November 20, 2003


        November 20, 2003

        I'm pretty much tired of bitching about my tooth and about how much poverty sucks (Christmas is a vague concept that is currently sitting squarely at the feet of St Jude, my favorite miracle man).  Yesterday, I was sick as a little bitch dog all day and Eric, OF COURSE, had meetings all day from 8am until 10pm, so I was forced to carry on as though I could walk and talk and function.  I don't know if I had a flu or if the antibiotics are making me sick or if *I* am making me sick or what, but man, it hit me hard and there was just NO energy and I was super nauseated and had all kinds of intestinal issues and generally felt like dog mess.  The kids were so good, which was a major blessing. 

        Eric came home around 10pm, full of apologies for not being here when I was sick and promising to take good care of me the next day (that would be today).  I'm guessing you (anyone with a male attached to them in some form or another) can imagine what happened next.  He's in bed today, too sick to get up, too sick to sleep last night, but he said while he was awake, he meditated to heal me so I'd be OK to take care of things today.  I mean, what kind of backassed shit is that?  "I pray she gets better so she can take care of my sick ass."  So today, I'm still feeling rough and out of sorts and queasy and weak, but I'm mobile at least.  It's Delena's birthday today (she's 11) and David and Josh (my older sons who are local) and Josh's girlfriend, Valerie are coming over tonight to have birthday dinner with her.  I hope my stupid headache is gone by then and I'm able to muster up some energy!

        So I said I was tired of bitching and to honor that, I've decided to call this column, "Stuff I Like."  I do this from time to time just to center up on really, really things in my life that I enjoy very much (aside from the usual great husband, great kids, blah blah blah) and also so that if you might enjoy these things too, you can discover them through my joy with them.  That way, we make this happy little train of joy and entertainment.  All Aboard The Happy Train!!  (Good god, someone kill me now please)

        I have found lately that I have an even more insatiable need to be entertained.  The people whose online journals I read don't update all that often, so I can't get much going on there.  I've read everything else to death.  Now I've been exploring TV a bit more.  Anyone who has read my journal knows that I am a full devotee of both ER and Judging AMY (I am all about TNT these days).  I had a really big surprise when the reruns of ER went to Mark Greene's death this time (this is where it has skipped back to episode 1, Carol Hathaway's suicide attempt, the other 3 times I've watched all the episodes through syndication).  It kept going!  That has been a wonderful treat, to see these new shows I haven't seen before (ER is past my bedtime in real time and taping isn't really an option for me).   Today, the President's Classic or some other golf horror is taking its place, so I'm all akimbo from 10-12.  >:<  I did, however, get to watch my new interest (which came up after E!, in its infinite lack of judgment, stopped running one of my favorite shows, "Mysteries and Scandals" with the delicious AJ Benza and THEN game show network moved "The Newlywed Game" over "The Weakest Link"), "Charmed."  I'd avoided "Charmed" for some obvious reasons.  First, it has cutesy Gen X perfect bodied Barbie wannabes on it.  Secondly, I am a practicing Witch for a long time now and I take my Craft very seriously.  I didn't want to see the likes of them screwing it up.  I accidentally watched it one day, thinking it was a really long preview.  It was good!  They actually do a really, really fine job of honoring The Craft and still providing some decent drama.  Before long, I was hooked.  Mind you, I came in after Prudence (Shannon Doherty) died, so it might have really sucked with her on it for all I know.  One of the main points of interest is, this guy, Julian McMahon, who plays "Cole Turner" aka "The Source of All Evil."  I am seeing from his IMDB profile that he's listed as being on the show from 2000-2003, so this does not bode well for such a yummy source of all evil.  My guess is he's a goner and I'm not going to like that very much.  I've been with some guys who were, by all evidence, the source of all evil and my thought is that you've got to give a guy some leeway here and there, particularly if they look like this.  That carries a good bit of weight.  So Charmed has joined my list, right up there with Amy and ER and Scrubs as fave TV shows. 

