September 30, 2004

OK, I'm better now.  Not 100%, but at least at peace with the dog issue.  It has taken me the better part of the week to get my mind wrapped around whole situation, but after running into walls and staring blankly for extended periods of time, I've about got it worked out.   Eric and I did not discuss it at all last night, which is a first since it happened.  As I was going to sleep, I knew what had to happen.  I told Eric, "I want my dog back, if that can happen at all.  If it can't happen, I am going to trust that it's for his greatest good."  He said, "OK."

I finally got some sleep last night after that was finalized.  I don't know what will happen from here on out, but it's in the hands of the Goddess, as is my puppy.  The kids seem to be getting better, but there's still an air of sadness around.  He won't likely have surgery for a few days, so we'll know more then.  Meanwhile, the dog issue is settled until The Universe makes a move.  Miracles happen all the time.  Of that I am certain.

That doesn't explain why this morning there is newer blood out on the concrete back slab where he was sitting, waiting for me to open the door when he was wounded.  I scrubbed it all off while Eric was at the hospital with him so he wouldn't have to see it when he came back.  Daggonit.

Eric is going on a yoga meditation walk this Saturday, so I'll have an extra "work" day.  On Sunday, I'll go to town for groceries and such.  Nathan has requested corndogs, having discovered them via school lunches.   He also thinks he will like spaghettios, even though he doesn't like tomato sauce.  Hey, maybe he will.

I think my turtle is sick.  What is this, the banishing of bothersome pets?  God has a running nose and is lethargic.  The turtles always gear down as it cools off, in lieu of hibernating, but he's been all kinds of blah and now he has a mucousy nose.  Have you ever wiped a turtle's nose?  Nah, I thought not.

Hope he gets better.  :( 

Q seems OK; just the usual "I should be hibernating soon" slow down.

Where has the day gone?  I've finished my last load of laundry in the washing, drying status.  Now the late afternoon will be spent with the 30 minute mad dash clean and sorting and putting away clothes like crazy.  Then, I collapse.

The mornings are too cool for my taste; the afternoons are too hot.  It's definitely the beginning of Fall!  I love it.  The seasons are one change I enjoy every year. 

I hope all of you have a glorious weekend and that blessings are everywhere.  Thank you so much for your love and support during this tough time.

Much love,