November 11, 2003

(4:00am, fer chrissakes)

Perchance to dream, my ass, try perchance to sleep in the first place.

That's pissy, actually, because I did sleep from about 10pm until around 2:30am when the pain from this tooth woke my silly ass up just enough for the "Ow!" and not enough to do anything about it.  I was half in and half out of sleep for about a half hour or so, trying to determine if I'd actually taken my pills for the pain or just dreamed I had.  The pain in my tooth, which is almost totally eradicated if I take a cocktail of Tylenol and Excedrin for Migraines every 5 hours or so, told me I'd dreamed it.  I realized that this is what people call "suffering," because this really hurts.  Anyway, since the pain was severe after my semi-sleep hemming and hawing, I decided on more Excedrin than Tylenol rather than the other way around. Tylenol on its own just doesn't work. Excedrin on its own DOES work quite effectively, but it leaves me with vicious stomach upset and a speedy filling from the caffeine.  If I take Tylenol Pm to offset one of the Excedrin, then it's a perfect blend.  Also, the Excedrin works much faster and fast I needed. 

Taking more Excedrin was NOT a good plan because now I'm awake and nauseated when I'm really quite tired.  At least the kids have no school tomorrow and if I can manage to goose Eric out of bed, I can sleep in a bit.  I don't think he has any work planned until tomorrow afternoon.

Finally got through to the dentist to whom I have been assigned and they cannot get me in to be seen until the 18th, so I'm going to have to cope until then.  The receptionist is extremely foreign with an accent that is difficult to navigate (and after 4 years on Guam, I thought I was bulletproof when it comes to accent unscrambling), so my hope is that others around her are able to speak English more clearly.  On the other hand, I am not sure I want to know the details.  I really appreciated my last dentist who, rather than launching into full scale lecture mode on the perils of imperfect dental hygiene (yes, I brush), kicked my chair and said, "Floss more!!" then moved on with the procedure.

The good news is that we now qualify for free medical care, compliments of the state of California, county of Sacramento, so if one of us falls into danger (such as driving unprotected through bat country or something), we don't have to cringe over getting treatment.  As far as the foreign doctor goes, as long as they are able to nod enthusiastically when I ask for nitrous and slip that coveted face mask over my nose, I don't care if they know a word of English.  Lastly, allow me to reiterate:  "Ow."

Today, (OK, yesterday at this point) I had to write my first column for soap gossip on the site since 2001.  I was nervous as all hell because Sage, my recently retired gossip guy, has a vast and stalwart following and when I last did the rumor page, it tanked big time and was the least visited page on our website.  This time, over 3000 people have checked in on it and all of the feedback I've heard so far has been positive.  I was in full blown anxiety attack mode when it came time to post it, knowing it was time to do or die trying.  I'll get to go through it all again next week, but I'm sure I'll find my stride in it soon.

I was watching the movie, "Practical Magic" with Delena after not having seen it in several years and was shocked to find that the abusive ne'erdowell Dracula Cowboy that the two sisters end up having to off is actually the lustful Dr Luka from ER!  I love surprises like that!

Believe it or not, I'm starting to feel sleep creep in, so I'm going to go capitalize on it.  I'll be back with more tomorrow... or today... whatever.

Be peaceful and joyful, folks,