December 1, 2003

Today is much brighter than yesterday, thank goodness.  I guess I just needed a day to re-explore that that part of my past and I have to say, having all of that vented out really helped.  No bad dreams last night.  It was also great to hear from people dealing with some of the same issues.  Evolution is challenging, that's for sure. 

As I said, I feel much better today and I'm ready to tackle the task at hand.  By it being December 1st, it's definitely carpe diem mode on Christmas.  I have to seize the day and find a way to make this happen.  I've been praying and lighting candles and such and now we're getting into the home stretch, so it's time to get aggressive on the search for miracles.  Eric doesn't have any leads on jobs, so it looks like he's going to be left with the side jobs that have been coming to him.  I pretty much sold off everything I could last year when things were bad, anything of any value, anyway. 

So the plan is to piece together a cool Christmas the way my mother used to, by the skin of her teeth.  I've been bidding on e-bay for the things the kids are asking for and of course, I keep getting outbid.  >:<  The main thing I have to come up with is a Nintendo Game Cube and a few games for it.  Anything else comes easily.

I've long been a thrift shop Christmas mom.  For the most part, my kids never knew that a lot of their gifts were pre-owned.  I've been pretty thrifty in my time.  :) 

My calla lilies are doing very well.  I have one in ratty bloom, one doing better down deep in the leaves and two more blooms coming.  Those are my little miracles waiting to happen!

I'm also going to be working on a Christmas for the daughters of Josh's girlfriend.  They are 2 and 3, so that's something I can do in my sleep and on $10-20.  Delena has gotten easy lately.  She's really into girly stuff like nail polish and lip gloss and such.  I am fully dedicated to making this happen on our shoestring budget!

A friend of mine recently said, "There is nothing holy in poverty."  I've got to give it to Artie.  He has definitely got a way with words!  It might be holy to be graceful in any difficult situation, including poverty, but just poverty itself, I have determined, is totally without merit.  I'm well prepared to leave it!

My big concern is getting enough money into our EOS account to pay for our site expenses because lord knows I can't make it up this month. 

Tomorrow, I tackle the electric bill (yikes!) and the phone bill.  One challenge at a time, one victory at a time. 

So enough of that.  I don't want to talk about being poor any more. 

I got a dentist appointment this week!  I'll bet you never thought you'd hear me say that with enthusiasm.  Sadly, they do not use nitrous (böse & fies), so I'll have to rough it.  As far as I know, they are going to give me a good cleaning, then either schedule out (tell me about it) the repair or do it then if they have time.  I was so excited to finally get through to the new doctor's office.  I about melted when the front office staff spoke intelligible English.  Ahhh.  So around 3pm on Thursday, y'all be sending me lots of good, calming, healing energy because I'm going to be freaking out like a big dog.

Not much else is going on.  As soon as Eric finishes meditation, I'm going to hit the sheets and go to snoozeville. 

I hope your week started well and your weekend was wonderful.  I'm eager for the rains that come with Sacramento winters.  To me, they are always so cleansing and purifying.  We had nice drizzles yesterday and today, but I want some real storms to blow all this mess away (it'd better just be good to my calla lilies!!)

Take care!


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