Sept 21, 2004

Almost Harvest!  Tomorrow is the second harvest, Mabon, when we get the gift of the Universe, the boon!  It's always such an exciting time.  Lammas (August 1st) represents the first harvest, when the tended gardens begin to give up their yield.  At Mabon, we start to see the apples, nuts, forest berries and such that would grow with or without our help are coming to us (which is why they are considered to be "the boon" and gifts from the Universe. 

I've been very blessed this year and I'm grateful for all I've been given.  It was very scary as some of the necessary changes were happening, but it was all worth it.  Too often, nothing but pain and fear will move us out of our complacency and get us to where we need to be.  I think if we never had pain in our lives, we'd never change anything.  It's not that I want to be bombarded with fearful, hurtful situations, it's just that once in a while, we need the rug yanked out from under us to be able to stand in the right place.

Man, I am COLD!  It warmed up considerably yesterday, but this morning it was (again) shivvery.  I finaly got a fire going in the wood stove.  I have so much Earth and Water in my astro chart that fire and I are only nodding acquaintances.  I love it, but I have trouble starting it.  With any luck, this will take me into the afternoon, which it should be warm again.  For now, I need more warmer clothes and thicker socks!  Brrrr.  (Isn't this still Summer?)

Today is carpet cleaning day.  I stocked up on the liquid stuff at Walmart.  They have a generic brand that is half the cost of the Hoover brand stuff and with any luck, it will work well.  I hate my Hoover machine and there's a pretty good chance it hates me.  I had a Bissel ProHeat, best carpet cleaner ever.  I completely wore it out (had an old dog with a weak bladder) and Sweet Eric tried to replace it out with the Hoover SpinSomething which is a pain in my ass.  I intend to replace it out as soon as possible.  In the mean time, I'm going to give the hose attachment another go with the brush.  It didn't work before, but I keep getting urged back to the damned thing, so I'm going to give it another try.  I hate carpeted stairs.  They are such a pain in the ass to clean.  My family is forbidden from taking food upstairs, but there are still stains on the kids' floors and stairs, proving out that my forbidden fruit is being carted up the stairs on the sly and dumped everywhere.  Nathan keeps drawing on the mirror with the crayons and he's on one more chance before Mr & Mrs Crayon and all their children become a controlled substance.  I'm using pie charts and computer simulated graphics to more aptly describe to him what I'm going to do to him if he draws on the mirror again.  I have two pathetic, beaten down Mr Clean Magic Erasers to help me with my cleaning today.  I also used up all of the Dow Bathroom Cleaner yesterday, which thusly depletes my bag of tricks and leaves me with outright scrubbing.  >:<  To me, that's as backwoods as beating my laundry on a rock in the river  to clean it.  I'm going to pretreat the couches and bad carpet spots with some Fantastic OxyClean to see if that helps get them cleaner.  Also have to clean the boy's room (ick) and put away some clothes that I got sorted last night.  After that, my house should be pretty well clean.

Lord, it's almost noon.  That's a full morning I've avoiding doing all of the crap in the aforementioned column.  Where are Merry Maids when I need them?  Why aren't they here merrily cleaning my crap?  Which brings me to the obvious conclusion that it is not going to clean itself, so I should likely get on it.  Thanks for keeping me distracted for a while.


For me, housecleaning is like "We're going to give you this great life where you can be with your children and write and create and relax after years and years of being in the work force, but there's only one catch.  For a few hours every day, you're going to have to eat hot coals and shit lava while we'll jam eight penny nails into your eyes." 

Time to get busy!

(all is peace, love and joy, all is peace, love and joy, all is peace, love and joy...)





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