August 31, 2004

I am SO happy to be back! 

The weekend didn't go exactly as I expected and hoped.  Eric slept in on Saturday and then Delena and I headed for town.  One of the things I wanted for my birthday (the 5th of Sept) was for us to have a pedicure together, which we did.  I found a great place for pedicures and was very happy with their work. I was a little bummed with my person in particular, who was bitchy about the condition of my feet.  "Where you BEEN?"  She looked at me all frowny and stern.  "I'm sorry, what?"  "Where you BEEN?  Lots dirt under your nails."  "I live in the MOUNTAINS.  There's dirt."  "Wear shoes!"  I gave her a, "Pfft, do your job" look. 

I finished after Delena, so I didn't take long to dry so we could leave before she got bored.  When I was paying for lunch, I noticed that the nail polish I'd used was in my purse.  ??!!  I must have had it in my hand and dropped it in my purse when I paid her.  Shit.  I was afraid when I left he Buttercup Pantry that the Vietnamese Mafia would be around my car, waiting to break my knees and take back the nail polish.  I hope I can still go back there.  The pedicure was extremely well done.

We had to drive all over town, getting groceries, getting birthday presents for Nathan and getting our bicycle.  By the time everything was done, we were trudging up the hill again around 8:30pm, weary and having done the "dropping" of "shop till we drop" around 6 or so.  We got the groceries inside, put the perishables away and geared down for the night.

I had trouble sleeping from the weird energy surges I sometimes get.  Got up, wrote the "Easy as ABC" column and then tried to sleep on the couch.  I knew we were in Full Moon, so it could be that.  I was also late on my period >:< and it could be hormonal.  Regardless, if I'm more upright, I don't get the whooom whooom whooom feeling quite as much.  Drifted a bit, then got up around 7 with the kids.  I was so exhausted all through the day.  Eric had a few "I'm going to stop smoking my pipe and you, Katrina, must PAY!" moments, but mostly, Sunday is a blur.  I took a nap around 5pm and regretted it because I had that groggy, hung over feeling for the rest of the night. 

I still haven't gotten caught up yet, but I will!  I am well determined.

Eric and I are working on some weird spellwork.  We realized that seven years ago, he left for Saudi Arabia and during that time, we decided to get married and made plans accordingly.   Now, we have this beautiful little home in the mountains with the trees and nature all around.  We're both very happy and on the way to being financially secure, so it really is a fulfillment of what we dreamed of back then.  Sure, we wished it up on a much more grandiose level, but hey, this works.  It's a sense of completion.  Our house numbers, 9981, numerologically add up to 9, which is a number of completion, success and fulfillment.  Taking that into consideration, along with the physical info that life tends to work in seven year cycles (every seven years, your body has gone through a total regenerative process and all your cells have been shed and replaced over that time, etc), we decided to herald in the next seven year cycle of what is to come.  We gave thanks for what we've been given, solidified it in our lives and welcomed what is to come.  It was very moving and Mother Moon was huge and full and pregnant and watched down from between the trees as we celebrated. 

We decided that since the past seven years had been focused on our environment and externals that the next seven years would be about self-improvement and being the best that we personally can be.  We definitely were blessed with many self-revelations and growth situations in the past seven years and is part of what we are so grateful to have received.  Those were things that came to us while we were working in a more passive way, so we are very excited for what a more pro-active self-improvement agenda could bring.  We will be working on all levels:  spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally and sexually.  I've always thought "financially" should be in there as well.  :) 

My first step in that direction is the obvious:  my physical health.  Yesterday, I started off with the "it's a new day; it's a new life" approach and followed the "Insulin Resistance  Diet" to the letter.  It has been much easier than I ever expected and through yesterday and today, I've had exactly no cravings and have felt very full the whole time.  I did my yoga video yesterday and Body Flex today.  The Body Flex was half the time and felt so much easier than the yoga video, but wow!  I am much more sore after doing the Body Flex video!  I'd never worked with the video for Body Flex before, just the book.  With the book I had amazing results, but pretty much got tired of doing it and quit.  I can tell you, it definitely works.  It's a fifteen minute work out that gets you really oxygenated, toned and tightened.  It felt good to do it again and because it's fast, I can work it in AND get it done before I change my mind.  I do feel much better today and yesterday as well, although I'm still tired.

What I need is a day or two of pampering, hiding in my room, napping, reading, writing, watching TV, eating food someone else prepared.  That sort of stuff.

Saturday, we're taking Nathan to Chuck E. Cheese for his birthday and also going to Josh's to see the baby and the girls.  David is coming up for the night and next day to babysit while Eric and I go out to eat for my birthday.  I really look forward to that. 

My house is a surface mess, one of those messes that you can clean up in a fairly short amount of time if you put your mind to it, but I really don't want to put my mind to it.  It needs to be done, it will be done, but dang, I don't want to do it. 


Guess I should start doing it.  :)

Much love,