepage, but you can really hear that water roaring through pipes somewhere.  Sounds... expensive. We had a flood under our house from a broken pipe a couple of years ago and it was amazing.  The water was rising up to a few inches below the floor vents and we discovered that when the owner build on the back extension, he built over the crawl space, so it's impossible to get under the house. It should be interesting to see how this plays out.  When they pumped  the water out from under the house, it took hours and was gallons and gallons and made a huge lake at the end of the streets. 

And so, the time has come for me to prepare to address the day!  Eric has risen (He is Risen!!) and that means the shower is available.  After that, Yikes!!!  It's garage cleaning.  Cover me.  I'm going in!

Have a STELLAR day!