        I was pretty sure I liked Dr Phil after reading his books and seeing him on Oprah and having him change my life in a profound way after I read "Life Strategies" and again after I read "Relationship Rescue."  I became quite a devotee and was really pleased when he got his own show.  I thought it got off to something of a rocky start because Oprah had a way of buffering his gruffness a bit, but she also tried to get in there and analyze a good bit herself, which tended to piss me off, because overall, I think Oprah is a pretty fucked up individual (I'll write an Oprah rant some day and air my Oprah grievances, but most of you who know me can pretty well figure out what they probably are) and has no business giving anyone advice about anything.  Rich or not, she's still fucked up. 

        Phil, however, seems to have a pretty good handle on things and although there are a few places where he and I definitely part ways, for the most part, I view him as one of our modern day genuine gurus.  He really does make sense and he really does have a very clear understanding of getting real.  When a person sets themselves up to have a clue about anything, it always opens the floodgates for the naysayers and the hyper-critics to start trying to tear off a piece and show us that they are every bit as wretched as the rest of us are, but if there is any living person who seems to have their head on straight, I'd have to say Phil is likely the closest we'll ever see of it.  I expect he's probably a really hard person to have for a dad and even more so as a husband (although Jay, his son, is quite a looker, in my opinion, and definitely sets off my Mrs Robinson complex), I very much respect his willingness to put himself out there and try to interject some good, rational common sense into the world.  If someone was going to tell me what to do, I'd want it to be Phil and I'd probably do it without questioning.  Sometimes, I think you really do need to substituted someone else's judgment for our own because sometimes, I think we have our heads so far up our own asses we can't see a thing.  Phil is one of my favorite things, so thanks, Phil, for being there.

        People Magazine had the good sense to name Johnny Depp the Sexiest Man Alive for 2003, proving that they can see and actually have some good judgment.   From 21 Jump Street to Gilbert Grape to Blow to Chocolat to Pirates, the guy is just 100% gorgeous.  Having been an Air Force wife for a sum total of a princely 20+ years and knowing what it's like to try and have a family, take seriously the concept of defending one's country and being ever ready to move into action should the need present itself, I generally take a dim notion to those who sit on the sidelines and scream foul when they don't like the choices our government makes and figure they know, from their lofty positions in front of their computer screens, infinitely much more about foreign relations and country management than the CIA, the FBI, the President and Congress, barking about how much they hate America while they sit on their fat American asses, using their hard won (not by them, mind you) American freedom to voice their dissention, taking advantage of all of the glory of being American and bitching loudly about all that's wrong.  Then there's Johnny.  Johnny was born in my hometown of Owensboro, Kentucky.  Nope, I never ran into him in the locker area, sadly.  I strongly suspect that if his family was still in Ky when he, at a year and a half younger than I am, was in high school, he was likely an Owensboro High School guy rather than an Ohio County High School gal like I was.  I dated mostly Daviess County High guys or an Apollo High School guy here and there.  Only one Owensboro High School guy did I ever date and Karl Francis, you are still a wonderful memory for me.  So Johnny is  Ky boy (as is my other love interest, George Clooney, although he hails from Lexington, a whole world away) and while he has spoke out against how America operates, he has moved to France and changed his citizenship prior to do it.  Mind you, he has no problem spending our American dollars thrown his way, but he gives sufficient entertainment for what he's paid, so I won't complain about that either.  Anyway, I at least respect that he took the time and effort to become not an American before he starting bitching about America.  Don't forget, however.  We can't stop here... it's bat country.

        I love cherry or strawberry jello, almost gelled, then mixed with cool whip and fruit cocktail until it's all fluffy.  We used to call it fluff, in fact.  I haven't had any in years, but I made some today, a huge punch bowl of it.  My kids hate it.  My husband hates it.  I love it.  So there.  I just ate some.  Yum.

        I love turkey and I love when they're on sale.  I'm cooking my second one this month for Delena's birthday tonight.  So nummy.  I'm also making homemade white bread and mashed potatoes.  Potatoes were only 99 cents for a 10 pound bag at Albertson's two weeks ago, so I stocked up. 

        I love turtles.  I don't love my semi-aquatic turtles, God and Q.  I have a degree of affection for them, but they are truly nasty creatures and not really great as pets.   I love the candy, turtles.  Pecans and caramel and chocolate.  What's not to like.

        Just the best.

