November 14, 2003

I must talk to you about the siren among us.  In case you aren't savvy on your mythology, the sirens are the sweet singing vixens who act all sweet and seductive, then lure wayfaring, trusting souls to their watery drowning death.  They look like this ---------------------------------------------------->

The siren (or Sy-reen as my fellow country folk would say - you can take the girl out of the country, etc etc) in our midst this time is none other than my own friend, Sherry Mercurio, who pretends to be my friend and then says something casual like "I'm taking a quiz on 80's song lyrics...LOL," and the way she is, is she KNOWS I'm going to then say, "OH really?  What's the LINK?" which I DO and she sends me this poison URL:

Which causes me not only to waste a good hour of precious nose blowing time, but also to have to call in reinforcements in the form of my X generation husband, who helps me along quite a bit.  I'm thinking, "Baby, Jump, Shout, Let it All Out!  I'm all OVER this!"  Then I end up with a smarmy 61% after being docked 30% for being a yuppie.  *sigh*  If they only knew.

This was as bad as the dreaded Retail Alphabet.  Kept me going for a solid week.  Another cursed person (yes, Kristin, I'm talking to YOU!!  I cant believe you actually beat this game!!) sent me this link to the Anna Nicole game and after working on the damnable thing for six months now and I can't get past needing 12 of everything.  It's not cumulative.  You have to start over from scratch every single time you tank.  Be sure and turn off the sound if you go there.  It's... maddening.  So you don't come up with funky names, Little Black Dog is Sugarpie, Purple Haired Girl is Kimmy (it's a very flattering picture), Orange Man is Howard and the pickles are there because Anna loves pickles.  Narcissism is a beautiful thing, but not as beautiful as I am. 

OH, I forgot to show you something cool.  Remember I mentioned that my buds and I always do a Graveyard Crawl the Full Moon before Halloween?  Georgia sent me pictures from that night and it's really interesting.  We were at a table under a tree so big that the branches extended down around us like a canopy, almost touching the ground around us.  While we were "in the tree," it got dusk quickly, then nearly dark.  The cemetery is in the middle of an industrial park, so the buildings block out the sun almost as soon as it dips down. 

As we stepped out of the reach of the tree, we could feel the spirits all around us (there'd been almost nothing until then), so Georgia snapped a picture (click the picture to make them bigger):

There was nothing around that would create the little dots you see everywhere.  No moisture in the air, no flecks from a fire... nothing.  We were all just standing there talking.  This is looking out over the main part of the graveyard and the following picture is when she turned a quarter turn to the left, looking away from the cemetery over just a few graves:

The pictures were taken seconds apart in exactly the same lighting. Cool, huh?  We left not long after that, taking the long way walking through the markers and down the main path and out.  It was a wonderful procession.  Love those memories.

I found the most wonderful book!  It's called "It's a Chick Thing" and I had so much fun reading it . I reviewed it here: on my Diva Digest page (

You can get it for $2 on  Go buy it for yourself.  You deserve it.

For now, I have go take pills for my dental disaster and this stupid cold. 

Have a great weekend!

Love you, Darlin,