Sept 20, 2004

Happy birthday, Ed!  My brother is 35 today (the nice one, not the crazy, vindictive, evil one).  *sigh*  I love him.  He has grown up to be a truly wonderful person.  I just don't get to see enough of him.  When I saw him at my mother's funeral, it had been seventeen years since the last time (which was, in fact, my father's funeral).  We always end up on opposite sides of the country with not nearly enough money.  We talk by phone and occasionally e-mail.  Anyway, I just think he's wonderful.

I am so tired today!  I napped a couple of times though the weekend, but still don't feel like I got as caught up as I wanted to be.  I can catch a bit today, I'm sure, but the bulk of the day needs to be spent cleaning.  I was thinking of the column I did last week about not fighting the flow because we're going to end up in the same place we're being encouraged to go, just a little more beaten up from the fight.  I spend a good bit of time fighting that it's my job to keep the house clean, mostly because of how very, very, very much I intensely hate housework. I know a lot of that comes from my childhood when my mother was sick all the time and as the only daughter and oldest child, it fell to me to take care of our home.  I was ten when she started making hospital rounds on an ongoing basis, always either recovering from being in the hospital, getting ready to go into the hospital or in the hospital.  We'll never really know how sick she was any of those times.  She learned at an early age, being one of nine children and half of a set of twins, that being ill was a way she could get positive attention from people.  Who knows?  Maybe she hated housework as much as I did and it was a way of getting out of that (personally, I'd rather clean my tub than have surgery, but some days, it's a close call).  Regardless, the end result of that was that I got to clean house, make dinner and take care of my brothers between homework and trying to be a kid.  I resented it then and I guess I still resent it now.  Anyway, I've been indulging that resentment a little too much and I need to take up the slack. I figure if I really give it my all today, the house will get off to a great start for the week and I can cruise on pick up and spit shine the rest of the week.  Maybe that can be my schedule.  I can clean like mad on Mondays and then relax the rest of the week. 

Today is also Dylan's last cram day to get his home-school work done to be turned in tomorrow. He's been a slacker boy (my finger hurts, my writing arm hurts, my leg hurts, my butt hurts) all week, so he has to make up for it today.  HOW I wish the little school would get an opening for him.  What we're doing is better than transporting him almost an hour by bus, but the little school would be even better than this.  Maybe I should whip out the cauldron... hmm.

You will NOT believe this!  I've been working on pulling some of the rain from the hurricanes over this way because A) I like rain, B) we've been in a fire danger status for months and C) No, seriously, I *really* like rain.  It finally hit yesterday and whoo hooo!  It was excellent!  Saturday, it was overcast and Sunday, the heavens opened.  We got some solid rain for most of the day and WOW!!!  We got SNOW!!  It didn't stick at all, but it snowed off and on for a good half hour or so.  It's cold as this Witch's teat out there and I still have to get good coats for my kiddos!  Somehow, I wasn't expecting to need them this soon.  It's still summer, fer cryin out loud!"  In Sacramento, we never made it past a nice fleece sweater and a sock cap.  That was the coldest day.  Up here, evidently we get snowed in and frosty.  We have a wood burning stove that has been quite busy since Saturday.  At least we don't have to depend solely on our electric heat (especially since the electricity sometimes bites it around here in the winter storms) during the colder times.

I'm getting bummed because I am coming to believe that one of my favorite items has been discontinued.  The make up company, "Wet and Wild," used to put out a line of lipsticks called "Lip Tricks."  They were yellow, orange, blue and green and when you put them on, they sort of mix with your body chemistry and turn the perfect color.  They more stained your lips than covered them, so the color lasted a long time and looked really natural.  I haven't been able to find them at my usual stores, on e-bay or online.  Surely they are around somewhere!  It was too great of an idea to just fall by the wayside.  Did I mention, however, that also love Mello Yellow and can never find that either.  You know who has it?  Chuck E. Cheese's in Sacramento.  Fountain Mello Yellow.  And it is SO good.  So vewwy vewwy good.  I also love Red Fusion by Dr Pepper and have a lot of trouble finding it as well.

How am I doing with putting off getting onto that housework?

I also need to catch up on some book reviews and fold some laundry.  Only one of those is one of my favorite things to do.

So it would appear that I should stop postponing and get busy.  I hope you have an amazing week.  I'll be around off and on.

Take care,