August 28, 2003

I can't believe that it's Thursday and I'm only now getting an opportunity to write.  After an exhausting (and enjoyable) weekend in Studio City, I came home to kids who were totally off the happy wagon.  When I left, we'd been in this blissful balance for over a month.  Everyone was getting along and seemed happy and well adjusted.  It was bizarrely tranquil and I was enjoying it immensely. 

As soon as I got into the car when they picked me up from the airport, they started fighting and for the most part, they haven't stopped since.  The whining and the complaining and the bickering has been hard to unseat, but I think I'm finally starting to make some headway.  Eric was astounded, saying they'd been wonderful the entire time I was gone. 

Delena was out sick with a bellyache yesterday and this is Day #2 of Nathan having a fever and being generally bleh.   I've finally gotten him settled for a bit, watching NickJr. 

I wish there was more to tell.  I had a brilliant time with Kathy and Carolyn at the GH converging.  They are both very intelligent, fun ladies and we all hit it off right away.  I got to interview some of the stars, one of which was very handsome and compelling.  (yum)  I'm glad that I got my recap of the weekend done on Monday while it was still fresh in my head because it's already being lulled into a blur.  

Speaking of blurs, the time since I've gotten back has definitely fallen into that category.  Dylan was much better, but Delena and Nathan had picked it up and I've spent most of my time holding Nathan and pushing fluids his way.  It's encouraging to know that Dylan came through the virus or whatever it was unscathed.  As a rule, I don't treat fevers in my family, preferring to let the fever do its job and burn off whatever bad stuff it's out to get.  If the fever gets quite high, I'll do the tepid bath and tylenol thing, but mostly, I just keep them dressed lightly, give them lots of fluids and let it run its course.  By Dylan's schedule, he should be feeling quite a bit better tomorrow.

Meanwhile, he drifts off and wakes up calling for me every few minutes.  My house is a disaster and I hope I'm able to get some of it managed today.  The weather is so lovely in that almost Fall kind of way that doesn't usually hit California until about October, but today, we've managed a mild temperature and pleasant breeze, so I've got the doors and windows open and the nag champa floating through the air. 

I've been running columns in my head like mad.  One about our adventures in the 80's at the nude beaches around the world.  One about my recent anger toward Oprah.  >:<  POSER!  I think of so many things through the day that I want to share with you and too often, it slips away before I can make it to the keyboard.

This whole peri-menopause pseudo-alzheimer's, Can't Remember Shit business is getting rather annoying.  I mean, I'll be 42 next Friday, a week from tomorrow, and already I'm getting big blank spots.  It just happened that Dr Phil had how show on "HORE-MONES FROM HELLLL" a couple of weeks ago and so I know I'm not alone and I am right on scheduled, evidently, for my pre-meltdown, but other than severe hot flashes when I over-carb and these stupid memory losses, I'm doing OK.  Guess I can't complain when I hear of the heart palpitations and other symptoms some of the ladies are having.  I've had some hair loss, which is also helped by the higher protein diet.  The trouble sleeping is offset by Estroven.  I've always looked thinner and younger than I am (and the fact that I look as fat as I do tells you folks that I weigh a LOT more than most people think), which is a blessing.  Still, time is marching on.  Now that the baby-having days are behind me, the me years are on their way and like the baby days, I plan to savor every minute.

Eric called just a little while ago and said, "Mike [one of his two business partners] called and I've got the greatest news!"  I held my breath because they STILL have three bids in the wind on three subdivision and any of the three would put their business on the map and cure the money problems.  Then he said, "Mike got together a poker crew!!"  >:<  OH WOW THAT'S THE BEST FRICKIN NEWS I'VE GOTTEN ALL YEAR AND LORD KNOWS I CAN BARELY CONTAIN MYSELF OH SWEET JESUS WHAT WILL WE DO???  WHAT WILL WE DO???  I'M DOING THE SNOOPY HAPPY DANCE AND MY THROAT IS ALREADY A TAD SCRATCHY FROM SCREAMING WITH JOY OH HAPPY DAY WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME SOONER???  >:<

Did I mention >:<

I must school this man on the appropriate translation of "the greatest news."  Don't know if the might poker crew is meeting tonight (my fervent hope since I have tons of housework to do) or what.  I do know he'd better take his 10 bones and make enough money to buy me a kick ass birthday present.

I'll be around later on.  Just have to get enough sleep to rub two braincells together in a way that makes some sense.  Right now, I'm in that bizarre fluffy place where everything feel really far away and things are all floaty.  :)  The plan is to do housework now so that I likely don't remember it later and then when I'm all rested up, I'll have a nice clean house and it will be as if someone else did it!!

I promise this is not drug induced (I wish it were).  I'm just really tired from traveling, lack of sleep and sick kids.  Wish me sanity.



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