November 9, 2003

I can't believe it has been so long since I journaled last.  I can't believe how much I bitch about other people not updating their journals.  I can't believe I can actually see my own hypocrisy at work here, believing *I* deserve to be entertained even when I can't put two intelligent words together in a sentence.

I know it's the energy around me that has be all frazzled and out of synch with life.  I'm a creature of habit and I am most comfortable with routine and predictability.  When that's absent for a while, I start to fry out.  In times like this when life is a total roller coaster ride and I NEVER know what's going to be around the next turn, I get nigh on useless.  I just want to crawl into bed, pull the covers up over my head and hide until the next lull shows up.  I have always wanted to be this magnificent creature of excitement and adventure.  I even tried that a few times and made a right balls up of it and resigned to settling into my Virgoean need for peace, calm and predictability. 

Eric and I spent yesterday with our peers in the world of poverty:  applying for food stamps and Medi-Cal.  We should find out about the food stamps by Wednesday and the Medi-Cal is already active. I'm calling the dentist (I could barely understand what was said on their answering machine, so I don't think English is their first language) Monday morning to get my mouth all straightened out.  It's under control now as long as I take Tylenol and one Excedrin every four hours like clockwork.  I have found that I can't take full dose Excedrin or my stomach goes batshit and I get all speedy.  The cocktail seems to work, except that I have to wake up around 2 and 6am for more meds.  At least I'm not in excruciating pain now.  Previously, I'd only used topical pain management like Orajel and such, which didn't do much of anything after a point.  I don't know why I didn't think of analgesics earlier, but they definitely do the trick.  I'll be glad to not have to use them, however. 

Eric has gotten several good leads on jobs, so we know it's only a matter of time before something breaks (other than our budget and good natures).  He's very hopeful and so am I AND (get ready!) one of my calla lilies is blooming in November!  That means a big miracle is coming!

Tonight, we are in the middle of a really kick ass astrological event called a Harmonic Concordance.  It's a time when the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Chiron are all in alignment to form a Star of David (an upside down triangle over a right side up triangle) during a lunar eclipse on a Full Moon!  You'd better believe that my little Witchy self was hard at work with Witchy friends over THAT kind of energy!

If you are interested, you can read about it here:

This is a really big deal in that the two triangles in that configuration have long meant "As Above, So Below," meaning a heaven on earth.  It signifies a movement of energy to us that is of peace, love and joy and that's always a good thing. I could really feel it vibing as we were working tonight and could feel a lot of rusty cogs and gears starting to strain and turn and get back into motion again.

I also took pictures that I wanted to share with you (click to see the larger version if you like):

The Pig Crossing sign I got at the thrift
store for 79 cents... below my pig shelf.
This is only a few of them.


My circle of piggies.

Nathan, ready for Trick or Treat


Delena The Slayer


Dylan, the Ninja

Nathan... Jigglypuff

Dylan's Jack-o-Lantern he made himself

Eric's puking pumpkin

Delena got creative with hers

Eric' heads up the endeavor.
He does pumpkins, Easter
eggs and dishes.  What a

Nathan, the Linus in our group, did NOT
enjoy getting his hands messy.

Delena, however, is a seasoned
pumpkin eviscerator

Dylan learns the ropes

Me with my son, Joe (25), when he visited
two weeks ago. 

Joe and Dylan

More of Joe and Dylan

My oldest and my youngest

Delena and Joe

Nathan.  :)

I'm sure there's more to say, but it's almost midnight and I'm pending turning into a pumpkin myself if I don't hit the sack soon.  You'll hear from me this week!  I've really missed writing and will be back at it soon!

Everyone take care and have a WONDERFUL weekend and week!









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