        I love Remifemin.  I hated their commercials passionately ("I'm a Remifeminist"), but their product is wonderful.  I was taking Estroven and it really helped with the hot flashes and general punky feeling, but I think I must have developed an immunity to it or something because after a couple of months, it was like I wasn't even taking it any more.  Then, this angel of mercy, this St Judith of Medication landed on my doorstep and delivered unto me a couple of months of these babies.  I will forever now be a devotee and will die with Remifemin and turtles on my breath (and fluff).  When you're hepped up on Remifemin, everything is singing a happy tune, even when all this crap is going on.  I wub it.  Don't mess around with Estroven.  It's a gateway drug.  This is the hardcore stuff.  The only downside I noticed is that my period was early this month (good ol' black cohash).  Oh well.  It's out of the way and since I'm bilaterally tubally ligated, who cares when the period comes?  At least I'm all happy, happy, joy, joy in the meantime.  If this is a Stepford drug, ring my bell and pass the scotch to wash it down with.

        arnold for governorI love Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Yes, for the first time on record, I am stating that I voted for him to be our governor.  Why did I do this?  For the same two reasons that a landslide of Californians did.  #1)  Because we could.  Only in California can you have The Terminator as your governor.  #2)  Because something has to change, we need to cleanse the palate of this fair state and I think he's just the man to do it.  When I looked over the candidacy that was on board, I looked at what each of them (the reasonable ones, anyway) brought to the table, how they conducted themselves in the debates and what their platforms looked like.  Although Arnold took a bit to get settled in what his position would be on some things, one thing kept sniggling around in the back of my mind and that was that here's a guy who is beholden to none (I have a real issue with special interests, kickbacks and such), who doesn't need the money and above all, who has spent most weekends for the past twenty years that he's been married to Maria steeped in politics via the Kennedys.  If nothing else, he has to have picked up more by osmosis than anyone else on the ballot could gain in a few years of experience.  He has proven himself to be a successful businessman, a driven and dedicated athlete and as much of a family man as anyone in politics can possibly be.  I think he'll do as good a job as anyone could and a better job than most, so I'm all for it.  Besides, I loved hearin him say the words, "fiscally responsible."

        I love the Kirby vacuum and shampooer, but I can't have one because they are $1200 out the door if you get a really vulnerable salesperson that you can break down to tears and his lowest possible price ever.   These things are clean daemons and one wants desperately to live at my house, but *sigh* he just can't seem to make his way here when Eric is out of work.  When I'm rich, I'm getting one of these puppies and a house boy named Jacques to operate it, cleaning what few carpets I will have in my fantasy house. 

        My house won't have many carpets.  It'll have hard wood floors and Jacques will polish them weekly in between totally cleaning the rest of my house. He'll help Paige, my housecleaner, keep my house all clean and sparkling.  I don't even care that they're sleeping together, as long as they are both happy and do their friggin job, keeping the grab ass to their own time.  They have to show up on time for work, work their little hearts out, be thrilled for what I pay them, be kind to my family and don't steal my shit or lie to me.  That's all I ask from my help.  They also have to help out Genevieve (that's not "jenny veeve"... it's "jean vi-ev"), the nanny if she needs it.

        Sleep.  I love sleep so much. I have an enormous love affair with sleep, but sadly, we don't get to see one another often and are almost never alone together.  There are always children, traffic (outside... we live on a frontage road), husband getting up - husband coming to bed (same thing as far as waking me up), hated alarm going off, medication wearing off so I have to get up, take more, wait for it to take effect, then try to get back to sleep... I need to take my lover to a hotel so we can get some good time together.  Who knows what kind of person I'd be if I was running on full rest?  I sure don't.  It's been since before Nathan was born (1999) that I've slept through a full night, I think.  No wonder I have such freaky dreams.

        OK, I think that's all I love today (other than family, you guys, etc).  It's time for me to go pick up Delena early from school (It's her birthday!  Of course, I have to rescue her!).  Our grocery store had flowers on sale for a buck, so I got her two bunches of carnations, which will please her a great deal.  She loves girly stuff.  :) 

        I'm going to take her out to spend some money she got as gifts and to pick up a gift from her big brother.  I'm outta here!  Take care, all!